tree against sun

Inner monsters

Parring: Peter Pan X Reader

Word: 1184

Warnings: Peter is nice, is that a waning?

Summary: You’re a werewolf, and you change for the first time in front of Peter and the lost boys

A/N: so i changed it a bit, Peter and Reader are not a couple, yet;)

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You bit your lip by the sound of your name, turning around to face the boy who had called it.

“Pan” You greeted him with a smile, he had already one on his face, and you had to admit it suited him better than the frown.

“How many times must I tell you to call me Peter? “He asked, his eyes sparkling.

“Well, everybody else calls you that, I don’t see why I should get special treatment” you said, not meeting his forest green eyes. “Or is it because I’m a girl? “

“Want to take a walk? “He asked as an answer with a small chuckle.

“I actually get a choice? “You asked, pretending to be surprised. “Are you sure I don’t get special treatment? “

“Only because it’s you” He said, winking. “What do you say? “

“I promised to help Felix… sorry” You said, faking a smile, before you turned around, hurrying over to the taller, blonde boy who was currently on cooking duty, he hated it, therefor, you loved it.

“Come to mock me again? “He asked. Everybody would have run right there, but you saw the small smile on his face, and took a knife.

“Figured you could use some help” You said, looking down when he searched for your eyes.

”again, Y/N? “He asked with a sigh, putting the knife down. “You know he won’t be nice for much longer, he’s going to snap eventually”

“I’m just not… interested” you said while shrugging your shoulders, still looking down at the carrots. You could hear Felix sigh, and did not blame him. You weren’t a good liar, and he could without doubt see it was not that that bothered you, you just couldn’t let Peter get hurt.

Being a werewolf was hard, being a werewolf on Neverland was harder. There was no time here, which meant the moon did not change, it was always full. You had learnt to control it as the years had passed, it was something you were born with, and there for you had not changed in that time you had been in Neverland. However, you doubted you would be able to control it if you accepted Peter, it was harder when you let your feelings run wild, something you were sure they would with Peter, It was hard enough to control it now, you did not want to hurt anyone.


While the boys were eating gathered around the fire, you sat for yourself with your back against a tree. The sun was starting to disappear, and you could see a glimpse of the moon behind the clouds. You tried not to look at it, it was always harder if you could see it. You knew a part of it was mentally, and if you could just convince yourself that it wasn’t full moon it would be a hell of lot easier.

“Sitting there again? “A voice asked as a boy sat down beside you.

“What do you want, Chris? “You asked him. Chris was a year older than you, and always bothered you. He did not yell at or picked fights with you, he was just annoying, always commenting on everything you did.

“Just wanted to talk to my dear friend” He said with a smile, you did not look at him, but ate another spoon full food.

“You’re eating that crap? “He asked surprised, and you finally looked at him. If looks could kill he had been death, but then again, then he had been death the day he meet you.

“Sorry, I suppose you owe that to your boyfriend” He said gesturing towards Felix that sat in the other end at the camp. You looked briefly at him, before looking down again. Chris had that insane ability to get on your nerves, always.

“Or is it Pan today? “He asked, sounding like he really was wondering, looking at the leader with a frown before looking to you. “How long do you think it’ll be before he realises he can’t use you and throw you back to that family where you came from? “

You felt your cheeks becoming red from anger as he leaned a bit towards you, so no one in the camp would be able to hear him.

“You don’t belong here, admit it” He hissed. You were looking right out, not meeting his look. “Not even Pan knows why his shadow picked you up! You had a family, a good one! You were not poor, you were not unloved, so why are you here? Where you so unhappy having everything we ever wanted? Were you so ungrateful, Y/N? Were you?! “

You could see the other boys looking towards you as you started growling. You tried to avoid their eyes, but managed to catch Felix’s, and you could almost see the surprise in his eyes, as he saw your bright yellow ones.

He stood up, walking towards you, but another one reached you before him.

Peter sat down in front of you, a frown on his face, a hand on your shoulder, looking at you. His eyes were full of wonder, curiosity and confusion. He was searching yours for an answer to what was going on, but he did not find anything.

”Y/N… “He said your name is a calm voice, trying to comfort you, his hand burning hot on your shoulder. “Relax… “

Relax? How could you relax when Chris sat right beside you, talking that way, as if he knew you! As If he knew what hell you had walked through to get here, the first place to be as close to happy, but of course he had to come and ruin it all. If there was someone who did not deserve to be here, it was him!

You turned your head, looking at Chris. His face was painted with shock and fear. Somehow that made you happy, wanting to see more of it, and your instinct took over. As you snarled you could feel your fangs grow out, your skin slowly turning to fur. You could not help but smile as you saw his panicking expression, and you were just a second away from jumping on him, when someone laid a hand towards your neck.

You turned your head, snarling at the boy. Peter’s face was surprisingly calm, and somehow that affected you. As he calmly started to stroke your fur, your mind started to relax, and you could think clear again.


The single word escaped his mouth, and you stared at him in misbelieve. Amazing? He thought you were amazing. Not horrifying, scary, disgusting, a monster, no, he thought you were amazing.

You could not help but smile, and you were sure it was as ugly as possible on your wolf face, but in that moment, you did not care. You tilted your head as you laid it on Peter’s shoulder. You could feel him stiffen under it, but then relaxing. You could feel him shaking when he chuckled, and got a bit worried for a moment, before he started stroking your fur again.


@sunshine51879: Request: imagine getting into a heated argument with your favorite character. You raise your arm to slap them, but they catch your wrist. They back you up against a wall and lean down to your ear. In a low, husky voice they whisper, “Wanna try that again, sweetheart?”….with Peter Pan, please…..

Warnings: none

Notes: Little confused since you said “with your favorite character,” but then said you wanted it with Peter. Next time clarify better.

“Back off, Peter,” you shouted, storming into the jungle. 

“You’re not walking away from me.” Peter appeared right in front of you, making you stop in your tracks. 

You glared at him as you two now stood in a small opening in the Neverland forest. Your arms were crossed over your chest as Peter snarled at you. 

You were mad. Peter was pushing you to your limits. Since you were the only girl, Peter used you a bit. You cooked, aided hurt Lost Boys, did the chores… You did everything a woman “should do”. It was annoying, and Peter was treating more like a slave than a Lost Girl. What really pushed you was when he ordered you to get cooking. The way he said it pissed you off.

Get to cooking. I don’t want to wait any long, and neither do the others. Make it good, too.” He shoved a pot into your arms.

You had had enough of his shit. It was ridiculous. Instead you growled and tossed the pot to the ground. “You cook, you lazy ass!” And you stormed off.

Now you were standing face-to-face with Peter. You were beyond angry. But one never gets angry with Peter. He could easily punish you, or end your life. Yet there you were, letting him know you were mad.

“Out of my way.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you ordering me around?” Peter barked. “No one orders me around in case you forgot.”

“Seems as though the rules are changing.” You continued to stare at him. 

“Sorry, but that’s not how it works.”

Peter approached you. He was about to get into your personal space, but you swiftly raised your hand. You were about to slap him, but he caught your wrist tightly before doing so. He forced you to step backwards until your back hit a tree.

Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” His voice was low and husky. It sent chills throughout your body.

“Let go of me, Pan!”

“You don’t tell me what to do.” He got close up to your face. His nose touched yours and his breath was warm. 

You were both flashing teeth and snarling. You stared into his eyes, your stance weakening. Peter’s grip was getting tighter, and you didn’t know how much longer you could hold it in. The pain was becoming too much for you. His grip around your wrist could almost shatter the bone.

“O-Ow! Let go of me!” You shouted in agony, yanking your wrist away from him. “Back off! I’m not your damn slave! Quit treating me like one!”

“Everyone on this island is my slave. My minion. Everyone listens to what I say. If you don’t like it then tough.”

You breathed through your nose. “Fine. Then punish me. Take me to the cages. I’m not afraid of you.”

Peter once again smirked. “You’ve got fighter in you. I like that a lot. See you at dinner.”

Without anything else, Peter left you. You stood dumbfounded, confused by what just happened. You only stood, back still against the tree. The sun was setting, but you were so confused. You didn’t move. Not until dinner was ready and Peter sent out Lost Boys to look for you.

Vax and Grog’s Pranks

“He started it!” “AND I’M GOING TO FINISH IT.” “Nuh uh!” “Uh huh!” 

Grog pranks Vax: 7
Vax pranks Grog: 11

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, @BabbaForrest, @EBalensuela, @GraphixDave, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, and @SilentEnGee for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61.

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Things that I’m going to miss now that summer is drawing to a close.
  • -The young buck that enjoyed sleeping against the tree stump behind my house, I’ll miss your Hircine.
  • - Sitting on the porch at dusk and stretching out my hand, letting the lightning bugs land on my fingers and watching as they lit up the grass.
  • -The smell of barbecue in the afternoon, always leaving me both hungry and yet satisfied.
  • -Those crisp mornings before the sun had risen in the sky, and watching the sunrise peaking through the trees.
  • -Feeling the sun against my back while tending to the garden.
  • -The refreshing feeling of the rain after a few hot days, just opening the windows and listening to the soothing sound of it pattering across the roof and onto the ground below.
  • -Listening to the cicadas in the morning and the crickets at night. 
  • -The cool refreshing feeling of driving through thick vegetation and practically seeing the moisture still in the air. 

peachymangosalad  asked:

How about Red/Green were one of them does something reckless and the other is grumpy about it, and the guilty one tries to make it up to them. :3c

“Red! Get down from there!” Green shouted, cupping his hands around his mouth. He jumped from foot to foot, unable to stand still as his fiance somehow, miraculously enough, scaled one of the tall palms that were native to Alola. 

Red’s thin, pale arms were wrapped tightly around the trunk of the tree, and his head was craned back. How his hat didn’t fall off was a mystery to Green. 

Red didn’t respond to Green at all. He continued to worm up the tree slow and steady. 

“C’mon, Red! You’re gonna fall or hurt yourself! Get back down here!” Green’s bottom lip trembled, and he bit down hard on it to make it stop. He paced under the tree, squinting against the blinding sun. Red’s form was still getting smaller and smaller…. 

Green didn’t know how long he waited. When Red disappeared behind the thick, pointed leaves of the palm, he swore his soul had left his body and was floating up to try and find Red. His skin was prickled, and a chill raced down his spine. 

It couldn’t be more than a handful of minutes later, but to Green it felt like hours by the time Red started to crawl back into sight down the palm. His camera hung by a cord around his wrist. 

Green groaned in relief when Red’s feet hit the ground. Before Red could turn around, Green hugged him tightly from behind, burying his nose into Red’s neck. 

“I thought you were gonna fall,” he muttered against Red’s neck. His arms tightened around Red. “Don’t you ever do that to me again!” Green’s heart was still pounding in his chest and his hands shook slightly. 

Red stared down at where Green’s hands were splayed across his sternum and chest. Very slowly, he turned around in Green’s arms. 

Green’s eyes were hard, and his lips pursed into a thin, white line. Not even the hot Alola weather flushed his deathly pale face. 

Red sighed gently, unable to meet Green’s eyes with his own. Guilt tugged at his heart. He reached a hand up to cup Green’s face, tracing his fingers across his jaw. He dared a peek up at Green from under his hair and hat.

Green groaned and shook his head. His grip on Red loosened some. “I’m not mad at you. Just. Yeah.” 

Red chewed on the inside of his cheek, the guilt within him deepening and tugging more insistently. He pulled away from Green just a little and held his hand. He forced himself to stare into Green’s eyes for a number of lingering seconds before reaching up to kiss him chaste of the lips. 

Red pulled back before Green could kiss back. He pointed behind Green. 

Green turned around. Behind him was the town they were staying in. Behind a small bunch of trees, was a malasada restaurant.

“You wanna buy me malasada?” Green asked. Red nodded and looked away. he glanced back up at the tree, then returned staring at Green, his eyes huge. he squeezed Green’s hand in his own, and stepped closer to Green again. 

Green chuckled. “Fine, fine. I’ll forgive you if you buy me malasada.”

Red beamed and looped his arms back around Green’s neck, planting an elated kiss on his lips. Green didn’t let Red get away this time, and held his hips, pulling him flush against his chest. They moved their lips together in tandem- slow and hard- teasing on another with a hint of tongue but never exploring fully. 

Green was the one to pull back first this time, leaving a very flushed and quickly flustering Red. 

“Now! Let’s go get you to buy me some malasada!” 

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Can I request a Jimin scenario where you and your friend both have a crush on him but since you really care for your friend you start to avoid/ignore Jimin for her? However the more you ignored him the more Jimin missed seeing you so he confronted you about it and then confesses that he fell for you. ^^

(…I made Jungkook the best friend even though you said it was a “her” because my OTP heart couldn’t resist.. I hope that’s okay… ( ^ิ艸^ิ゚) ) Enjoy, love!
- Devi (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


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marigold sat against the tree tiredly as she tried to sleep. not knowing she was at the edge of the everfree forest, nor so close to the civilization she was searching for since she was a filly. about ready to give up on the notion as she dozed under the tree the sun shining against her red mane and keeping her a bit warm.

Well, wasn’t this quite the sight!

Discord was about to goof off in the Everfree. Nopony minded when he did whatever he felt like in the forest, as long as he returned it to normal. He never really hurt anything (though perhaps he sometimes inconvenienced animals, like the time he turned bird nests into flying saucers) and no one really worried about the Everfree anyway.

But just as he entered, somewhere near the edge of the center forest, he found something…interesting.

Well, more like somepony.

A mare….But not just any mare…

An Alicorn, trying to sleep. Even more interesting was the fact that her flank was without any sort of cute little picture signifying a special talent.

“Either Celestia or Luna finally settled down and didn’t tell me about your birth, or some Earth Pony or Pegasi birthed an anomaly!” Discord exclaimed with a smile as he approached the filly. “I highly doubt the first one, because by the look of you, you’re grown up. No way could they ever hide something like you away from me for that long! Unless Luna found an apprentice and made you and Alicorn already?” He raised a brow at her. “But I would have found out about that too. You’re not another fancy frilly Princess, are you?”