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suggestions: alpha / werewolf / hermit / father’s friend / girlfriend’s father etc.

     practically leaps on them as they cross the threshold of their home; had let himself in no more than an hour ago, blessed with the physical ability to shimmy through the upstairs bathroom window –– attacks their leg with his own, entrapping the limb between his bare thighs as he begins to hump against their shin. pink cock sliding up and down the material of his pants, leaving a sticky smear of precum as he went; much like a dog in heat, the male continued his movements.

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Candy bones!

  • Candy Bones: Your character has animal ears and a tail (If a furry they become human with animal ears and tail) And have a leash and collar.

> Oh okay, Kanaya didn’t NEED bigger ears, but she has them. Big fuzzy bat ears on her head, and a long tail comes out of her skirt; it’s long and eerily cat like, with a weird tuft of fur colored like a peacock. Weird. The collar is snug around Kanaya’s throat and she’s blushing thoroughly, hoping that no one sees her like this…

It is the worst crime
to treat someone like
dangling thread
to make them feel one thing
while you feel another
to touch them with tenderness
to start a fire with your breath
to keep blowing and blowing
for their flames to expand
only to leave when
you’re finished swaying
“I love you"s, and
“my one and only"s
above their head.
—  - Christina Hopp

With August’s addiction, the current lack of money from his family, and his visions threatening to expose him, August is getting desperate for either:

  • money
  • drugs

I’m looking for characters that have some of either and are willing (or unwilling) to part with them. August will beg, steal, or borrow for money and/or drugs - emphasis on the steal, but he is open to trading, blackmail, coercion, or making a deal to get what he wants.

  • Does your character have a reputation for having drugs and/or partying? August could steal from them. 
  • Does your character want information from the Ministry that August could supply? August will trade for whatever your character’s got.

August is very desperate and willing to go to any measure to get what he needs, so if you have a plot in mind, don’t hesitate to message me. (Please note that I take August’s addiction v seriously and aim to treat it appropriately in all threads and paras.)

“I-I can fight!  Just because I’m small d-doesn’t mean I can’t!”  Black Star Diopside’s fists were held up in front of her chest, both clenched.  Her tone was a bit shaky as she spoke.

“Besides!  I.. I’ve been training a lot more recently!”  The smaller gem exclaimed.  Feeling that she had to prove that she wasn’t just a healing gem and nothing else.  “So.. c-come on!”  Furrowing her brows, Black Star glared at the gem in front of her.  The inside of her left fist glowing as she was about to summon her weapon.

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5, 7, 11, and 25?

5. What is your relationship status?

That’s… complicated to say the least.

(Note from the Mun: I tend to treat every RP thread and interactions with different characters and teams as a different AU, unless those separate characters then wish to meet. It stops things from getting terribly messy. I default with ‘single but lovestruck’ for the most part, but then see where the story takes her.)

7. What did you last eat?

Nora offered me some of her candy earlier and now my heart won’t stop racing, and not in a good way. What in Remnant do they put in these things?

11: Do you like someone?

*cheeks colour a dusty pink* I… like… a lot of people. Yes. Beacon’s proven to be a place full of kind and welcoming people.   

25: Do you miss anyone from your past?

I’ve lost a lot of people, not through Grimm attack or illness, but because our paths led in different ways. In quieter moments, I do miss them dearly and only wish that, if they ever think back on the time we spent together, it brings them a smile.


1: I will only do smut roleplay with people who are 18+, if you want our characters to have sex just go for it i’m fairly lax

2: I treat every thread as it’s own universe + having different verse cisco’s so i’m multi ship, including poly ships 

3: If you try and guilt or pressure me into anything I will block you without hesitation

4: I will not ship with eowells, it makes me deeply uncomfortable for obvious reasons, even pre-reveal of his identity, I’m ok  with shipping cisco and Harry and HR but Eowells is a hard stop no and that will never change 

5: Please don’t reblog ask memes from me unless you send me one in return, it’s only polite

6: I don’t like chat, you’re far more likely to get a response if you send me an ask.

7: I may be kinda slow with replies, feel free to remind me if you think i forgot just don’t be rude 

8: please like this so I know you read it 

will add more as needed 



Cedric looked up as the person talked to him. At first he hadn’t realized that the girl had spoke directly to him, none of the visitors had ever done that. The collar around neck was way to tight, making it hard to breath but he’d been there for years so the male was used to it. Mostly it was to keep him from talking, not that he was sure his voice worked after years of being silent.

His hand weakly came up to touch the collar, his eyes never leaning Lexi’s. They were separated only by the bars keeping Cedric trapped there. The cage was small and it was hard for him to move around as he was much taller, forcing him to crawl around if he needed to move. There was a sign that read all about vampires and how the cage was specially designed to keep the sun out.

Open Starter

The light blue lights from the warp pad faded away after use.  A small monochrome colored gem wearing a dark green satchel stepped off the pad cautiously.  Finding herself surrounded by three tall and damaged pillars.

“The Desert..” Black Star Diopside eyed around the vast landscape.  Looking around all she saw for miles was sand and other pillars poking out, some larger than others.  “Now.. where would that artifact be” she rose a hand over her eyes, trying to scope out the location.

look at you, the girl who would be king.
you refuse to believe in heaven
and bury yourself instead
within mythology’s ancient
intricacies, because darling,
if you’re going to play pretend
with something, at least
make it beautiful.

you’re the bravest coward
I’ve ever known.
you laugh at horoscopes, but
still draw constellations
on your wrists in class.
astrology is greeted
with an eye-roll, but secretly
you love to see the stars like chariots,
cassiopeia’s throne, draco’s tail,
hercules’ burning bow.
you have recurring dreams
of being immortalised
in the night sky,
majestic, distant,
eternal. you awaken
with misty eyes every time.

look at you, the girl who would be king.
the immortal dreamer,
the secret optimist. in your reverie
you tread atalanta’s footprints,
weave ariadne’s thread. sometimes
you feel like the heroine.
sometimes you feel like you need
to be saved. that’s okay.

you are made of glass.
you are made of stone.
you are so beautiful.

—  Pomegranate Seeds | E.T.

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They were so near now, Lucifer’s face a breath away from Rowena’s. Their noses almost touched. “You can come down on your own,” he agreed, “No one would think of dragging you. Though I have to ask…” His blue eyes searched hers, and his hold on her arms slid down to her hips once more. “Just how do you want to be treated down in my domain?”

Fuck Yeah Needlework Advice #27: On Thread

When you’re just starting out with embroidery, it is tempting to think that all kinds of thread are the same. “It’s just thread,” you say. “Thread is thread.”

There are lots of different kinds of thread that you can use to do embroidery with, and they all have different effects! You can have threads that are shiny and smooth, or that are rough and scratchy, or fuzzy or sparkly (or fuzzy AND sparkly). There are threads that look like a rabbit’s soft fur and threads that look (and act) like gold. SO MANY CHOICES!

If you’re just starting out with embroidery, you’re probably using cotton thread. There’s nothing wrong with that! Cotton embroidery thread (like DMC, Anchor, or Sullivans) is readily available, comes in lots and lots of colors, and is reasonably cheap. You might also find variegated or overdyed cotton thread, which has several colors in a single skein of thread (whether they are similar hues or a wild riot of all kinds of colors). These overdyed threads can give your embroidery piece a lovely rich look, depending on how you use them.

Silk has been used for embroidery for hundreds (and possibly even thousands) of years. It’s a versatile material that takes dye very well, so you end up with lots and lots of colors. Silk threads are often shinier than cotton threads and are VERY strong. Seriously - if you have a piece of silk thread handy, try and pull it hard enough to break it. It probably won’t…and if it does, you are a mighty warrior. Get down with your bad self.

Anyway, silk feels lovely in your hand, and it’s very nice to stitch with. The only drawback is that it can be expensive, especially if it’s overdyed and variegated. But sometimes, you just have to treat yourself.

Wool is a great thread for needlepoint and crewel work, especially when it’s done on things that are meant to be used. Think chair cushions, pillows, and even church kneelers! Wool comes in almost as many colors as silk, and I have found it to be very forgiving when you stitch with it. Something that would really stand out in cotton thread can blend in when stitched with wool thread.

Metallic thread is the bane of many an embroiderer. Yes, it is super, super sparkly, and yes, it’s super fun to have lots and lots of sparkles. But metallic threads are often comprised of many, many smaller threads braided together, and these braids have a tendency to unravel while you’re stitching - especially if you like to stitch with long lengths of thread, like I do. The only remedy for this problem is to use short lengths of thread and lots of them. 

There are many other kinds of specialty threads out there. If you have the time, you can go to your local needlework store and feel up all the threads to decide which ones you like best. Try stitching some different techniques with different threads and figure out what makes you happy. 

As always, my friends, feel free to ask me questions through the ask box on this blog!

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Do you think book Snape wore a dapper outfit like it's depicted in the movies, or just a simple black cloak? Because I can't really see him spend too much money on his looks. Though I can see Lucius take him one day (early teaching days) to a good tailor who makes him this somewhat impressive outfit and Lucius even pays it for him. Thoughts?

I see Severus wearing voluminous black robes, but I do think that he wears something underneath it (if only because of the whole “being turned upside down by James Potter” thing having scarred him for life). The one nice thing about wearing all black is that it doesn’t show stains and it generally looks classy even if the cloth itself isn’t that high quality.  I imagine that he gets the school to pay for special magically treated robes with a high thread count because he’s a Potions master and has to deal with all manner of dangerous and caustic substances. It’s quite possible that they even have charms upon them that keep them clean and neutralize poisons or acidic/basic compounds.

I must say that I do like his outfit from the movies, which reminds me of a Catholic priest’s outfit, and gives visual cues of celibacy and dedication to a higher cause (a decision that I believe was made very deliberately).