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Cedric looked up as the person talked to him. At first he hadn’t realized that the girl had spoke directly to him, none of the visitors had ever done that. The collar around neck was way to tight, making it hard to breath but he’d been there for years so the male was used to it. Mostly it was to keep him from talking, not that he was sure his voice worked after years of being silent.

His hand weakly came up to touch the collar, his eyes never leaning Lexi’s. They were separated only by the bars keeping Cedric trapped there. The cage was small and it was hard for him to move around as he was much taller, forcing him to crawl around if he needed to move. There was a sign that read all about vampires and how the cage was specially designed to keep the sun out.

NAME: melissa
PRONOUNS: she/her

  • rn i have absolutely no drive to begin or look for the job i spent the last six years studying for.
  • hollow tapping on a latex helium balloon is one of my favorite sounds.
  • almost got eaten by alligators once in the everglades after i crashed my bike into a canal. i crawled out uninjured.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): twelve years (started 2005). as darcy? a little over two.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: gaiaonline, some aim and msn, tumblr, text messaging and very very very rarely, skype.
BEST EXPERIENCE: nine years on gaiaonline when i started developing a main verse with a group that picked me up in one thread. our ocs basically became a group of interdimension terrorists that traveled via open gateways and we treated every thread we joined as them visiting a separate dimension or alternate universe. we became very close knit and our muses’ relationships were HELLA complicated, and it was sometimes fun and other times more angsty than i could handle, but it was generally great. it was also an extremely combative rp experience, in terms of writing out combat and also strategy. our muses spent 70% of their time fighting others or preparing for battle and as a group, ooc and IC we had to regularly plan what attacks, wars and battles our muses would orchestrate on other groups and how. usually this made it very fun for everyone including our muses’ enemies because it brought something new to the experience, but sometimes arguments would break out too between the parties. 


FEMALE OR MALE: either is fine as long as i’ve got the muse for him or her. i’ve played both.
MULTI OR SINGLE: mutiship because i rarely find a partner i’m willing to single ship my entire blog with. right now due to inactivity/lack of muse on my partner’s end, i’m single ship in my main where i npc the other muse till further notice and am multiship with my other verses.


FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: domestic fluff is my JAM. i have written smut before but nothing vanilla, so i’m actually too shy to rp it publicly. i like angst sometimes too, but after so many years on gaiaonline with that one group, it’s second to the happy fluff tbh. it also really depends on the muse, for ex. it’s hard to make darcy angsty.
PLOTS OR MEMES: i like to plot threads but i also really like throwing myself right into a situation brought on by a meme, so both!
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: short tbh. lately my attention wanes really fast and obviously my time the last few weeks has been tight due to work, where i can’t focus or have the time long enough to write a long reply. i’ll say i like to start threads short and prefer chat sometimes, but tbh, they always end up a lot longer than i want them to be.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): i’m a little sassy like darcy sometimes but otherwise tbh she’s so pure and good, more than i think i’m capable of being rn lmao. but i like to call myself loyal to my buddies, otherwise i’m not as resilient as she is or dedicated.

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