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It’s a 1989 Thug Story
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Hey, hey T-Swizzle and T-Pizzle

anonymous asked:

Hey pick one of your special interests and tell me about it please! I want to learn what you like so much about them!!

Harry Potter!!! One of my favourite things is the family tree. It’s so horrible 😂 everyone is related to everyone (with the exception of the Longbottoms). No joke.

Take the Weasleys. Arthur’s mom (Ron’s grandma) was a Black. It might have been Arthur’s grandmother, but I think Cedrella Weasley was his mother. She was a Black. And her sister married into the Crouch family. Their mother was a Yaxley, I believe.

And then Dorea Black married Charlus Potter (on the opposite side of the family, but I don’t remember what generation off-hand), so the Blacks and Potters are related, making the Potters and Weasleys related.

It’s fucking huge. I made a family tree in my free time quite a while ago. It was so fun.

And then making spells for fics are so difficult, because JKR used some Latin, some Greek, and some made up words.

So what I do is I decide what god would be best to ask to power the spell, and look up symbols of that god. And then I make wand movements from that.

And then I poke my nose in Latin and Greek to try to get a spell that could conceivably work.

It is a long process, and when I had the ability to work on it for hours a day, it took me about a week per spell.

But that is neither here nor there.

I really love that while the wizarding world is not mine, it’s so familiar, and I can manipulate and add things as I please.

I just love so much about it. The racism and werewolf deal, and the shit police system and government… It’s such a huge parallel, but because it’s fictional, I can tweak it to fit my wants and needs. But even when I don’t, it’s nice to see my own familiar, though shitty, world reflected baxk. It makes it easier to anticipate actions.

And magizoology is a profession I would want to be in. And I love that autism can be found in wizards (Luna, Neville, Newt). And I relate to so many characters, and I just!!!! :D thank you so much for asking me!!! If you ever want to discuss it, or just ask questions, feel free to send another ask, or message me privately! Either or. :D

Have a lovely day/night!