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Halloween Tradition | Richie Tozier X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Richie/fem!reader.

Word Count: 1026 words.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) sat nervously in the classroom while her math teacher explained something, she was too busy worrying about that day being Halloween to pay attention to that. To be fair, most of the other kids were distracted too, talking excitedly about what they would do that night. (Y/N) was busy thinking about something else about that day, something much less pleasant.

Don’t get her wrong, the girl loved to dress up and go ask for candies, but the school day during Halloween was horrible for her. The reason? Richie Tozier.

(Y/N) and Richie have been neighbors since childhood and have become friends because of it. Because they had known each other for so long, Richie knew a lot about her; he knew that she was, in fact, too easy to scare. And, knowing that, their Halloween tradition was born: every year, during school, he’d try to scare her as much as he could - meaning that he’d suddenly appear when she least expected, usually making some loud noise to announce he was there.

One thing that was certain: there were no limits to Richie Tozier that day. Once, she was washing her hands in the ladies’ room when Richie came out of the bathroom stall, kicking the door. (Y/N) almost had a heart attack.

She knew that no place was safe in that school, so she looked agitly sideways, expecting to see him, ready to shout in her ear. But she still had hope, hope that Richie would have given up on that tradition.

But that tradition seemed like it wouldn’t end anytime soon. She hadn’t even taken three steps out of the room after math class was over when she felt someone hold and shake her, making the girl scream. (Y/N) heard Richie’s familiar laugh, turning in time just to see him grinning at her and saying “Happy Halloween, (Y/N)!” before running off to his next class.

The girl sighed. That would be a long day. And it really was. Every time she thought she had discovered some pattern, she’d find out she was wrong since he continued to scare her. That school day could be easily summed up in: she being worried, Richie scaring her and she yelling at him to stop it.

When the bell at the end of the last class rang, she almost celebrated with such joy. She was free. (Y/N) was the first to leave the room, hurrying down the hallways so Richie had no chance to scare her yet again. A feeling of calmness passed through her body as soon as she left school. No more of that shit until next year. Yeah, she had thought that too soon.

She walked a few more steps before passing in front of a trash can when Richie stood up from behind it, shouting his classic “Boo!”, causing the girl to suppress a scream and just grunt at him.

“That’s not funny, Richie!” she exclaimed, pushing him lightly.

“Scaring you is just so easy.” his cheeks reddened as he laughed.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, starting to walk again. “I’m glad the school day is over so I don’t need to take your shit anymore.”

Richie laughed one last time before he started to walk beside her, a big grin on his face. “Well, I can always scare you during trick-or-treat tonight.” he looked mischievously at her. “So many ways.”

She glared at him before smirking. “Just because of this I’m going to be dressed as a clown.”

The boy grimaced at her. “Why would you want to be dressed as a clown? They’re fucking awful.”

“To be honest, I thought you’d already come to school with your costume because you look awful.” she shrugged, the grin on her face widening when she heard him scoff at her.

“Fuck, (Y/N)!” she looked at him, seeing him pretend to be offended. “Just wait for tonight, I’m going to scare the shit out of you.” he sighed happily. “It’s going to be so much fun.”

It was her turn to grimace, a fake smile appearing on her face soon after. “I’m glad I’m for your entertainment pleasure.”

He smirked. “Scaring you is fun, but I can think of other ways for you to pleasure me.” he nudged her slightly.

(Y/N) shook her head disapprovingly. How had she gotten used to Richie’s personality? She had no idea. However, Flirting Richie was far better than Wanting-to-scare-her Richie.

She thought about how uneasy she had been all day knowing that that kid would scare her at any moment and the thought that he would scare her even more if they went out to trick-or-treat together didn’t please her at all.

“I don’t think we should go ask for candy together.” she tried to escape from that situation.

“Yeah, we should skip this candy stuff and go watch that horror movie you wanted to see.” he wiggled his eyebows at her. “I promise to protect you from those monsters if you go on a date with me.”

“Um, okay.” she said with a shrug. If that date included not being scared by him and actually spending some nice time with him, he could count her in.

The flirtatious expression on his face was soon replaced by shock and confusion. “Uh?”

She chuckled. “Okay, let’s go out on a date.” she’d never admit it to him, but she’d confessed to herself that she thought he was cute and that maybe – real maybe – she had a crush on him.

His eyes widened. “Are you serious?” he always pretended his flirting with her was a joke, but he knew it wasn’t, it was his way of expressing his feelings for her without the risk of getting hurt.

“Sure.” she smiled, leaning toward him and kissing his cheek, almost touching his lips. Richie was red, which made her laugh. “Embarrassing you is just so easy.” she said before walking again.

Richie stood for a few seconds in his place, taking some time to understand what had happened. He pushed his glasses up his nose, a flustered smile appearing on his lips before running to catch up with her.

“That’s not funny, (Y/N)!”


Night of the Lilies

Okay, Tumblies, here’s an unpublished work I did with @auroraborealia - since it’s both Cullen Appreciation Week and Bethany Hawke Appreciation Week in the Dragon Age fandom, this is something that features them both.

In Dragon Age II, I headcanon that while Hawke is comforted by his/her love interest following the events of the quest “All That Remains,” Varric takes on the task of comforting his best friend’s younger sibling. For me, that’s Bethany. To do this, he needs to get into the Gallows, and that requires some Templar assistance, so he goes to the only Templar he feels comfortable approaching. Slight Varric/Bethany if you squint, because that’s my ship, but it’s mostly just platonic here. F!Hawke/Fenris in the background.

Spoilers, obviously. @cullenappreciationweek, here’s my first contribution. :)

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The Other One: Part 7

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10

You hear singing, it sounded like Jinyoung. What was he doing here? You sneak a peek through the door, he straightens up the pillows on the couch and wiped the dust off of the TV. So you figured that he was the one who cleaned your apartment.

Jinyoung walks around, making sure the apartment was ready for your return, if you would return. He walks up to the kitchen counter and notices a half-eaten sandwich on the side. There was a red lipstick stain around the bite mark. He stands still, and he could hear movement from the bedroom. There must be someone there. A woman, maybe a friend of yours. But he was too smart to have a head on confrontation. He slowly walks over to the door, opens it and closes it.

You breathe a sigh of relief when you hear the door slam, you walk out of the room. You expected to see an empty room, but you were met with Jinyoung.

“You’re back.”

You stand still, not moving a muscle.

“I can see you.” He says.

“Yes, I got back an hour ago. What are you doing here?” You asking, crossing your arms.

“I’ve been coming here every chance I could. Checking on you, if you were back. I’ve been worried sick. You should’ve called me.” He walks swiftly over to you, pulling you into an embrace.

You hug him back, you missed him. He was one of your close friends. You missed his warmth and loving embrace. You pull away.

“I don’t want you here. I didn’t call you because I don’t want to see to you. “

“But-“He starts.

“I’m fine. I feel better, it’s sweet that you wanted to check on me. That you’ve been checking up on me. But I can’t forget the past. I think it’s better if we avoid each other from now on.”

“I meant what I said before you left. I want to give us ago. I want to start over. I will fight for you like I should’ve before. This isn’t the last time you’ll see me.”

“I’m definitely going to be changing my pin.” You say.

He makes his way towards the door

“Oh, tell Jaebum that I’m back. And tell him what I just told you. I mean it. You both need to keep away.”

It hurt him to think that you still cared for Jaebum, after what he did to you. It hurt that you didn’t want to see him. Tears well in his eyes as he stares at you intently. To see him like that, tugged at your heart strings. In the many years of knowing Jinyoung, you never saw him cry. And to see he felt so passionately about you warmed your soul.

“I love you.” He says, turning and leaving.

Jinyoung walks back into the hotel, wiping his eyes, making sure his makeup wasn’t running. He takes his seat at the pannel, next to Mark. Mark immediatley notices the mood dampen as Jinyoung sits down.

“Whats wrong?” He asks.

“She’s back. And she… she didn’t want to see me.” He whispers.

“When did she get back?” Mark asks, signing a CD.

“About an hour ago. She told me to tell Jaebum. I guess she wants  him to go see her. I could tell him that she told us to stay away. But obviously she knew that he isn’t going to listen.”

The manager calls a break for the members to go and get lunch. Mark and Jinyoung split, going to a café down the street.

“I told her I loved her. That I would fight for her. And she hugged me. I hugged her and she hugged me back. I felt her squeeze back, I knew she missed me.”

Mark observes his member, he could clearly see that he was in distress. He hadn’t been the same since you left. He could tell he felt really bad about lying to you. And if there was anyway he could explain that to you, he would. He would expect that you would feel betrayed by the rest of the members as well, as they knew of Jaebum’s sorded affair.

“If you truly love her and you don’t think you can live with her, go and get her.” Mark says, sipping his coffee.

“What about Jaebum?” Even though they weren’t speaking at the moment, he was still cautious, he knew that Jaebum would always love you, and that he could ruin any chance of them rekindling their friendship.

“Sure, that is a massive hurdle, but he would be blind if he couldn’t see how much you love her. He should want better for her. For her to be treated well. Who better than you?”

“You’re right. I just can’t eat or sleep. I feel so guilty for lying to her. I was another person, I was scheming, I was manipulative. I just want to be a better person for her. The best version of me. I want her to see all I can be.” He sighs.

At this same moment, Jaebum and Jackson were sitting outside a convience store, Jaebum watched as Jackson slurped up his noodles. Usually Jaebum would be enjoying some ramyun as well, but he had lost his appetite. He could picture you with your family, you were happy. You always used to tell him stories about the fun times you had with your family and friends back home. You often told him how much you missed it. He wouldn’t blame you if you decided to stay, to get away from him.

“She will come back. She has a life here.” Jackson says, wiping his mouth.

“She had a life here. A life that I and J-. A life that I ruined. She’s not coming back. Now just eat your food so we can go.” Jaebum crosses his arms.

Jaebum’s phone vibrates with one single text message.

‘She’s back.”

Jinyoung didn’t want to have face-to-face conversation, so he thought that a text would be better.

Jaebum couldn’t belive his eyes. What if Jinyoung was playing some sort of trick. But he had to see for himself.

“Tell the manager that I’m sorry, I will be back soon. I will make my own way back to the dorm.” He gets up and rushes out the door, all the way to your apartment.

You were sat in front of the door, ready to binge on all the snacks Jinyoung had stocked for you. You had washed your makeup off and were curled up on the couch, in your pj’s, watching some cheesy variety show.

Jaebum finds himself outside your door, he takes a deep breath before entering your pin, he knew that if he knocked you wouldn’t answer. The door beeped as the pin was incorrect, he tried 2 more times, it was still wrong.

You had been ignoring it because you thought it was Jinyoung. But it could be your landlord, maybe there was something wrong with the payment?

“Wait a minute, let me open the door before you double lock me in here.”

He hears your voice, making his heart skip a beat.

You open the door and there he was, in his leather jacket, his hair styled up. The light hitting his face perfectly.

“You’re back.”

“I told Jinyoung to tell you to stay away.”

“You spoke to Jinyoung?” He questions.

“He came here. I didn’t let him in, apparently you two have just been visiting here. Coming and going as you pleased.”

“Please just leave me alone.” You say walking away from him, shutting the door behind you.

He stops it with his foot and jogs after you.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I went to your apartment but there was no answer. I went to the café every day and you never came in. Where were you?”  He pulls your arm forcing you to stop.

“I had to disappear for a while. I just wanted to be alone.” You say.

“You should’ve told me. I was so worried, especially after the way we left things.”

“That would’ve defeated the whole purpose of disappearing. I needed time to repair.”

And you did repair, you came to terms with what happened and how you were going to deal with it. You went home for a couple months and it felt good to be with your family. To not feel so alone.

“You look good.” He says.

And you did, you looked healthy. You cut your hair and dyed it a lighter colour. It reflected how you felt, you cut off all the baggage and you felt brighter.

“Thank you. And you don’t look too great. No offence.” You say, observing his face. His cheeks had sunken and he had big dark circles under his eyes.

“I’m just tired that’s all.”

“You haven’t been eating.” You say, you couldn’t help but care.

“You haven’t been around. There was no reason to.”

You look down at your feet, playing with the end of your shirt. You wished it was easy to just kick him out of your life. He wasn’t going without a fight.

“Jaebum. I need you to listen to me. I can’t do this, be around you and be reminded of everything I went through. I’ve grown and I’ve too much progress to go back now. I need to make changes in my life, starting with you. I don’t want to see you anymore. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to fix this, it is beyond repair. I do care for you, I always will, so that is why I am telling you to move on. Forget about me. Find someone else.” You look up.

“There isn’t anyone else, only you.” Those infamous words rang in your ears.

He moves in closer, cupping your face. He moves his face closer to yours. His lips threatening to meet yours. You melt into his touch. You really missed this, you disliked him right now, but the constant was that you would always long for his touch. He had a hold on you that you could not explain. But you snap back into reality. You back away.

“Get out.”

“Please ju-“

“Please.” You beg, he could see the desperation in your eyes. You were really begging. He wanted you to be happy.

“I’ll love you no matter what.” He says, placing a kiss on your forehead before leaving.

As he walks down the hall, anger takes over his body and he punches the wall. His knuckles bleed as he repeatedly hits the wall. He storms all the way back to the dorms.

“Hyung, where have you been?” Youngjae asks, looking up from the couch.

Jaebum does not reply, he angrily paces to Jinyoung’s room. This was the first time he had been in his room in months. He bursts in.

He pulls him up by his collar.

“Why the fuck are you going to see her for?” He asks.

“I didn’t go there to see her, I was looking after her apartment for her. Wait, I don’t have to explain myself to you.” Jinyoung says.

“What did you say to her to make her hate me? To make her shut me out?” He shouts.

“I didn’t do anything. You made her hate you all on your own.”

“I dare you to say another word.”

“She told you leave right? She hugged me, I will get her-“Jaebum’s bloody fist meets Jinyoung’s face.

Jinyoung falls to the floor, the thud causes Yugyeom and BamBam to rush into the room. They look at Jaebum in horror, picking Jinyoung off of the floor. Jinyoung wipes the blood from his mouth. He smirks at Jaebum as he leaves.

Jaebum didn’t care if it was the last thing he would ever do, he would get you back. He didn’t care if he lost his career, he needed you back.

I Know I’m Not the Only One Pt. 2 | Jack Gilinsky

 Read Part One Here

“You say I’m crazy, 'cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done.” - Sam Smith  

 It’s been two weeks and I finally gathered up the courage to ask Jack about his affair. Last week, Johnson told me her name. Her name was Cecilia and she was 22 years old. She came to LA from New York to pursue her career in fashion.

  I slowly walked down the stairs and saw Jack sitting on the couch scrolling through his phone. I sat next to him and smiled lightly, “Hey Jack, I have a question for you.”

 "Okay what’s up?“ He asked turning off his phone.

  "Do you want to tell me who this Cecilia person is?” I asked tilting my head to the side, smiling widely. If I would’ve confronted him two weeks ago, I would have been a mess. I would have been crying and all over the place. But now I’m now upset anymore, just angry.

  Thanks to a few friends of mine, they made me realize that I should never allow any man to treat me this way. I deserve way better than to be cheated on constantly.

  His eyes widened and he gulped, “I don’t know any Cecilia, baby.”

 "Don’t ‘baby’ me,“ I laughed. "You’ve been cheating on me, I know you have so don’t even deny it.”

 He shook his head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about Y/N. I haven’t cheated on you with anyone, especially not with a Cecilia. I promised to be loyal to you, why would I break that promise?”

 "Stop,“ I said, shaking my head. "Stop lying to me Jack! If you cheated, just be a man and own up to it! Stop making me feel like I’m crazy and I’m going insane! If you cheated, just tell me right now! Because I can’t take this anymore, I’m fed up with all the lies!”

 He sighed, “Baby, please stop! You sound crazy right now, I would never cheat on you. I’m not lying to you, what makes you think I would cheat on you? Baby, I love you so much.”

 "Oh so Johnson would just lie about this?“ I scoffed, shaking my head. "Yeah right, Jack. In this situation, I believe him over you because this isn’t the first time you have cheated on me! You seem to forget that you cheated on me before, and not just once either. So why would Johnson just lie about this?”

 He looked down, “Baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to happen, I swear!”

 "So you were lying?“ I laughed dryly. "You had me over here thinking I’m crazy when I was right the whole time! And you didn’t mean for it to happen? Oh really? So you didn’t mean to bring her to the studio to meet your friends, it just happened? And you didn’t mean to keep bringing her around, it just happened?”

 He ran a hand through his hair. “Y/N I’m sorry,” he sighed. “It was a mistake and it won’t happen again, I promise.”

 "A mistake that happened continuously?“ I asked, furrowing my eyebrows. "Wow Jack, just wow. And don’t make promises you can’t keep. I’m so done with this and you! I can’t believe you would this again even after you promised you would never do it again. You know what was a mistake? Our marriage.”

 He shook his head repeatedly, “Y/N please, I’m sorry.”

 "How long?“ I asked, looking over at him. After he didn’t reply for a few seconds, I spoke again. "How long Jack? How long have you been seeing her?”

 He stayed silent. “Okay fine don’t answer me,” I shrugged. “I’m leaving.”

 I was about to walk out the door when he spoke, “Three months. I’ve been seeing her for three months.”

 I scoffed and shook my head, “You are so unbelievable! Have a nice life, Jack Gilinsky. I’ll send over the divorce papers once I have signed and I’ll be over tomorrow to pick up my stuff.”

How could he? // Taylor Caniff Smut

Josh: it’s not you its me. well actually it’s both of us. I just don’t feel a connection between us anymore. And I feel like you’d rather spend time with your “best friend” Taylor than me. And he has a thing for you too it’s obvious Y/N.This just isn’t gonna work out. I’m sorry.

Me: are you fucking kidding me? Over text? Really? You’re a fucking piece of shit don’t ever talk to me ever again.
I turn my phone off and place it on the table. I curled up into a ball and grabbed a blanket to cover my cold body. I tried to hold in tears and as if on cue, there was a knock on the door.

Taylor Caniff.

I was supposed to hang out with him I totally forgot. I wasn’t in the mood so I slowly and pathetically trudged to the door. I opened the door with mascara down my face, messy bun and all.

“Hey I brought some pizza and I figured we could-shit Y/N are you alright? What the fuck is going on?” Taylor said dropping the food.

Tears fought their way to my eyes and the lump in my throat only worsened.

“Josh broke up with me over text,” I said, my voice betraying me and cracking.

“Oh my fucking god that dick I can’t believe he did that what a jerk. I should bash his face into the cement. I swear to god I will-”

“Taylor! It’s okay I’m okay I’m fine I’ll be alright,” I said. I couldn’t hold it in any longer anymore and I started sobbing.
Taylor wrapped his arms around me and let me sob into his muscular chest. He stroked my hair and tried to reassure me.

“He doesn’t deserve you anyway. Someday you’ll find somebody who will treat you way better than Josh ever could. You never know how close that person may be,” Taylor whispered into my ear.

Next thing I know, Taylor picked me up bridal style and carried me to the couch. He laid down and place me next/on top of him. He pulled me close and I cuddled into him, crying into his chest. Eventually I cried myself to sleep.


I woke up with a massive headache and a stomach growling for sustenance. I looked around and Taylor was no where to be found but the smell of food got me on my feet and towards the kitchen.

“Oh hey sleeping beauty has awakened,” he said earning a giggle from me. The first noise I’ve made over than a sob since well..Josh.

“I was just heating up some pizza you want a slice?”

My stomach growled again answering for me.

“Yes please I’m starving,” I responded.
I watched as Taylor put the pizza in the microwave and noticed the way his arms flexed and they way I could see his abs peeking out from his tank top.

I shook my thoughts as the microwave dinged. Taylor pulled the hot plate out and almost dropped it as he hissed in pain.

I went to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle and walked back to the couch with Taylor trailing behind me with the pizza.

We sat down next to each other and Taylor went through the channels.
“You know, Josh said something about me spending too much time with you. He thinks I like you and that you like me. Crazy right?” I said.

I took a bite of pizza but it was still a little too hot.

Taylor paused and turned down the volume on the tv. He put down the remote and faced me.

“So. Are you saying,” Taylor paused.
I reassuringly smiled and moved my hand to his thigh while I waited for a response.

“-that there’s not a small part of you that may have feelings for me?”

I froze up for a second. I didn’t know what to say. Did I? No no not possible he’s my best friend.

“What? Wait like- I don’t know I-we’re best friends. I mean I-” I kept stumbling over myself and I didn’t know what to do. I was caught of guard and I didn’t want to say the wrong thing.

“Hey. Hey look at me,” Taylor says using his thumb and forefinger to move my chin up.

“It’s okay you don’t need to answer just think about it. I was just saying. Like I mean I was just curious,” Taylor said.
This time it was Taylor’s turn to be nervous.

“There’s always been this small part of me that has had feelings for you. Seeing and you and Josh together just,” Taylor explained.

“I just I’m so glad to have the relationship I do with you and-”

I cut him off before he could say anything else that could make me change my mind about what I’m about to do.

“I don’t know if it’s my heartbreak or the fact that I probably do have feelings for you that I’ve been keeping tucked away and lying to myself about them being there but I don’t know I just want so badly to-”

This time Taylor cuts me off but this time with his lips.

Taylor grabs my hips and pulls me onto his lap. “-kiss you,” I finish my sentence smiling into the kiss.

Taylor smiles and continues to kiss me. It’s almost as if our lips melted together and moved together as one. His hands roamed my torso and slowly moved down to my ass. He gently squeezed and moved to my thighs. Taylor’s hand slid up my shirt and roamed my bare skin. “

You’re so smooth,” he moans into my mouth. Now was the perfect time to finally feel up Taylor’s abs. His torso was smooth as my hands ran up and down. “You like that baby?” He whispers into my lips. I moaned and Taylor attached his lips to my neck kissing and sucking ever so gently.

Taylor pulled my shirt over my head and place his hands on my breasts and massaged. He move his mouth down my neck and to my chest as he reached around the back to unhook my bra. Josh who?

“You’re so beautiful,” Taylor moaned at the sight before him. He slipped his shirt off and rolled me to hover over my almost naked body. I nuzzled into his neck while he played with the waistband of my sweat pants.

“Are you sure?” Taylor panted. I kissed him in reply. “Please,” i whispered while staring into his eyes. Taylor slid his hand into my pants and rubbed the wet spot over my underwear. “Fuck baby you’re so wet,” Taylor said.

I reached up and palmed his bulge through his pants as he slid his fingers under my panties. Taylor fingered me teasingly slow then finally began to pick up the pace.

“Shit Y/N stop before I come just because you’re palming me,” Taylor moaned. I removed my hand and moved it to unbuckle his belt.

Next I slowly slid the zipper of his pants down and unbuttoned them. Taylor kicks his pants on leaving him sexily clad in his Calvin’s. He took his hand out from my pants and sucked on his fingers, savoring all the juices.

“I think it’s time these came off don’t you think babe?” Taylor smirked. I nodded breathlessly and he slipped my pants and underwear off with ease.

Taylor reached to pull his boxers down but I stopped him. “Allow me,” I said. I kept eye contact with him the whole time while sliding his boxers down, gently brushing my finger tips on his hard length.

“Enough teasing,” he said in a more serious tone. His eyes turned a shade darker, full of lust. “Are you ready?” he whispered in my ear. I nodded. I couldn’t take it any longer I was more ready than I’ve ever been in my whole life. Taylor teased me with his tip before finally sliding in. It pinched a little as I adjusted to his size.

Josh wasn’t nearly as big as Taylor.

Taylor started thrusting after I was comfortable and my moans echoed off the walls. My hands scratched at the muscles on his back from pleasure and I arched off the couch. “You’re so fucking perfect,” Taylor moaned. “So tight.”

I held on to Taylor’s biceps as his thrusts filled me even deeper. “Mmm ha-harder,” I yelped. Taylor kissed me as he kept his pace. After many more thrusts, collarbone kisses, and “oh gods”, Taylor and I were close to our orgasms.

“Im gonna come baby,“ Taylor says as his thrusts become more out of sync.

My legs start to shake and I screw my eyes shut as I hit my high.

"Fuck!” Taylor yells and pulls out, leavings mess on my abdomen.

Taylor sat up, still panting, and grabbed his tank top wiping off my stomach.

“That was incredible to say the least,” Taylor says reaching for a blanket.

He pulls his boxers on and then throws the blanket over our bate bodies. He pulls me close and kisses my head.

“You don’t need to think about any of this right now, but I hope I took your mind off of that ass. Otherwise we’ll have to go again,” he chuckles.

I couldn’t even begin to process the fact that I had just had sex with my best friend less than an hour after my boyfriend dumped me. He must’ve been right all along.

I have feelings for Taylor.

// cute Taylor smut because yeah ///

@ the undertale fandom

can we talk about some things for a moment? i’ve been noticing lots of things within a lot of the community lately, and i’m starting to get sick of seeing them. i’m gonna put this under a read more since it might get long. also, things may not be ordered well, i’m just talking about various things.

warning for:
- ship hate (soriel)
- sort-of character hate (sans)

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Hello love, would you do one where you play guitar in the streets & Jack walks by & is like ‘can you play something from ATL’ & you’re like ‘I can play every song, your choice’ &then he sits next to you & just listens for a while. You decide the end!

AN Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, friends. It’s hard to have dinner with a bunch of family friends for four hours I would probably die if I spent any moment longer in that room. But it exhausted me so I didn’t have the energy to write, but here I am! Yay! I really hope you enjoy it, there’s no conversation for this one :) Enjoy my lovelies xx

Your POV

Sometimes it can be rewarding to play on the street. Some people think it’s demeaning, but I think it’s quite fun. It’s cool all the people you meet while you’re sitting out here, rain or shine. They seem to like listening to me play and sing, but the best thing is when you get a fellow musician to hear you or compliment you. Both have happened.

I was strumming along to a tune in my head, not really paying attention to what I was doing. Mostly just zoning out, playing a few chords to the rhythm part of a song. I have yet to figure out which one I’m actually playing, but it’ll come to me.

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ok listen, i dont want to shit on kin blogs, but its upsetting to see so many people feel down or frustrated because they are placing their identity on some fictional characters who ended up getting not that great a storyline, or in some cases, they feel down because they are ‘no longer’ in that world or w/e all sorts of reasons. IMO it causes far more grief than reassurance.

friend…. friend, you gotta realise that those characters you relate to so much, kin or not, theyre in no way indicative of you and how you should be treated because theyre goddamn characters from an authors brain. think andrew hussie was writing vriska serket or dirk strider with “yes this is how this persons life would go and how they should be treated if they were real”? hell no. you aint killed a buncha kids. you aint living 400 years in the future. you’re living here and now, and you are a much better character than any of these authors will ever create. so… focus on writing a happy ending for your arc ;P

To my future self

Don’t give up on looking for the right partner just because of all the past bullshit. Wanting someone who doesn’t use you for your body but loves your mind just as much is NOT setting a high standard; rather it should be a minimum requirement for anybody who is worth any of your time. You are beautiful and you deserve better than to constantly allow yourself to be treated like a piece of meat. Your self worth is not defined by how other people decide to treat you.