treats her like a queen

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Do you think it's weird if my girlfriend and I have been dating for four days, and have only met once, but still say that we love each other? Like I treat her like a queen and she treats me like a king and I can tell this is gonna be a long relationship. Idk a lot of my friends are judging even though her and I are super happy and I just don't know what to do

I think it’s whatever my man i mean actions speak louder than words so you can say i love you but what you do will really count more so if you love her and you wanna tell her go right ahead just make sure you show her too

I just wanna see Issac happy again, bonding with Chris, honoring Allison’s memory, working past the darkness in his heart and maintaining healthy honest relationships with everyone. Wearing his stupid scarves and dressing like a model and strutting his stuff. Bragging about Paris and how cultured he became, then admitting that he visited Jackson and they after the two wrestled for a while they ended up hugging and sighing heavy sighs because they both still smell like home and pack and it’s a comfortable scent, feeling, that gives them hope.Then he returns to Beacon Hills and hugs Scott and doesn’t want to let go, wants to stay where his friends are, where his family it.

I wanna see Lydia find real meaningful wholesome love with literally anyone. Someone who not only treats her like the queen she is, but constantly brags about how intelligent she is. That someone, preferably Parrish, would encourage her to go to Harvard or something and conquer the world with her smarts and beauty. Fighting for what she thinks is right, becoming a badass mixture of Marie Curie, Mulan, Elle Woods, and every other awesome woman in known history. Learning how to control her Banshee powers and protecting her friends, shirking the damsel in distress role and owning all the positive traits that she hid so long for fear that her brain would bother people.

I wanna see Kira healthy and normal, and fitting in and sticking out, and laughing. Playing lacrosse because she’s a badass chick and wiping the smirks off any dude’s face that sneers at her superior skills. Tutoring Malia because her Stiles’ breakup was rough but Kira loves her friend so much that she’s willing to fill the void for Malia that Stiles left. Doting on her friends like a momma bear, knitting them sweaters like Molly Weasley and then turning around to chop the next bad guy in half. Reminding her new friends that she was so afraid before she moved to Beacon Hills, afraid of being alone and cast out, and then she met them and they brought color into her life, painting her insides with joy and love.

I wanna see Malia crying tears of happiness because she feels like she belongs and feels like she’s being accepted by humans! Forgiving herself for the death of her adopted mother and sister, finally understanding that it wasn’t her fault. Realising and accepting that revenge will not make her whole again, but instead break her into nothing. Loving people out loud because it helps her to know that she is allowed to love these people and they love her. Building her relationship with her father and sharing secrets with him and crying on his shoulder when they talk about her being adopted. Hearing him say that they might not have the same blood but that she had always been the light of his life, telling her that no matter what happens or what crazy things she’s getting into with her friends, he will always find her again to make sure she’s okay. Apologizing for not looking for her harder and saying that he will never let his daughter go again.

I wanna see the Sheriff and Lydia’s mom going on dates and getting teased by their children about it because of how ironic it is. Both of them talking about everything their children have been through and trying to figure out a way to protect them and convince them that they’re still the parents and that is their job. Conspiring to take all the children on a road trip for family bonding. Singing and dancing out on dates and learning to laugh and love again in each other’s arms. Accepting each other’s children for the strangeness they exude and embracing it together as a united front.

I wanna see Melissa and Chris arguing about what’s best for Issac. Both of them stating repeatedly that they think of Issac like a son and they want to protect him. Chris breaking down because he lost his entire family and he feels immense guilt over it. Melissa holding him as he cries, remembering his dead daughter again, and whispering soothing words to him. Melissa and Chris meeting with Derek and Chris making up with Derek, letting bygones be bygones. Melissa training with Chris on how to use a gun and fight and protect her children. Chris falling slowly in love with the feisty, fierce mother who will stop at nothing to protect her son and his friends.

I wanna see Deaton telling Derek fond stories about the time spent with the Hale family. Admitting how much he cared for Talia and begging Derek to understand why it’s so important to Deaton to watch out for Derek, because he promised Talia and he loved her totally and completely. Encouraging Derek to be the best werewolf he can be and advising Scott on how to be an alpha. Thanking whatever higher power there is that he found a home again, a group of people who need him and he needs to be needed.

I wanna see Liam and Mason making a secret handshake and whispering about how they’re so totally the next generation of ultimate best friends like Scott and Stiles. Covering for each other within the pack and gossiping about their dates and love life. Rating all their pack members first by good lucks then by intelligence. Fighting over an xbox controller at a pack bonding cookout. Wrestling and laughing and neither one being angry, confused, or afraid.

I wanna see Danny, for fuck’s sake, I wanna see Danny helping everyone and talking to Jackson on Skype every weekend and updating him about Lydia and everyone else. Reminding Jackson that it’s okay to make new friends, to go on dates, to move on with his life. Planning to visit his best friend in London over spring break. Surprising him by bringing Lydia. Ditching them to go pick up hot gay british men and laughing when he comes home to drunk to stand and Lydia and Jackson take care of him like he’s a baby.

I wanna see Jackson apologize sincerely and cry his pain out and beg for forgiveness and be granted it by everyone. Sending postcards to Stiles and Scott sometimes, not signed or anything, but they know who it’s from anyways. Coming back to Beacon Hills for graduation or some other big event and embracing his friends, giving them a heart attack because they’ve never seen Jackson so happy, carefree, and laughing at his friend’s shocked expressions and passing out souvenirs from England. Subtly taking each new pack member aside and threatening to murder them if they have bad intentions. Specifically going harder on Parrish because he sees the way he and Lydia look at each other and he wants to make sure Lydia never dates an asshole like him again.

I wanna see Hayden overcoming her sketching chimera shit and loving Liam with all her heart. Telling her sister the truth about everything and hugging her sister too hard and laughing when her sisters isn’t upset or even surprised in the slightest. Her and the other chimeras coming to term with what they’ve become, the good ones turning over to Scott’s pack and welcoming his help with appreciative eyes.

I wanna see Cora come back to Beacon Hills and become Malia’s closest friend because they’re cousins and they so get each other. Telling Malia stupid stories about their family from before the fire. Teasing her for ever dating Stiles and confiding in her that she thinks Derek is secretly in love with the spastic boy. Gossiping and hunting in the woods, training with Derek on the preserve and not ever really getting anything done properly.

I wanna see Braeden get a job at Beacon Hills police department because she wants to stay in town and help everyone and have a home. Breaking things off with Derek, not because the feelings aren’t real or mutual, but she knows that Derek was meant for someone else. Becoming the Sheriff’s unofficial partner in crime, sidekick, the best damn deputy he’s ever had.

I need to see Scott happy and healthy. Repairing every single relationship that had strain put on it. Leading his friends with compassion and honesty, accomplishing great things through team work. Showing up for every event or party or ceremony involving his friends, family, pack and cheering them on like a stay at home dad. Spending more normal parent kid bonding time with his mom and complaining about teenager stuff. Trusting his instincts and trusting Stiles and trusting Derek and believing in them. Encouraging Liam and helping him get over his anger. Going to vet school and freaking out about not being good enough only to have Deaton reassure him of how bright his future is. Making up with his dad, forgiving him, letting that burden go. Saving innocents like a superhero and not even thinking twice about it. Visiting, skyping, calling his friends and pack members whenever they’re apart. Welcoming new members into the pack and helping anyone in need. Going on dates with Kira and wooing her and helping her control her Kitsune powers. Loving Kira and feeling free to do so. Buying her cheesy gifts and smiling at her.

I need to see Stiles going to school and doing well and making his dad smile this crazy proud grin that makes him feel great. Remembering his mom fondly and not with tears of dread. Using her memory to push him to keep going. Forgiving and forgetting and feeling everything and allowing himself to cry and laugh and be weak, be human. Retaining his snappy sarcastic self but not using it as a defense mechanism anymore because he doesn’t need it. Organizing pack outings like a soccer mom and sitting right next to Scott at everyone’s important events. Fixing his jeep with his dad or Derek’s help. Remaining Malia’s best friend and closest confidant even though they aren’t together anymore. Going to whatever hell hole Derek ended up in and dragging him back to Beacon Hills by his furry ears. Checking on Derek every day once he’s home, just to make sure he doesn’t leave again. Showing up more and more frequently at the loft until Derek gives him a key or leaves the door unlocked because it’s easier. Him and Derek accidentally going on a date and the entire pack teasing them about it until suddenly it’s not a joke anymore and it’s he and Derek making out in any available corner. Going to college and Derek following him there because he can’t imagine sleeping without him next to him anymore.

I need to see Derek with his blue beta eyes that tell a story and remind him of how he got to where he is today. Learning how to better control his full wolf shift and doing it every full moon and running all around the woods. Being dragged back home by Stiles and realising right then and there that Stiles is it for him, everything he needs. Giving Scott advice and always showing up when his quasi younger brother needs him. Looking after Malia the same way he looks after Cora. Building a new house on the same land the burned down Hale house use to be. Calling it the pack home and welcoming anyone anytime to come and stay. Falling irreversibly in love with Stiles and doing everything he can think of to make the Sheriff like him. Using his vast wealth to help send the less fortunate members of the pack to college. Never having to be alone again. Being loved and loving without thought, without pause. Allowing the pack to teach him different pop culture things because he is woefully uneducated from all those years spent brooding. Smiling fondly when the pack decides they all need to wear leather jackets in semblance to him. Partnering up with Chris to fight crime and evil and have a beer every now and then. Complaining but ultimately accepting when Stiles and Scott bring him an adorable stray puppy. Going to the pet store to get supplies where a small child lavishes the puppy with affection and declaring that he should name it fluffy or something silly like that. Then keeping the name and growling at anyone who makes fun of him for it, especially Stiles who he is convinced orchestrated the whole damn thing.

They all deserve to be happy and I really want that for them. Fanfiction isn’t able to fill the gap left by all of their tragic fucking lives. I just need to see them happy.


“Our hearts have room for only one Queen, as there is only one true Rythlen.”

I was thinking about that when i drew this. @picchar is one of my favorte blogs, art inspos and dragon age idols, and seeing them upset about was just not something that should ever happen and i started drawing this out of impulse in hopes that it would make them feel better.

Rythlen is one of my favorite characters I have seen anyone make and you have truly made her your own. No one else could even try to compare to depth, story, and beauty you have given her. Know that you have the support of a whole army who would fight for our queen. 

do yall ever remember how unhappy and miserable jesy was w jordan and how terrible he treated her all the time and then look at how comfortable and in love she is w jake n how he treats her like a queen im gonna cry 

Find the girl.
Find the girl who never has a straight face when you’re around.
Find the girl that will go on late night adventures with you, even if it’s just to a grocery store.
Find the girl who lights up a room just by being in it.
Find the girl who will travel the world with you.
Find the girl who you can have those deep conversations with.
Find the girl who you can have fun with, bringing tears to your eyes because you laughed so hard and your gut hurt.
Find the girl with a beautiful soul.
Find the girl with the eyes of Diamonds, for her eyes will never change. Fall in love with her eyes and everytime you look at her you’ll fall in love all over again.
Find the girl who looks at you with such intensity that you can feel her looking into your soul.
Find the girl who knows how to handle your mood swings.
Find the girl who sings along to every song on the radio when you drive in the car.
Find the girl who you can proudly bring home to your parents.
Find the girl who will go without makeup.
Find the girl who is comfortable in her own skin.
Find the girl who holds your hand when you go out, knowing she only wants you.
Find the girl who you will stay up late for.
Find the girl who you will lose sleep to.
Find the girl who calms your spinning head and brings a peace to your heart.
Find the girl who can make you smile just by being beside you or just by texting “hi”.
Find the girl who will take care of you when you’re sick not being afraid of getting sick herself.
Find the girl you can’t see yourself without.
Find the girl who you wouldn’t mind waking up to.
—  Find the one…

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You honestly seem like a girlfriend who actually treats her girl like a queen

AWWWWWWW i fucking try. That’s all I want is someone I can treat that way. Holy fuck

The grande dame, Miss Cruella De Vil, is holding court today. She’s 8 years old and everyone on the farm treats her like the queen she is. #appenzellerspitzhauben #cruelladevil #urbanfarmlife #comestaywithus #comeseeforyourself #urbanfarmguesthouse #linktobookinourinstagramprofile #3300GovalleAveAirbnb (at HausBar Urban Farm and GuestHaus)

11:32pm 1/22/16

I love you but I also hate you at the same time for treating me the way you did. Yet I’m not gonna wish hate upon you. I just wish you keep your promise with the next girl, treat her like a queen as you told me you was gonna treat me. Don’t disrespect her as you told me that you’d never do to me. Just promise me to keep your promises to the next girl you go out with, because you never kept the promises with me.

The day I find the right girl she’ll one hella of a lucky female tbh 🙂 I will sure to treat her like the queen she is . I’d appreciate her . Cherish her. Value her . Trust her . Be honest with her . Stay faithful and loyal to her . Call her princess . Spoil her . Care for her with everything in me. Give her my all. We’d go on cute romantic dates. We’d go on long adventures . Go star gazing . Picnics by the beach . I’d write about her to her . We’d travel together .
—  Gayestgalaxy

This is my girlfriend Isabella Conforti. We started dating October 20, 2015. Since that day on I’ve been the happiest I could ever be. She’s made me look at people differently and situations. She has the most caring heart and the kindest. She stands out in the crowd of million people. Her smile glows in a dark room. She’s truly an angel sent from above. I’ll treat her like a queen like she deserves and nothing less. Spoil her so she becomes a brat when I say no. Make her smile so she’ll never know what a frown feels like. Love her so she’s never alone. The love I have for is out of this world. I’d take a bullet and stab in the eye if that makes she’ll never hurt or feel pain. I love her with everything I got and I never want her to forget that. What her and I have is forever I promise you that.