Today was such a total headache from start to finish. I actually spent the majority of my lunch hour staring out a cafe window at how sad everybody looked walking by… fucking grey days, they do something to morale I swear to god! Had a full blown panic attack this morning because I fucking Doctor Google’d my current symptoms and convinced myself I had cancer at work. BUT I finally trudged home to my place, greeted by three deliveries on my doorstep including a pair of new doc martens i bought for seventy bucks, such a score, i’ve missed wearing docs.Going out for dinner with the best friend now then home for another early night :)

guess who’s new laptop just arrived. it feels good to work for things. i’m glad by some twist of fate i’ve been filling this week with good things.

i get to see one of my favourite bands with a really fun human being on friday night, as well as pick up sweet new glasses (FINALLY!!!!!), and party with my best friends at my house hosting an acoustic shindig in my backyard ruins (which has recently been dubbed ‘shit henge’ haaaaha) followed by a glorious saturday off work. i am chugging along.

also hopefully looking at getting my medication upped soon which should help too.


So anyway, the whole bailing on Saturday party-times thing didn’t exactly work. Ended up getting absolutely trashed watching Michael Buble then skyping the best friend and getting even more drunk, smoking and shootin’ the breeze until like 7am. Best night in ever. Never realised how easy it can be for one to party heartily without leaving home, haha! Was a dead wreck the next day but you gotta pay to play, right? A+, would recommend.

Had a pretty neat day today. Headed out to the big opshops on the edge of town to try find something sweet to wear for my 21st party next week. Didn’t quite accomplish that but got two awesome Lee denim jackets for $20 ! Very happy camper. Shall be slapping my Agent Cooper patch on the back of one this week haha :3
And a job interview tomorrow! Quite the sunny outlook tonight indeed. xo