Incomplete pieces of the only vocaloid I own.

I miss composing music …so …much but drawing, my work and language learning take time and I still can’t find a way to dedicate time to music without considerably hurting those (I really wish I could do without my full time job just to pursue art as much as possible though).

Anyway, I tried making a sketch to accompany an equally sketch-like melody, I hope that in such a way I am able to finish it even if it takes a while.

The 2nd one was going to be the illustration for a song I almost finished but then my surface pro died  and with it the song as well, I was thinking on naming it Chiaroscuro 2 because it used F# minor just like the first one and I used some parts that I couldn’t quite fit. 

Sometimes I fantasize about attempting to reconstruct it with some midi drafts that survived in my dropbox and finish the illustration because just finishing the painting without the song makes me feel utterly incomplete.