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From Under The Cork Tree + my favorite lyrics

From Under the Cork Tree is the second studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy. It was released on May 3, 2005, through Island Records as the band’s major label debut.

Yule - 21st of December

The shortest day with the longest night, the sun shall slowly rise higher and higher. It’s the celebration of light, rebirth/renewal and transformation.

Element: Earth

Colours: Red, green, gold, white, silver, yellow and orange.

Flowers, plants and trees: Ash, thistle, evergreen,cedar, frankincense, holly, ivy, juniper, mos, mistletoe, oak, pine tree, sandalwood, yew, yellow cypress, fir, comfrey, elder, appletree, birch, chestnut, myrrh.

Food & drinks: Laurel, chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon, clove, (dried) apple, turkey, spiced wine, cranberries, eggnog, pork, nuts, cider, ginger, hibiscus tea, lamb, peppermint, venison, yule-log.

Decoration: wreaths, lights, stars, candles, fire, snowflakes, bells.

Crystals & metals: Gold, silver, bloodstone, quartz, diamond, emerald, garnet, ruby, chrysoberyl, blue topaz.

Animals: Bear, stag, squirrel, moose, pig, tiger, eagle, wolf, kingfisher, lapwing, owl, robin, snow goose, wren, hawk, boar.

Activities: cleansing, making plans and looking forward to the year ahead, carolling, decorating a (christmas) tree, burning candles, making fires, divination, having a feast.

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Merry Yule everyone !