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@mideoku - hey !! so i love ur izuku so much?? like. honestly, he’s so in character and it’s always a treat to read your threads, whether they be one-liners to multi-paras. i always love seeing them and seeing how u develop ur lil broccoli boy!! i also love you!! you’re such a delight, and you are so funny to see on the dash.

@thehandcrusher - god ?? deen? i absolutely ADORE your shouto. honestly, i loved him before but your blog and everything just amplifies my love for him so much. and i absolutely adore you as a person as well. you are super kind and funny, let’s not forget PRETTY AS HECK. honestly ily a lot deen!!

@whataherodoes - you spend a lot of time bullying me but it’s okay bc i love u. i’ve always been interested in bakugo but god? seeing what you bring to the table with him is honestly amazing. how you take him from that constant arrogant mood and weave it into his other emotions is amazing. honestly i love it, love ur blog and love u even tho we have barely interacted properly ooc.

@creatied - mADDY. god. okay, so. i’m not gonna lie. i’ve always been kind of eh on momo as a character simply from how she was handled earlier on. but honestly? you have made me love her as a character so much. just… your writing for her is so perfect, and it’s honestly amazing. i truly feel you put more effort into her as a character more than her own creator does and it’s beautiful. i also love speaking to u oocly. you’re so lovely and easy to talk to.

@heromight - ZANA. ZANA. i LOVE you so much. even if you’re a dirty afo fucker. i love your izuku so much and i am absolutely loving our thread together, you expand on his character so well it’s amazing. you’re super funny and lovely to talk to. you always know how to make me, and many other people, laugh and have a fun time. honestly ily a lot and pls never change!!

I was prompted bed sharing so I used this: Your mate has taken your room to get lucky after the party. You’re my roommate and I can’t make you sleep on that shitty couch…

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Not smut really but on the mature side…

It was the right thing to do. She couldn’t make Killian sleep on that couch - it was worn with springs that liked to bite you in the ass at the most unexpected moments. And she had a king size bed. Plenty of room.

“Least I can do,” she smiled when he asked again if this was okay, dancing in her doorway with his hip hugging jeans and permanently ruffled hair.

Of course it was. They were roommates, had been for three months now. Craigslist had not failed her for once, providing someone who was neat and gainfully employed. In the time that had lived together in the downtown loft, they had become friends. Amigos. Amis. Etc. But she wasn’t blind. It didn’t hurt that he was just about the hottest man she had even came across. With an achingly beautiful face and a set of manners that would make the most suspicious mother swoon and beg him to marry their daughter. Far too good for anyone as messed as up her.

She tucked that thought away as she dove into the bathroom to change, leaving him to get under the covers. The party had been to celebrate his birthday. It had been deemed a success when her friends had really gotten along with his friends. So good that his best mate was now getting friendly with her best friend in his room. She couldn’t wait to tease Mary Margaret come the morning. Her friend rarely did anything that spontaneous so she knew this must be something special. That realization sent a little pang of longing for her own special someone to her heart. It had been a long time since Walsh and he’d turned out to be such a cliched asshole that she’d well and truly climbed back into her shell when it came to men.

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So I’m going through the Trick or Treat thread, sending out my Trick or Treating dragon to people who’ve specified that they are, in fact, actively playing. I’m making a note of people who have said that they are not, in fact, actively playing, and making sure not to message them, obviously. While doing this, I come across player OJJ, and OJJ has said that they are not playing. So I skip over them.

Next day: I get a message from O!

I say to myself “Ah! They must not have updated their status in the Trick or Treat thread! Since they are obviously playing (I mean look at the art, the multiple paragraphs of role-playing, the link to their wishlist and all), I should send my Trick or Treating dragon to them after all!” Seems pretty straightforward so far, yeah?

So, I send my Trick or Treating message to OJJ, and this is the response I get in return:

Oh really? You don’t have time to write any roleplay? You aren’t even currently playing?! Then do kindly explain to me what THE HELL your last message was, hmm?

My brain is fried trying to figure this one out. I don’t even care if you roleplay at all, I just don’t understand YOU.


             “  remember now,  if there is a   bowl of candy    with a sign   that says  ‘ please   take one  ’,     how many    pieces of candy   do we   take…….?   ”

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The girl’s eyes widened for his comment, now feeling embarrassed and guilty for putting her nose in someone else’s business. Maybe she did wrong this time and the man really didn’t want to be bothered with a stranger’s presence.

She looked down, trying not to let it get her. She was just worried, sometimes autumn bring allergies and she knew it too well, spring was the same with her that’s why she asked.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, sir. I was just worried. I’m sorry” Her voice raised in volume whenever she apologized, it came with quick words and stuttering becoming a ball of nervousness because it was never her intention to offend someone, especially such a tall and little intimidating man “I’m really sorry, sir”

It is the worst crime
to treat someone like
dangling thread
to make them feel one thing
while you feel another
to touch them with tenderness
to start a fire with your breath
to keep blowing and blowing
for their flames to expand
only to leave when
you’re finished swaying
“I love you"s, and
“my one and only"s
above their head.
—  - Christina Hopp

“I-I can fight!  Just because I’m small d-doesn’t mean I can’t!”  Black Star Diopside’s fists were held up in front of her chest, both clenched.  Her tone was a bit shaky as she spoke.

“Besides!  I.. I’ve been training a lot more recently!”  The smaller gem exclaimed.  Feeling that she had to prove that she wasn’t just a healing gem and nothing else.  “So.. c-come on!”  Furrowing her brows, Black Star glared at the gem in front of her.  The inside of her left fist glowing as she was about to summon her weapon.



Cedric looked up as the person talked to him. At first he hadn’t realized that the girl had spoke directly to him, none of the visitors had ever done that. The collar around neck was way to tight, making it hard to breath but he’d been there for years so the male was used to it. Mostly it was to keep him from talking, not that he was sure his voice worked after years of being silent.

His hand weakly came up to touch the collar, his eyes never leaning Lexi’s. They were separated only by the bars keeping Cedric trapped there. The cage was small and it was hard for him to move around as he was much taller, forcing him to crawl around if he needed to move. There was a sign that read all about vampires and how the cage was specially designed to keep the sun out.

Open Starter

The light blue lights from the warp pad faded away after use.  A small monochrome colored gem wearing a dark green satchel stepped off the pad cautiously.  Finding herself surrounded by three tall and damaged pillars.

“The Desert..” Black Star Diopside eyed around the vast landscape.  Looking around all she saw for miles was sand and other pillars poking out, some larger than others.  “Now.. where would that artifact be” she rose a hand over her eyes, trying to scope out the location.

look at you, the girl who would be king.
you refuse to believe in heaven
and bury yourself instead
within mythology’s ancient
intricacies, because darling,
if you’re going to play pretend
with something, at least
make it beautiful.

you’re the bravest coward
I’ve ever known.
you laugh at horoscopes, but
still draw constellations
on your wrists in class.
astrology is greeted
with an eye-roll, but secretly
you love to see the stars like chariots,
cassiopeia’s throne, draco’s tail,
hercules’ burning bow.
you have recurring dreams
of being immortalised
in the night sky,
majestic, distant,
eternal. you awaken
with misty eyes every time.

look at you, the girl who would be king.
the immortal dreamer,
the secret optimist. in your reverie
you tread atalanta’s footprints,
weave ariadne’s thread. sometimes
you feel like the heroine.
sometimes you feel like you need
to be saved. that’s okay.

you are made of glass.
you are made of stone.
you are so beautiful.

—  Pomegranate Seeds | E.T.

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They were so near now, Lucifer’s face a breath away from Rowena’s. Their noses almost touched. “You can come down on your own,” he agreed, “No one would think of dragging you. Though I have to ask…” His blue eyes searched hers, and his hold on her arms slid down to her hips once more. “Just how do you want to be treated down in my domain?”