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Feather-light, vial necklace with a real willow catkin inside. This fluffy catkin was part of a beautiful grey willow branch, harvested in early spring, and it makes a great natural token for those in tune with the seasons.

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Sense I got a bunch of willow wood from my friend for my wand I was thinking what to do with the leftovers (there’s more then plenty to make my wand, I got 3 big branches).

I had the idea to make some wands and maybe some small charms to exchange/sell on thewitchexchange (also to practice making them).

Would anyone be interested in something like that? I’m willing to send some to my mutual’s/bff’s, but if anyone else is interested in buying or trading for a willow wand or charm/amulet I’d be down for that (technically it’s from a pussy willow tree, but it’s in the willow family so I assume it has the same properties as other willow trees).

Making A Strength And Safety Amulet

The idea for this amulet comes from India.

1. Go out at dawn and pluck a small piece of bark from the east side of a tree       (where it gets the morning light)

2. Bind this with a piece of yellow or gold- tones yarn

3. Say;  Gathered from where the sun awoke,

             The power of protection and strength I invoke!

4. Wrap the bark in natural white cloth and carry it with you often


Othila viking rune necklace

[This particular amulet has been sold! But you can still make a custom order or check out my Etsy shop to see other enchanted items :)]

8 € or 10 USD (international shipping included)

Othila signifies home and nation. This rune is the strong bound between ancestral spiritual power and our current selves.

This amulet was made from a fresh juniper branch, harvested early in the spring from a live tree. Sealed with natural homemade resin extracted from pine trees, this amulet is protected from water and has a magic fragrance of Finnish woods :)

# Item description:

  • * Approximate dimensions: 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm x 3 mm (thickness)
  • * Polished juniper wood
  • * Painted with pine tree resin
  • * Approximate weight: 5 g
  • * Made of up-cycled leather, wood, and brass

Note: If you are allergic to brass or copper, I can replace it for leather.

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