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can you please do a fic of elide and lorcan arguing infront of the entire court with everyone watching????? PLEASE?!

A misunderstanding leads to an argument and eventually a blushing/happy ending! 

A few silky strands of black starless night hair fell from Elide’s coiled bun as she briskly walked through the castle halls. Her gait uneven as her ankle twinged in pain, but she paid no attention to it. Just like she ignored the pounding steps that could be heard toward the castle’s entryway.

“Elide!” The walls shook at the deep sound of the male’s furious tone.

Her steps did not falter, but her heart did.

No. Do not feel guilty.

She stepped into the throne room hoping to use it as a shortcut to her guest room during her time Ornyth. A locked door wouldn’t stop him, but maybe he would reconsider and calm himself before approaching her.

“ELIDE!” Lorcan’s voice boomed. Much closer than Elide expected.

“What the hell is going?” Aelin drawled from her throne. Her calm demeanor made Elide walk faster toward her Queen. Rowan looked between Elide and the door she had just walked through.

Lysandra stood nearby with Aedion at her side. Both with varying looks of confusion until their nostrils flared. Lysandra’s eyes narrowed and glowed with the hint of her snow leopard form prowling underneath.

Rowan and Aedion eyes trained on something behind Elide. Their stances were rigid in anticipation at whatever storm had just entered the room.

Elide didn’t have to turn around to know who stood behind her. She could feel his dark presence wrapping around her body like a cloak.

“Elide,” Lorcan growled. His voice barely understandable.

“Not now Lorcan,” Elide said sharply. She was not about to have this conversation in front of Aelin’s Court.

“When? After you lock yourself in your room and refuse to see me?” Lorcan moved to stand in front of Elide. Blocking her path to the set of doors that would lead her to the guest rooms.

“Well at least that would give you plenty to take Essar back to your room then wouldn’t it?” Elide replied with a glare.

“Essar is here?” Rowan raised a brow at Aelin who shrugged one shoulder. They were expecting the fae female for some time now. Apparently Elide was never notified that Essar was a previous lover of Lorcan’s. Aelin almost pitied the male if it wasn’t for the fact that Elide’s statement made her question that pity.

“Essar and I are nothing,” Lorcan said. His long dark hair fell over his equally dark eyes. “There was never any love between us. Perhaps one-sided affection from her, but that quickly diminished.”

“Then explain to me exactly what I overheard in the market today,” Elide bit out. “In fact I’m sure other witnesses would wonder why my mate had agreed to meet some other woman in his room later!”

Aelin and the others blinked in surprise. Both that the Elide’s statement and her furious tone that would have brought lesser men quaking in their boots.

Except Lorcan was not just any man. He was a fae male hardened by centuries of gory battles. He simply narrowed his eyes at the shorter female fuming before him.

“Perhaps if you would listen then I can explain-”

“Oh this out to be good,” Lysandra murmured to Aedion.

Lorcan shot the female shifter a glare before returning his attention back to Elide. “I am not meeting Essar for…intimate relations.”

Elide rolled her eyes. “No need to act innocent with your words Lorcan. We both know your experience with woman,” she turned her head away to glare at the grey stonewalls covered in Terrasen banners. “I just thought you only devoted yourself to one woman at a time,” Elide finished despondently. Wondering if their bond as mates wasn’t a good enough reason for Lorcan. Or if Elide was lacking in some way.

Lorcan snarled. His canines showed clearly with his next words. “You’re right,” his words lashed out even though a part of his mind urged him to stop. Hellas reached to leash in Lorcan’s rage as he sensed Elide’s anger and self-doubt. But if Elide wanted brutal honesty then Lorcan would channel it with his words. “I’ve bedded too many women to count and only saw them for what they could offered inside a bedroom.”

“Then what’s stopping you now!” Elide choked back tears. “It’s not like you haven’t crushed my heart before so why stop now?”

Lorcan winced.  Elide bit her bottom lip. Wishing too late that she hadn’t brought up his betrayal that happened years ago on beach that still brought back horrid memories. Elide could still remember her tear’s falling to the sand as Aelin’s blood dripped down her back from whip lashings.

The throne room was silent. Aelin and the others stood watching what would happen next.

Lorcan went deathly still. His onyx eyes dulled in the memory that Elide dredged up from his past. A decision he made that he’s regretted each day since.

Elide watched Lorcan carefully. She saw the pain of his actions flicker in eyes like a glint of a blade. Opening a wound that hadn’t healed and probably never would.

Her hand clenched into a small fist. Shaking from her emotions that were suffocating her. A slight nudge, perhaps from Anneith or the bond she shared between Lorcan, made Elide slowly reach out. Her shaking fingers grazed his scarred dark hand intending to grasp it. To apologize for letting her anger and sadness get the better of her. By inflicting a barbed statement that cut him to the core.

Such a pathetic little girl. Vernon’s vile voice crept into her mind. You couldn’t save Kaltain nor could you stop your Queen from being whisked away by Maeve. And now your mate seeks the bed of another. You are worthless to them Elide-

“Don’t,” Lorcan’s command halted Elide’s thoughts with frightening severity. He had only said the words to seize the negative thoughts that plagued her mind. But Elide didn’t know that. She thought he didn’t want her touching him.

Her fingers fell from his. The loss of that brief warmth severed something inside Elide. She barely held back the hot tears threatening to stream down her face.

Lorcan wondered how this woman before him could utterly have him at her mercy in a single word. How those tears in her eyes could break him more than a hundred years worth of bloody battles.

He could feel her retreating. The bond confirming his suspicions as he felt a wall being drawn up between them. But he heard her thoughts clearly as if she had spoken them. Her bastard of an uncle tainting her mind with false whispers even though he had long since died by the hand of Lorcan’s merciless hatchet.

Elide’s breath hitched as she turned to leave him as tears finally fell.

“Don’t,” Lorcan repeated. His arm grabbed her elbow and he could tell the others in the room tensed.

She looked up at him with a harsh face with wet trails down her cheeks. “Take your hand off me.” The words were quiet, yet deafening in Lorcan’s ears.

He had always given her space when requested. Knew that there were boundaries not to be crossed. But this moment Lorcan broke that unspoken rule between them.

His mouth tightened as his hand gradually drifted down to take her hand – her fingers dwarfed in his.

“Do not think for one second,” Lorcan began. “That you are pathetic or worthless.”

Elide stilled. Her heartbeat fluttering rapidly in her chest like a hummingbird’s wings. She did not respond to Lorcan’s words.

Lorcan leaned down. His dark hair brushed against her as his forehead rested gently against hers.

“Elide Lochan, Lady of Perranth, you have faced monsters that even the strongest fae warriors would cower at,” Lorcan said. His breath mingling with Elide’s. “You’ve dedicated yourself to assisting your Queen and friends even at the risk of your own life countless of times. You were significant and vital to Terrasen’s growth after years of agony.”

Lorcan paused. Waiting until Elide looked up at him with tired eyes glimmering in hope. “You are invaluable. Precious. And I love you more than anything in this world or the next.”

Elide blinked. “But…Essar-”

“Is in the past like the other women who agreed for simple sex. Nothing more.” Lorcan said. “But Elide…you’re my salvation. A future I can only hope to prove each day that I’m worthy of you.”

“Then why is she coming to your room?” Elide’s free hand fisted into the fabric above her heart. Wishing to push back the pain that pounded with each beat 

“Because I have unfinished documents in my room that I need to give her, but someone,” Lorcan set a seething glare at Rowan. “Never signed his signature which is why Essar now has to come here since the signatures need to be conducted in a magically sealed room.”

“He is right,” Rowan interjected. “Since Lorcan and I are signing off on the treaties between Wendlyn cities and Terresan we figured it would be best to do so in an room without threat of intrusion or magic seeping in. We concluded that by using Lorcan’s room he could ward the room while Essar and I finished signing the last papers.”

“So Lorcan’s purpose in this treaty is for his magical shields?” Aedion pondered.

“We would have used the main room or even mine and Rowan’s room,” Aelin said. “But Lorcan balked at the idea saying that the room would probably smell of-”

“There is no need to say it!” Lorcan interrupted with a slight blush on his dark cheeks. “We know how often you and Rowan spend in that room. And we all know you are not just sleeping in there.”

 Aelin grinned with a teasing glint in her eye.

 “What’s wrong Lorcan. Surely you aren’t embarrassed to be in a room where Rowan and I spend hours fu-”

 “Aunt Aelin!” Evangeline bounded into the throne room with a stumbling maid trailing after her.

 “I’m sorry my Queen, but miss Evangeline insisted on seeing you and the others,” the maid gasped before Aelin dismissed her with a brief nod.

 Lorcan thanked the gods for Evangeline’s interruption. But the knowing look in Elide’s eyes made him sweat nervously.

 “So,” Elide whispered in his ear. “You hosted the treaty signings in your room because you didn’t want to be in a room where Aelin and Rowan had…intimate relations?” She added the last part with a wink.

 Lorcan groaned. “Can we please not bring this up again?”

 Elide laughed and the others in the room that heard her laugh knew that the misunderstanding between her and Lorcan had cleared up.

 “Perhaps, but only if you make it up to me,” Elide brushed a hand down Lorcan’s firm chest. His muscles twitched underneath her nimble fingers.

 “Elide,” Lorcan’s tone deepened. His eyes focused intently on the little smirk playing on Elide’s soft lips before she turned away and walked toward the others who were listening intently to what Evangeline was saying.

 Late that night, long after the citizens of Ornyth slumbered, two mates were still awake. Their limbs tangling in bed sheets. The female sighed as the male kissed her cheeks and moved down and further down until her sigh became his name gasped into the night. And it wouldn’t be the last. Her mate fully intended to spend most of the night seeing to the needs of the woman who he loved to fiercely and tenderly.

When morning light illuminated the sky. Lorcan and Elide lingered in bed. Perfectly content to pass the hours in the arms of each other with faint smiles on their lips.

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How would your Gladio react if his s/o was an ex-Kingsglaive member , who just got the news about her friends ( or family, because she was actually pretty close to them )? Expecially when his s/o tries to act like it isn't a big deal, continuing to joking around and being a bit sassy, while she's actually suffering in silent? Thank you for the attention and sorry for the bad english! 😆 Also, I really enjoy your writing! Everything I read here seem so sweet and romantic. ❤️

Thank you so much, dear!! Sweet and romantic is what I’m aiming for! Although I’ve been throwing in a lot more emotions lately, haha.
Don’t worry about your English - you’re doing great! Keep up the good work!!
Also, super adorable request! Be prepared to hop on the angst train though - I took the beginning of this straight from the end of chapter 1.
This was fun because I don’t get to write scenarios for Gladdy or Prompto that often! This is actually my first Gladdy scenario so sorry there’s a lot more of her than Gladdy, I seem to do that a lot eep! (;ω;)


“Insomnia… falls.”

Prompto’s voice broke the silence as he read the headline of the newspaper in Gladio’s hands. He looked up from the paper to Noctis, whose mouth was open as if he were looking for something to say.

“What?” Noct finally managed a shaky voice that quickly turned to one of anger, “This your idea of a joke?”

The way he spat the words at his friend caused Prompto to take a half step backward. Ignis stepped forward, his stern yet sympathetic gaze falling on the prince.

“I need you to calm down so I can explain,” Ignis said quickly, his eyes not moving from Noctis.

“I’m as calm as I’m gonna get!” Noctis practically yelled the words, closing the gap between him and his adviser faster than one could blink.

“There was an attack…” Ignis began, but his words trailed off. He cleared his throat before speaking again, “The imperial army has taken the Crown City.”

Noctis stood staring at Ignis, dumbfounded. Silence filled the room. Prompto turned and looked out the hotel room window, leaning heavily against the window sill. Ignis finally removed his eyes from Noctis, shifting them to the ground.

“As treaty room tempers flared, blasts lit the night sky,” Gladio’s voice finally broke the silence as he read the article, “When the smoke about the Citadel had cleared, the King was found… dead.”

“No. Wait,” Noctis said quickly, his voice beginning to shake, “Hold on!”

The voices continued to reach her ears, but the young woman was no longer processing the conversation. She stood up from where she sat at the end of the bed and quickly left the hotel room. Her footsteps echoed as she walked rapidly down the hallway her hand fumblingly found its way into her pocket. She pulled out her phone as she stepped into the lobby of the Galdin Quay. As she tapped the phone screen anxiously a few times, she found herself standing on the dock. How she had gotten down the stairs was beyond her; her legs were numb, shaky. No, not just her legs, her entire body.

Leaning on the railing, she tapped the phone screen one more time before holding it up to her ear. It was ringing - that had to be a good sign, right? She put her elbows on the railing, resting her forehead on her fist.

“Nyx here. I’ll get back to you eventually.”

No no no, she thought as she quickly hung up and dialed another number. The words “Insomnia falls” kept running through her head as the phone rang again.

“Hey, you’ve reached Crowe Altius. Leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible.”

Nearly giving up hope, the girl dialed another number, letting out a shaky breath as she lifted the phone to her ear once more.

“Hello? Y/N is that you?”

“Libertus!” She sobbed his name out. She couldn’t recall a time she had been so happy to hear somebody’s voice. “Is it true? Insomnia… has fallen? Are you okay? What about Nyx? Crowe?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Libertus’s voice wasn’t filled with its usual joy, “It’s true though. And Nyx and Crowe…”

He trailed off. Nothing more needed to be said in that regard. They spoke for a few more moments before she hung up the phone, stuffing it back into her pocket. She buried her face in her hands. Nyx and Crowe were gone. Her love for them was so great - they were the family she never had. She couldn’t help it as she let out another sob. How could she possibly go on without them?

Her few moments alone had passed. The stairs behind her creaked and she quickly wiped her eyes before turning around. Gladio was standing at the bottom of the stairs, a solemn look on his face. His eyes seemed to scan her before he took another step toward her. She tried her best to lean casually against the railing, attempting a halfhearted smile. As the smile slipped from her face she realized it probably wasn’t the right time to smile in this first place.

“How’s Noct?” Her voice came out much stronger and clearer than she had expected.

“Not good,” Gladio said, still staring at her skeptically, “And I know you’re not good either. You’ve been crying.”

Gladio always knew. After all of this time, how could she have been foolish enough to think she could hide her tears from him.

“I’m fine. I’m worried about you and the guys, really. You all had family in the city. Did everyone make it out?”

“Iris is on her way to Lestallum. Don’t know about my dad. No news on Iggy or Prompto’s families yet either.”

How was he holding it together so well? She knew she certainly wasn’t.

“What about the Glaive? Have you heard from anyone? I know they were like family to you.”

She could feel her eyes grow hot, the tears beginning to sting. Her family was gone. Her brothers and sisters… gone. The two stood in silence, a large gap between them. The only sound was that of the waves crashing softly against the dock’s posts.

“Everything’s fine,” she managed a smile, “The Glaive’s fine. We’re fine. I’m fine.”

Gladio wasn’t as stupid as she was making him out to be though. He finally closed the gap between them, resting a hand on her hip. No words were exchanged, but he locked eyes with her and didn’t look away. He knew. She didn’t need to say anything more. He knew she wasn’t fine.

A few more moments of silence passed. She opened her mouth to speak, but a shaky sob came out instead.

“Gladdy,” she whimpered. Fighting it was useless.

Gladio had his arms around her in an instant. One arm was wrapped tightly around her waist, the other hand moved to the back of her head. She buried her face into his chest, unable to control her tears anymore.

He held her close, gently kissing her on the top of her head. She had nobody besides him, and he was fully aware of that, especially in this moment. And he wasn’t going to let her live life alone. He was going to protect her with every ounce of his being.

As he held her close, her body shaking with sobs, Gladio felt tears beginning to form in his own eyes. What could possibly lie ahead for them? He had no idea and it scared him more than anything. Gladdy knew he couldn’t let anyone know he was even slightly fearful though. The guys relied on him being tough. She relied on him to be her rock - and she needed him now more than ever.

Gladdy kissed her head again, blinking rapidly in hopes of stopping the tears.

“I’m here for you. I will always be here for you. I’m your family now, okay?”

She didn’t say anything, but her arms slipping around him in a tight hug was the only acknowledgment he needed.

Middlemarch: The Case of Cor [Cor/Reader]

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My apologies for not updating the past few days. So several of you messaged me and asked what everyone’s reactions would be of learning of Y/N Amicitia’s death. So I present to you, a series of posts about the canon aftermath of Middlemarch. Each post (300 words or more) will be about someone still alive after Reader’s death, who knew/loved the reader in some way.

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Obama After Dark: The Precious Hours Alone
President Obama has come to consider the solitary hours after dark as essential as his time in the Oval Office. Barely getting five hours of sleep a night, he considers the time alone more important.
By Michael D. Shear

WASHINGTON — “Are you up?”

The emails arrive late, often after 1 a.m., tapped out on a secure BlackBerry from an email address known only to a few. The weary recipients know that once again, the boss has not yet gone to bed.

The late-night interruptions from President Obama might be sharply worded questions about memos he has read. Sometimes they are taunts because the recipient’s sports team just lost.

Last month it was a 12:30 a.m. email to Benjamin J. Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser, and Denis R. McDonough, the White House chief of staff, telling them he had finished reworking a speechwriter’s draft of presidential remarks for later that morning. Mr. Obama had spent three hours scrawling in longhand on a yellow legal pad an angry condemnation of Donald J. Trump’s response to the attack in Orlando, Fla., and told his aides they could pick up his rewrite at the White House usher’s office when they came in for work.

Mr. Obama calls himself a “night guy,” and as president, he has come to consider the long, solitary hours after dark as essential as his time in the Oval Office. Almost every night that he is in the White House, Mr. Obama has dinner at 6:30 with his wife and daughters and then withdraws to the Treaty Room, his private office down the hall from his bedroom on the second floor of the White House residence.

There, his closest aides say, he spends four or five hours largely by himself.

He works on speeches. He reads the stack of briefing papers delivered at 8 p.m. by the National Security Council staff secretary. He reads 10 letters from Americans chosen each day by his staff. “How can we allow private citizens to buy automatic weapons? They are weapons of war,” Liz O’Connor, a Connecticut middle school teacher, wrote in a letter Mr. Obama read on the night of June 13.