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Dear Evan Hansen Kleinsen Headcanons

-Evan and Jared have known each other since they were little, their moms were friends in highschool

-they used to live next door to each other but after Evan’s left they moved on the other side of town

-when the two were little they used to have play weddings with their stuffed animals, Jared always giving Evan his ring pop to “propose”

-Halloween, 2007 somebody have Jared a bathbomb instead of candy while truck or treating and he had to go to the hospital to make sure he wasn’t poisoned by it

-he wasn’t and after finding this out he started a habit of eating bathbombs in front of people to shock them

-in freshman year they used to date but by the time Summer started they broke up

-they started dating again in Junior Year, Evan asking Jared out again

-Jared will always tell Evan bad puns to cheer him up and it works, Evan is the only one who actually laughs at his jokes

-Evan has had a lot of his underwear stolen by Jared. And shirts. And pants. Okay Jared has stolen a lot of his clothes

-they always hold hands and if someone says something Jared will fight them

-he can’t fight for crap but it’s the thought that counts

Food Truck AU

Since I am literally right now sitting on a picnic bench surrounded by 5 different food trucks, AU where the SMH own food trucks and meet every summer in the parking lot of a closed department store to sell food to the community.

Bitty obviously has a Sweet Treats Truck with a whiteboard highlighting today’s pies.

Chowder and Lardo have a Vietnamese truck with excellent spring rolls and even better pho.

Ransom and Holster sell Chicago style hot dogs and Italian beef. Neither are from Chicago nor are they Italian, but they love shouting “TRY MY HOT BEEF” at passers-by.

Dex sells lobster rolls and Nursey takes the orders. They are the least popular because who is going to buy lobster from a food truck, but they actually have the best food of the bunch.

Tango and Whiskey have a pizza truck. It’s not uncommon for people to get frustrated by Whiskey’s inability to have decent customer service and Tango’s 100 specific questions about orders (what kind of toppings? What size? What kind of crust? Do you want garlic on the crust? Do you want butter in the crust? Do you want parmesean cheese? Fresh or from the shaker? It goes on for a while).

Jack and Shitty don’t have a theme? They just kind of serve everything? I mean obviously their daily special is chicken tenders but Shitty said they couldn’t sell just chicken tenders, to which Jack says if they have to sell more than just chicken tenders maybe they shouldn’t have a food truck at all, which is why their food truck is called “Chicken Tenders + whatever”


Happy Late Halloween, everyone~. Went out to Truck or Treat as Mettaton, but while doing that, I also had a last minute idea to make a spontaneous Jailboi Mettaton, who comes from the Undertale AU ‘0915,’ created by @spectrumelf. Check it out cause it’s super cute, and one of my favorite things ever on the Internet. Nothing to serious (except when I’m doing spoopy face behind bars), just spoons and brooms in this low quality photoshoot. Second to late pic is inspired by a panel in this post. And now all I need is a Valentino… 

Extra photo of Metta with too much attitude below

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Dear Evan Hansen Halloween Headcanons

-when they were little Evan and Jared always had matching costumes so that they could get twice the candy

-Evan’s favorite was when they dressed up as Ghostbusters with the Jared’s cousin and his friend Jeremy

-Jared loves Halloween and every year when midnight strikes and the day turns to Halloween he will set his alarm so he can call Evan and blast Spooky Scary Skeletons

-Evan doesn’t know why he still answers

-Evan stopped trick or treating in middle school but Jared’s still doing it Senior Year

-Zoe hasn’t truck or treated since she was eleven after a particularly nasty “prank” from Connor that scared her away truck or treating again

-she does however like everything pumpkin spice flavored and will happily go to Starbucks everyday for their spiced pumpkin latte

-when Connor was little he had the same costume every year, Spider-Man, it was his favorite comic book hero

-around thirteen he lost almost any interest he had in the holiday but he would happily buy half off candy the day after

-Alana is the middle of seven kids so it was always a constant fight for their Halloween candy

-she has a black cat named Smokey and will dress as a witch when she hands out candy to the kids

-this year Jared somehow convinces them to see It a day before and when Evan opens his door to see Jared dressed as Pennywise he screamed

-Jared tried sneaking up on Alana but ended up getting punched in the face

- “To be fair you kind of deserved it.”

-“She punched me in the face Evan.”

-this year they go truck or treating with Jared: Evan’s dressed as a ghost, Alana’s a witch, Zoe wears a This is my Costume shirt and Jared is Pennywise

-they send the rest of the night Evan’s watching horror movies while gorging themselves on candy

A Perfect Game

Rafael and the Caterer adjust to life as parents!!! And Mrs. Barba is struggling some!!! Read on to see what happens next!!! As always, for @svu-stories!!! Enjoy!!!

They were like two peas in a pod.

What would have been the nursery became heaven on earth for a little boy in no time flat adorned with a border resembling railway tracks and several sets of trains scattered around the space. More of the same dotted his sheets, his quilt, and Zachary was even more excited when he learned that his Pop took a train to his office. Albeit one underground.

Is the engineer your best friend, Pop?

At that Rafael smiled and started to explain that the subways were infinite, that catching an early ride or running late made all the difference when it came to the person that piloted the city’s spin on a Pullman. He was already into his opening argument of sorts when you saw Zachary’s eyes glaze over as he tried to work this brave new world out, and you lightly tapped your husband’s shoulder, crinkling your nose and cocking your head to one side until he received your message.

But that doesn’t matter. You and Mama are my best friends.

And I yours!

Before he even finished the sentence, Zachary hopped off his chair and rushed into Rafael’s waiting arms. Holding your son tightly, Rafael reached for your hand and pulled you in. Whoever said that three was a crowd knew nothing of the joy swirling around your apartment. Mentally, you upped the figure to four when Jingles rubbed against your legs. Life was beautiful.

Until it wasn’t.

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Truck or treat! - Kojuro (PS so into this.)


You take a slow breath, trying to do as the soft voice commands, following along with the strokes as best you can. Left. Up. Left. Down…right…

“You’re going…too slow,” you sigh, words swimming to the forefront of your muddled mind. Gold? Tree?

He chuckled, the sound a caress all its own. “Forgive me, precious girl. I thought that was rather the point. Otherwise, how else are you going to read it?”

Whatever answer you might have given was lost in the next line he drew, his tongue nearly as hot as the breath that eddied over your skin, in and out like the tide with each exhale. Your shaking fingers find his hair, ruining the exact strands with their desperate grip.

“Oh…god,” you finally manage, a mewl of sound more sigh than answer.

He lifts his head from between your legs to reward you with a wicked smile, one that lasts only a moment before he bends to his task once more. “Good girl. Now…next lesson.”

I am going 10 over, still tailgating me? Here, let me show you something..

I am driving to work a few months ago and getting close, I have two turns remaining until I turn into the building. It is just a few blocks away. All side streets, no highways involved. This guy behind me is in a black bmw, and he is on my a** the whole time. I see him checking his phone, then making angry faces at me and getting closer and closer. I speed up a bit, thinking it might calm him down. 5 over, nope. Anyway, I make the first turn, and am now on the street where my building is, maybe 600 yards up ahead. The a**hole is still behind me, driving inches from behind me and obviously pissed that I am still going the speed limit, (maybe 35 on this street). So I speed up a bit and see he does the same.

I drive an eight year old Toyota truck, not one of the big huge ones, but not one of the small ones. I do have all terrain tires, and I have certainly driven through pastures, over rocks, popped a curb or 10 in my time. My suspension is in good shape and have no problem treating my decade old truck like a truck.

Well as I get closer to my building there is a large speed bump in the street, effectively to get people to slow down as they approach the parking garage entrances. I look back and see a**hole still riding my bumper. I remember thinking to myself I need to slow down for this speed bump, and looking back and thinking, if I hit my brakes, this guy is going to hit me.. The plan takes shape in my mind and I speed up..

I am doing about 45 when I hit that speed bump, and yeehaw.. I did a bit of a jump and land, never once touching my brakes. Didn’t even tap them. I gave him zero warning for what was about to happen.

I am watching my rear-view window intensely during this because I wanted to see his reaction. He was cradling his cell phone between his ear and shoulder when he hit. His hood bucked up behind me, then slams to the ground. I see him go flying out of his seat straight up. He slams his head on the roof of his bmw and his head rolls sideways from impact. Then he slams back into his seat violently. He has a total “wtf was that” look on his face as he grabs the wheel with both hands to recover.

… and yes, he slowed right the f*ck down after that.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

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(maternal abuse TW, u dont have 2 respond to this if u dont wanna im sorry) fingerguns so yesterday i found out my whole fucking family lied to me abt my childhood (they told me our mum only ever hit my sister and that i was "the favourite" but the fucking social care files say differently)!!!!!!!!!! and let me think i was supposed to be grateful bc i Got Off Easy but it turns out i was being fucking hit and starved too!!!!! eyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

your family is fucking shit and you deserve so much better, bro. fuck all of them.

invites u into the trauma recovery nest and hands u some pie and some mulled wine if u want it.

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sticky ice cream kisses, jongho with cute jjong please!!

Minho smiles down at Jonghyun and nods, letting Jonghyun tug him away. Jonghyun is chattering away about how happy he is, about how nice of a day it is and how he’s excited and how he’s nervous because this is a date, and Minho just listens to him, concentrates on the tone of Jonghyun’s voice and the warmth of his hand as they walk through the park to the empty bench up ahead.

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