I got tagged in a positivity tag by notyouronlyfriend, so I must say 5 good things about myself!

1. I’m a pretty good artist
2. My skin is really clear right now
3. I am good at swing dancing
4. I’m very organized
5. I have been eating really healthy lately

Now pass it on to a bunch of other people!

The ten people I’m tagging are: trebleisbrewing, aminethatsreallyfunny, herethereoranywhere, grenadine-sunshine, nostalgia-path, simple-kind-of-woman, days-likethis, thegirlwhodreamstofly, artgoesright, feathervane. GO! GO! GO!

Shout out to my all my followers

I know you’re there and you make me happy just with that fact alone. 

trebleisbrewing said: I smoked for the first time over the winter bc my then boyf had started smoking and I was like oh maybe it’s not so bad and NOPE i gagged really hard and tried to spit the taste out of my mouth for like 20 min in the cold and also i burned my glove

omg that sounds really rough idk ive smoked a lot actually the only bad experience i had tho was with cigars i threw up tbh but cigarettes and hookahs and all of that are fine imo after the first try!!!