It just dawned on me that the Sazabi’s symbol could be both a Trebel Clef and a stylized lowercase ancient Greek letter “Phi”, while the Nightingale’s symbol is a stylized uppercase letter “Phi”.

Is it possible that the Sazabi/Nightingale is really the Phi Gundam with a mono-eye-make-over a-la Sinanju? There’s nothing that implies that fact is canon, but the differences in the Sazabi/Nightingale’s symbols caught my eye and I started speculating. What do you think?

Also - some interesting side notes on the Trebel Clef:

Treble refers to tones whose frequency or range is at the higher end of human hearing. In music this corresponds to “high notes”. The treble clef is often used to notate such notes…   The term “treble” derives from the Latin triplum, used in 13th century motets to indicate the third and highest range… A clef (from French: clef “key”) is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes. Placed on one of the lines at the beginning of the stave, it indicates the name and pitch of the notes on that line… Where the G-clef is placed on the second line of the stave, it is called the treble clef. This is the most common clef used today, and the only G-clef still in use. For this reason, the terms G-clef and treble clef are often seen as synonymous. ” -Wikipedia

From Google’s dictionary functions:




  1. consisting of three parts; threefold. “the fish were caught with large treble hooks dragged through the water”


  1. three times as much or as many. “the tip was at least treble what she would normally have given”


  1. a threefold quantity or thing, in particular.


  1. a number or amount that is three times as large as a contrasting or usual number or amount. “by virtue of having paid treble, he had a double room to himself”


  1. make or become three times as large or numerous. “rents were doubled and probably trebled”

Beginning to spot a theme here, spacenoids? 

Previously, Law only talked about his past when he was asked. Like when Trebel and Diamante or Doflamingo asked him about what happened he simple told them the horrifying details of how long he has got until the poison kills him and how he escaped the massacre and almost imminently state that he did not care anymore, he wants just to destroy as much as he could before he dies.

However, he openly tells Corazon (who know it hurts Law to talk about it) about how he talks knew about how the government used and betrayed his country, and also talked about  his own personal loss in the extermination instead of overall gory details he used when other asked about, and instead of  going on the aggressive and stating how he wants revenge, he very vulnerably just asks if he is an ally of government. He does not even seem to care if Corazon says yes now, he just wants to know. Which Corazon is not anymore because he has chosen betrayed everyone just to give Law a chance at getting a cure and get him away form Doflamingo corrupting him. 

Flirting (closed @puresoullumine)

Clef was at the bakery one day when she spotted a fleeting purple head. She recognized the shade from her newest friend Lumine and couldnt help but smile.
As break rolled around she got him a slice of cake she had made just moments before and brought it outside to the tables.
Setting near the corner where she spied him, she waited a moment to see if he’d emerge before remembering how he acted before.
Writing down a small letter, she left it with the cake before heading inside.

~/Lumi, hope you dont mind if I call you that, I did some research on you because of what you had said before and I dont care. Im a glitch programming from the original neko netnavi that my brother Trebel is. I would love to get to know you and would adore to be able to call you friend. If youd give me a chance.
Enjoy the cake, Clef/~

abundleofmuses-deactivated20150  asked:

/hey Tomahawk its Trebel. Something has happened and I was wondering if you and your Op could look after Miranda for me and Clef?/

Tomahawkman was rather puzzled, and worried about the “thing” that had happened, so he answered quickly : “Sure, but where is she now ? I’ll send Dingo over as soon as possible, but could you quickly explain what happened ? Maybe I can help too !