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If you ever feel bad about your job performance remember that for all 8 years of his presidency George Washington had to write his constitutional responsibilities on the palm of his hand and frequently checked it during cabinet meetings.


Army Corps instructs DAPL protesters to leave area by Dec. 5, but won’t forcibly remove them

  • On Friday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers delivered a letter to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Protesters will no longer be allowed in a portion of “Corps-managed federal property north of the Cannonball River” starting Dec. 5.
  • In an additional statement Sunday, the Army Corps said it has “no plans for forcible removal” and “is seeking a peaceful and orderly transition to a safer location.”
  • Following Friday’s announcement, though, tribe members have only doubled down on their commitment to protecting their land and water.
  • Leaders called on Obama and the government to halt the pipeline and move it outside the bounds of the tribe’s treaty lands. Read more

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Imagine you are the firstborn child of a king who had just finished the preparations on a peace treaty that the Asgardians had sent. You, being the firstborn child, get to choose one of the two Asgard royal children to take as your servant; your younger (and far more violent) sibling get to claim the other one. You choose Thor, knowing the bigger man’s childlike innocence would be shattered under the care of your sibling.

About a week after claiming Thor and settling him in, you find Loki hiding in your rooms beaten black and blue, nude, and looking like he’d seen a ghost. You also notice a strange contraption place around his neck, a sort of magic blocker that wouldn’t allow him to use any magic. You carefully remove the contraption and patch him up, only for Thor to walk in and become shocked by Loki’s beaten and bruised state.

You both find out what your sibling had been up to (a specific something far darker than training) and you make it your goal to send the Asgardian royalty home no matter what… Even if it means an arranged marriage between one of the brothers.

Update on Standing Rock struggle

By Mahtowin, United American Indians of New England

It has been a very roller-coaster kind of day with #NoDAPL events. It is NOT all over and people are NOT all going home now. Please do not turn your gaze away from this struggle. Read on:

–ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS DID NOT GRANT THE EASEMENT TO BRING THE PIPELINE UNDER THE WATER AT THE CURRENT ROUTE THAT IS ON UNCEDED TREATY LAND. This means that Energy Transfer Partners does not have the proper permit to follow their currently planned route and drill under the water at the current site.

This is definitely a victory for the Power of the People when we take action. The government was forced to bow before the incredible strength of the movement that we all have been building for several months.

BUT people are legitimately worrying that Energy Transfer Partners might still drill there anyway – they might just go ahead and drill and worry about the fines later, which the Trump Administration may not even levy. Maybe the corporation and the feds hope that everyone will go home and then there will only be a handful of people on-site to oppose them.

Another unanswered question is whether the Trump Administration will simply find a way to reverse the Army Corps of Engineers’ current decision.

–Even if the Dakota Access Pipeline does not go through at that site, the feds are clearly making plans to reroute it so it can be finished. This project is still not safe. Water is still sacred. The black snake pipeline needs to be stopped no matter where it is routed!

–The Army Corps of Engineers’ eviction notice for December 5 has not been rescinded. They had previously issued this notice and said that the camps needed to be cleared away from land that the Army Corps of Engineers considers to be “theirs” (even though it is actually unceded treaty land belonging to the people of Standing Rock). It remains to be seen whether Morton County or any other authorities will try to clear the camps, although they would be unlikely to do this right now when the numbers of people are in the thousands.

–There is still the very important matter of hundreds of people (more than 550) who have been charged with various crimes and misdemeanors. No matter what happens, a key demand will need to be: Drop All The Charges Now! Additionally, Morton County Sheriffs and other abusers will need to be brought to justice.

–All of this means that everyone who supports #NoDAPL will need to continue to be vigilant and apply all possible forms of pressure.


I have this terrible friend (the same one who got me into pjo) who bought me the first ranger’s apprentice book bc I never read it when I was younger and I hate her

I’m up to Icebound land and erak fucked up and now will is a drugged up and dying slave and this is my first ra fan art apparently 



I recently returned from Standing Rock in North Dakota. As some of you may know, there is an Oil Pipeline routed to go under the Missouri River adjacent to The Standing Rock Native American reservation and through Treaty land.
During my visit I was able to get candid interviews where people spoke about there experience and reason for being there, one of them being a direct descendent of Chief Crazy Horse. All in the Name of Protecting Water because Water is Life!


Just a friendly reminder that most of British Columbia is unceded territory (Around 90%).

 What does that mean?
Glad you asked.
The majority of Canada is built on Treatied land, meaning the Government had agreed with the Indigenous people of their respective regions to make use of those lands during the establishment of Canada as a Settler Country (Needless to say, the government has never, and I mean Never, kept up their side of these deals).

 So, since British Columbia is unceded, the government, in municipal to national levels, has never attempted to settle the land and formally take sovereignty of the land from the Indigenous peoples through the signing of treaties. BC provincial government is literally occupying this province. Colonization never ended, it’s happening Right Now. These lands are still being occupied and actively settled without consent of indigenous people.

Bodies Under the Falls
Bodies Under the Falls

As the water passes over the rock bed, so gentle and quiet,
You can hear their cries in the crashing water.
Bodies dashed against the rocks below where ghosts at the galls roam.
The blood stained soil, their ancestral forest…
Where only trees now know of the horrors seen here.
A nation left to weep, like spilling water over the falls.
The water passes over stone, falling so far below.
Split blood and splintered bone where Cherokee ghosts roam.
Pale faces in the mist, demons who claim the mountains,
treading beneath looming cliff.
The cool, still air permeating your skin.
The rhythm of the water pounding the forest floor whispers to us with the voices of proud warriors overcome.
The treaty was broken, the land has been stolen.
The forest is haunted!

From CFWE and Windspeaker:

“Frustration with multi-national oil, gas and forestry companies has led Bigstone Cree Nation to plan drastic action.

“Border security” will be erected at the intersection of highways 754 and 813 within treaty entitlement lands. Access will be denied to CNRL, Husky, Cenovus, Laricina, Exact Oilfield, Alstar Oilfield, ALPAC and all log haulers.”


Black Lives Matter just arrived at the Standing Rock resistance in North Dakota.


Warriors on horseback are on treaty land, yet could be charged with trespassing every time they enter due to pipeline construction.

Construction is halted at Cannon Ball River but can start again at any time. We fighting big oil.

This is our fight, these are our people.


Unist’ot’en Camp, an indigenous community in the path of three fossil fuel pipelines, is under high alert after tips of a potential police raid. They have never relinquished their land to Canada or BC by way of treaty, land sale, or surrender, and have effectively kept some of North America’s largest fossil fuel and pipeline companies from working in their territories for years.

I’m on the ground and live-tweeting.

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Send ♚♔ for our muses to meet as royalty from opposing nations

This was a rather odd situation, Donghae had halted his guards with one stern raise of hands, while the..Princess- and goodness was that flowing red hair even possible?- stopped hers. Their Royal carriages and guards stood in a frozen stand-off. The horses grew impatient, grunting and neighing they began to tug at their reigns and stomp their hooves into the soft, grassy dirt of the forest clearing.

“Well..god day to you, I suppose, Princess. “ he spoke up after a long moment of silence and observation, the sizzling tension that lingered in the air did not go unnoticed by him

“Quite a surprise..running into you..when the treaty between our lands clearly state this part of the Forest belongs to my Kingdom” he adds somewhat assertively yet remains polite, the guards were already riled up as it was. He needed to keep his tone in check, to keep his cool -

Lucy was never one for elaborate formalities, different from her brothers and sisters. If it weren’t for her aging attendant, she wouldn’t have brought the carriage at all because it was so obvious. Fiery locks pooled around her shoulders, peeking out from beneath a plain cloak and giving her identity away before the hood could be lowered. At mention of her title, she removed the hood to confirm his suspicions. Comparatively, his entourage was much larger than hers, which was exactly how she planned it. People were more likely to listen when they had the upper-hand, as it were. 

“Good day,” the redhead responded, nodding her head politely. Then, in a fluid motion that quickly earned vocal protests from the pair of guards she’d brought along, she climbed off her horse. Leaves crunched underfoot, but she wasn’t foolish enough to take more than a couple steps. Not yet, anyway. “I am aware of the current border, but I was wondering if I might have a brief audience with you. I will leave my guards, if it puts your mind at ease.”

“Black Lives Matter arriving at the Standing Rock resistance in North Dakota yesterday.

Warriors on horseback are on treaty land, yet could be charged with trespassing every time they enter due to pipeline construction.

Construction is halted at Cannon Ball River but can start again at any time. We fighting big oil.

This is our fight, these are our people.”

– Janaya Khan
10 Ways Harper’s Government Has F*cked The Environment
In a decade of power, the Conservative Party has shown it cares more about its friends in the oil industry than the people of Canada - especially Indigenous peoples. Here are 10 ways Harper’s government has f*cked over the environment.
By miwilson
  • 1. Pulling out of the ONLY international climate agreement we had
  • 2. Passing a Bill that’s as Bad for First Nations as it is for the Environment
    • “Bill C-45, passed in 2012, allows for easier opening of First Nations treaty lands and territory. It means major pipeline and power line project advocates aren’t required to prove their project won’t damage or destroy a navigable waterway it crosses, removing protection for 99.9% of lakes and rivers in Canada.”
  • 3. Making protecting the environment an act of terrorism
  • 4. Waging a War on First Nations
  • 5. Cheerleading Dangerous Pipelines
  • 6. Muzzling Scientists
    • “The Harper government spent several million dollars of taxpayers’ money on a tar sands advocacy fund. The government spent $30 million from the public purse over two years on public relations advertising and domestic and international ‘outreach activities’ to promote Alberta’s tar sands and cover up the climate impacts of the project.”
  • 7. Conducting Secret Tar Sands Advocacy
  • 8. Screwing up environmental assessment
    • “Under legislation passed by the Harper government, the ‘Canadian Environmental Assessment Act’ no longer requires all proposed projects to undergo a hearing. The government has basically stated that the reason for this change is to make it easier to dig up fossil fuel reserves and get them to market as quickly as possible. Big surprise: the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers endorses the plan.”
  • 9. Allowing oil spills off the coast of Nova Scotia
  • 10. Winning ‘Lifetime Unachievement’ Award at Climate Talks