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Conner Habib gives a run down on race and sexual preference and it’s kinda awesome!

🌺 Since I’m taking a mental health day today from classes, I wanted to share some of the things I like to do to take care of myself.🌺

note: Taking a mental health day isn’t bad and it doesn’t mean you’re weak. Everyone takes a break to care for themselves. If you need one please take one.

When I take a mental health day these are some of the things I like to do:

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Teen Wolf has just unleashed yet another trailer to the final ten episodes of this final season and it is pretty intense. brace yourselves for this

Oh no, Jackson and Ethan have been kidnapped and are being given the electrocution treatment Peter and Derek style. SMH

Oh no, not Mama McCall! Not Scott’s anchor. Jeff, you’ve gone too far now

Jennifer’s back! Damn, some exes just can’t stay away

Just when I was starting to like Deucalion, he goes and pull this stunt

Derek’s finally pulling out his toy again

More Malia and Scott locking lips. what is this ship called again, Macott? Or Scalia?

Malia’s looking more intimidating than usual

More Kate

Umm, I think Kate might have brought the Berserkers back with her… Or a dragon.. either way Im scared.

Wow, Liam. Damn, I hate seeing him like this.

Lydia’s new vision takes place in a winter wonderland… Im just kidding. But this does remind me of

Gift: Panda Satra

A birthday gift for @peutetretoi (SatraThai) which I sincerely hope won’t freak her out. XD

I’ve known for a while that she represents herself with panda traits, so I thought that it would be fun to give her the full anthro treatment in my style.

Thank you so much for enriching our lives with your fantastic brand of sexy cuteness, you have definitely become a reference for me! Best of everything to you!

For those of you reading who don’t know this artist, I can’t recommend enough that you go and check out her art. Not furry, but definitely wonderful character style.

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Although the AMG brand is synonymous with Mercedes Benz, it was originally an independent engineering company that specialised in tuning parts for the three-pointed star marque. This in itself is not a surprise, as AMG was founded in 1967 by two ex-Mercedes engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, in Burgstall an der Murr, near Stuttgart. The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach (Aufrecht’s birth town).  Mercedes secured a controlling stake in the firm in 1999, before taking full control in 2005.

Therefore, the existence of a pair of AMG-tweaked 1980′s Mitsubishis should not come as such a huge shock, although it is likely that AMG would prefer to draw a discrete veil over these lesser known follies.

The first car to receive the AMG styling treatment was the ludicrously named 1987 Mitsubishi Debonair V3000 Royal AMG.  Never has a car appeared such an unhappy recipient of the sports bodykit and alloy wheels combination.  The engine remained bog-standard, so this really was the earliest iteration of the AMG-styling package that is now so often seen adorning lowly Mercedes models. AMG also tarted up the ‘150 Limousine’ version of this car, so called because it was 150mm longer than the standard vehicle.

The second Mitsubishi hotted up by AMG was the 1989 Mistubishi Galant AMG, which was based on the Galant GTI-16v model, but featuring unique bodykit, alloy wheels and this time a mildly uprated motor which gained 10hp as a result of AMG’s fiddling. The car now mustered 168hp from the 2-litre motor and featured a full leather interior as standard. It was however shortlived, as sales stopped in 1990.

31 Day Trichotillomania/BFRB Challenge

I thought it’d be cool to have one of those challenge post thingies for trich! I came up with the prompts myself, so they deal mostly with hair pulling, but you can change them to suit your BFRB. I’ll be filling it out each day, and I’d love for you guys to do it with me. Tag as #bfrbchallenge 

Day 1: Introduce yourself! Share any info about yourself! 

Day 2: When did you start pulling? Where do you pull? 

Day 3; When did you first hear the word “trichotillomania”? How long after you started pulling were you diagnosed with trich? Who diagnosed you? 

Day 4: Did you tell your parents/guardians? How did they find out? 

Day 5; What treatments (meds, therapy, hair styles, etc.) have you tried? What worked for you? 

Day 6: Do you use fiddle toys? What are your favorites? 

Day 7: Do you use fiddle toys in public? Why/Why not? 

Day 8: What are some beauty products (shampoo, eyeliner, etc.) that you use? 

Day 9: Were you ever bullied because of your trich? By peers? By your parents? 

Day 10: Do your friends/coworkers know about your trich? 

Day 11: Do you have any other disorders? 

Day 12; Have you ever shaved your head? Worn wigs/hair pieces? Used fake lashes? Drawn on your eyebrows? 

Day 13: Do you have any post-pulling rituals? (eating the hair, playing with the root, etc.) 

Day 14: Have you ever met someone else with trich? 

Day 15: Have you ever been to the BFRB conference? 

Day 16: Have you ever self-harmed? 

Day 17: Have you ever been suicidal? Have you ever attempted? 

Day 18: Which hand do you pull with? Are you left handed or right handed? 

Day 19: What are some of your healthy coping mechanisms? 

Day 20: What is something you want someone without trich to understand? 

Day 21: What are some good things that have happened because of trich? (Try listing 3, even if they seem small). 

Day 22: What are some words/sayings relating to trich that hurt you? 

Day 23; Are you currently in therapy or on meds (doesn’t have to specifically be for trich)? 

Day 24: Have you read any books on trich? 

Day 25: Has trich affected your sex life/romantic relationships? 

Day 26: What’s the longest you’ve gone without pulling? 

Day 27: Have you ever been to ? Have you used their resources? 

Day 28: When did you realize your hair pulling was a problem? 

Day 29: Any songs or song lyrics that represents your trich? 

Day 30: What would you say to someone who found out they have trich? 

Day 31: What would you say to your younger self? What is one thing you are looking forward to?

Silent Treatment ( Harry)

a/n: third installment. requested

“You can’t ignore me forever,” he drawled from across the counter

You could try.  

You never thought Harry would have betrayed you like this. You had made yourself very clear from the very beginning. You’d set rules that you’d both agreed to abide by and now it seemed all that was down the drain. You made a show of opening the fridge and pulling out a pint of ice cream. His favourite.

His eyes widened, “Oh c’mon, I told you I was sorry. Is that really necessary?”

You narrowed your eyes at him. Sorry wasn’t going to cut it.


You’d brought home a slice of white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake from your favourite coffee shop down the road with the intention of kicking back and indulging at the end of the long week. You’d left it in the fridge upon getting home. You went upstairs, soaked in the bath and slipped into your favourite pair of pyjamas only to come back down and see the fridge void of the box you’d left behind an hour ago.

You went in search of Harry then, asking him where your cake was. His reply made you livid.

Oh that was yours?’ he’d asked, wide eyed.

Who else would it have belonged to? You were the only two who lived there, of course it was yours!

He then, sheepishly, went on to tell you how delicious it was, which only added to your annoyance.

The relaxing forty five minute bath seemed to have been for naught, because all feelings of calm and serenity had left upon learning Harry had eaten your cheesecake.

Don’t speak to me for the rest of the night Styles,’ you had told him when he tried to apologize.

You walked out of the kitchen and decided to watch TV to get your mind off of the fact that you had no cheesecake. He had followed behind you and proceeded to get you to forgive him, but you paid him no mind. You spent the next hour with your eyes glued to the screen.

Harry was a persistent one. He did all he could to get you to speak to him, but you held fast. Still he was a hard one to resist, so even though you hadn’t said a word to him you somehow found yourself absentmindedly running your hands through his thick hair while his head rested in your lap during the movie.

When the ending credits began to roll you got up, leaving him on the couch, and went back to the kitchen. You decided to satisfy your sweet tooth. He trailed behind you.


“Is that really necessary?”

You continued to make a show of sitting at the bar, opening the lid, pulling a spoon out of the cutlery draw and scooping out a hearty helping of his ice cream.

You brought the spoon to your mouth and opened wide, all the while with his eyes trained on your every move.

You repeated the action until you had devoured half of the pint. Harry grabbed a spoon and leaned over the counter and attempted to get a serving for himself. You moved it out of his reach before he could.

“Mmmm,” you moaned loudly, swallowing another mouthful.

“Really?” he asked with a raised brow, clearly unimpressed.

You pulled the spoon out and smacked your lips, eyes locked on his.

“Oh c’mon. I’ll buy you another slice tomorrow,” he tried to bargain as he again attempted to get some ice cream.

“Are you really going to eat all of it? You know that’s my favourite,” he pouted.

“Should have thought about that before you ate all of my cheesecake, Styles,” you snapped.

His lips curved into a slow smile, “Speaking to me now?”

You rolled your eyes and continued enjoying his ice cream.

“Can I at least have the last spoonful?” he pleaded when he realized you were almost done.

Your brows shot up at the request. If you didn’t get any cheesecake he wasn’t about to get any ice cream. You dug the spoon into the container, scraping up the last bit and brought it mockingly slow to your lips.

He quickly rounded the counter and came towards you, but you were faster. You popped the spoon into your mouth and swallowed the last of it, causing a bit of a brain freeze in the process, but at least you’d gotten even.

He halted in front of you when he realized he was too late. His eyes narrowed into slits and he did that thing where he bit the inside of his lip as though in deep concentration. You could tell he was scheming, but before you could figure out his plot he was lunging towards you.

You squealed, not even having time to get off of the stool before his arms were securely around you.

“That was very naughty,” he mumbled in your ear.

You tried to get away amidst your giggling, but his strong embrace made that impossible.

“I really wanted a taste,” he said nipping at your neck.

“Well sometimes we can’t always have what we want, Styles” you tried to sound admonishing, but your laughter made it difficult.

“And sometimes we can,” he countered before his lips slanted across your own.

He wasted no time in sliding his tongue over yours. Any movements to get away ceased on your part as you leaned into the kiss.

Too soon for your liking he pulled away, but not before sucking your bottom lip into his mouth and then releasing it with a tiny nibble.

“Mmm,” he hummed, a hair’s width from your lips, “Delicious.”



Basics of hair care

Based on the information I have given you and you doing your own individual research you are ready to build a  hair care regimen.

What is a hair care regimen?

In my opinion a hair care regimen is like a time table or a schedule for your hair. It is what u do to your hair on a daily, weekly or monthly bases to your hair. 

A hair care routine should consist of the following:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Deep conditioner
  • Protein treatment
  • Daily styling aids
  • Protective styles

A hair care regimen do not have to be complicated or so strict but you should try your best to keep up with it. A hair care regimen should be simple and easy to follow and overall be beneficial to your hair.  Here are some examples of  a regimen found on the internet

  • Sunday: Shampoo, condition, deep condition
  • Monday: Daily moisturizer
  • Tuesday: Daily moisturizer
  • Wednesday: Daily moisturizer
  • Thursday: Co-wash, moisturize
  • Friday: Moisturize
  • Saturday: Moisturize
  • Twice this month: Two-minute protein treatment
  • No regimen is complete without nightly protection in the form of a silk or satin hair cover or pillowcase!

I hope my articles have been beneficial to you guys please inbox or submit your regimen so that we all can benefit from it, and I will definitely share my regimen that had helped me to reach bra strap length natural hair.

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Group/Member: GOT7 // Jaebum

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1.606

Prompt: AU w/ Jaebum 8
We’re having our first argument as a married couple: do we explore this island, or do we stay in bed all day.

Masterlist // Dialogue Prompt List // AU Prompt List // Rules

The sheets were a mixture of warm yet cool, all depending on which way you stretched your body. Rolling over to your other side, your eyes just beginning to crack open you were met with the picture of your still snoozing husband.


After a month of marriage, it still felt amazing to think such things. Looking back a year ago, you wouldn’t have imagined to find yourself here. Sure, you and Jaebum had been dating at the time, but the idea that Jaebum saw you as ‘the one’ was such astounding and implausible idea at the time, but picturing yourself as his wife hadn’t really been on the forefront of your mind. But here you were now, inches away from this man who seemed to literally glow as the sun shone onto him. Jaebum was still as busy as ever after the two of you had gotten married, so while you wished that this was what you were greeted with every single morning, it simply wasn’t.

So you cherished these minutes that you had woken before him. Admiring the way his hair stuck up in all different directions, the way his face was completely bare of any sort of makeup, the way his breathing was still quite deep, though going through a shift because before long you were also being graced with his eyes. Letting out a sleep thickened groan, the man in front of you slowly rolled onto his back, immediately raising an arm to shield his eyes from the invading sun.

Reaching forward you managed to sneak a hand underneath the thin tank that he had slept in, running a hand slowly across his stomach and then up towards his chest. Curling your fingers you allowed your nails to lightly glide over his skin, comfortingly scratching his chest in stomach in an attempt to further wake him up. It seemed to work as he let out a content hum, a smile spreading across his face.

“You’re spoiling me,” he said, voice a couple octaves deeper than it normally was; it made a shiver run all the way up from your toes. “If you keep waking me up like this…I’m going to miss it so much when I leave I might ask one of the boys to do it.” The mere thought alone of one of his team members rubbing and scratching his belly awake has you laughing.

In turn, the sound of your laughs makes him laugh as well before he rolls back onto his side and scoops you up, pulling you close to him so that your faces are even closer. He finally has his eyes open, and though they’re still engulfed with drowsiness, you can tell that he’s focused on you.

“Good morning,” he says before leaning in and kissing you softly.

“Good morning,” you say back, letting the hand that had bene under his shirt come up and smooth down some of his wild hair. Both of you letting out sighs you snuggle into one another, relishing in the comfort of these cuddles, wanting to just ignore any responsibility that you have for the day. However, you know that there are things that need to be accomplished, and this is what manages to get your eyes open once more. You blush when you realize that now it’s Jaebum who’s watching you.

“I have to get up,” you stated, though you made zero attempts to try and get up, face only wanting to snuggle into Jaebum more. You let out a giggle when Jaebum responds by simply pulling you closer to him.

“You can’t leave if I never let you go,” he teases, kissing your forehead.

“Mmm, trust me I don’t wanna get up,” you mumble, “but my mom called yesterday and said she wants to come spend the weekend with us so I should really go and clean up a bit.”

It’s like a switch that goes off. One moment Jaebum is relaxed and all light touches, and the next he’s gone stiff and is pulling you away from him slightly. “Your mom? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” he questions. You’re slightly confused at why he suddenly seems to upset but simply shrug. “We got busy last night, and I didn’t think about it until we’d both laid down and you were pretty much asleep. I doubt waking you up to share that information with you would have made you happy.”

“Yeah well, I sure as hell don’t like waking up to the news either,” he says. You didn’t need any further motivation to get up for the morning. What had started out as a nice and relaxing morning was suddenly shifting, your mood getting more and more sour the more that he spoke. “Why is my mother coming such a problem for you Jaebum?” you ask as you pull the rob that keep folded on your nightstand over your shoulders.

“Your mom scares me. She’s so critical of everything we do, and I’m really not in the mood to be chastised the entire weekend.”

His words don’t really help him out as you simply shake your head at him and go to leave the room, purposely slamming the bathroom door behind you as you climb into the shower and start getting ready for the day. Jaebum lets out a groan, covering his face again as he stays in bed. He’s still there when you emerge from your shower, and while he uncovers his face and hopes that your shower has maybe calmed you down a bit, he’s instead greeted with a firm and strict glare.

“You’re always inviting your parents over before asking me first. I’ve canceled so many plans so that I can be here to cook and dote on your family and suddenly when my own family wants to come visit you get upset and try to tell me no,” you say as you start to pull clothes out from their drawers. Jaebum is sitting up now, watching you angrily get ready. It’s with sudden realization that he realizes this is the first-time you guys are fighting since getting married. Sure, you’d argued plenty of times when you were only dating, but this is the first big thing to come up since saying ‘I do’. It felt almost too official and made Jaebum want to sink even deeper into his bed sheets.

While you weren’t a fan of fighting either, and hated that this was how you were starting your morning, you weren’t going to keep quiet on the matter either. Silent treatments weren’t your style. The idea of harboring something you were angry about seemed totally pointless, so you made sure to get everything out and let Jaebum know how you were really feeling about the situation. “If it’s such a big deal for you then maybe you should just leave for the weekend and I’ll spend it with my mother alone.” It was the last thing that you wanted to do. You wanted Jaebum to interact with your family just like you did with his. In-laws were hard. You weren’t hurt by the fact that that he had problems with your mother, because in reality you had problems with his. You were more so hurt by the fact that he wasn’t willing to try and work on them and try to get along with her.

Jaebum knows your need to get things out when angry, something that he admires, and so he keeps quiet. He knows that he’s the one at fault here, and as much as he hates to admit it, he knows that he has no right to be angry for your mother visiting. All you know is that fighting is not how he wanted to start the morning out, so when he feels like you’re finally finished – at this point you’re also finished getting dressed – he crawls to the end of the bed and reaches out for your hand. With a good tug you’re pulled forward and onto him, his other arm wrapping around you quickly as you pulls you into the bed with him.

Letting out a gasp and then following it quickly with a huff you brush our still wet hair out of your face and glare at him. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure that you won’t stay mad at me,” he says as he rolls with you in his arms, making sure that you have no way of escaping from him now.

“Jaebum…” you sigh out, shifting your eyes away from him.

“Babe…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have responded that way. I’m fine with your mother coming and I’ll even behave my absolute best, but…please don’t be mad at me. You know I hate when we fight,” he says as he buries his nose in your neck, nuzzling your ticklish spot. You can’t help the small laugh that leaves your lips though you’re quick to let a pout follow because Jaebum always knows how divert the situation.

“I don’t want to fight either. I just want you to try when it comes to my family,” you say, deciding to accept his apology by wrapping your arms around him and allowing him to let you sink back into your mattress and covers.

“I promise I’ll try harder…if you’ll just stay here in bed with me,” he says against your cheek, ending it with a kiss that leaves a smile on your face. Turning your face slightly so that the two of you are looking right into each other’s eyes, a small smile graces your lips, hands coming up to run through his hair once more.

“I guess that’s okay.”  

Case study in fannish misogyny: 

  • leading white man: heroic, handsome, troubled
  • leading woman (but not THE lead, because that’s the man’s role); pretty, with a passion for her job. past or present interactions with the leading man include romantic undertones
  • woman in secondary role, also pretty, but not given the leading lady style treatment; cute nerd, maybe she wears glasses 

Which female character does fandom embrace? Which one do fans use to declare their love for female characters as long as they don’t hog the screentime aren’t badly written? 

Now guess what show or film I’m talking about.

anonymous asked:

I love learning about fashion and makeup around the world and I have a few questions. Since maiko use their real hair and not wigs, do they do any kind of treatment to keep damage from styling minimal? Also do you know what their makeup is made from and if they use anything for skincare?

I don’t know anything specific about Maiko’s hair- and skincare rituals. I do know that the bald spot Maiko often got has become much rarer by now because of evolving haircare and also because Geiko wear wigs nowadays, but I don’t know if they use any special treatments or have special rituals.

Maiko’s and Geiko’s skincare has interested me for a long time. I have seen Shikomi with cystic acne who have nearly perfect skin when debuting as Maiko. To be fair, nowadays, they probably go to a doctor to receive special treatments or even antibiotics for their acne (okaasan take great care of the Maiko and Geiko in their care), but I’m still very interested in how Maiko and Geiko with normal skin types keep their skin looking so clear and radiant.

I do know that taking off all of their makeup after coming home from a night of entertaining is crucial, because their makeup is very heavy and especially the base-wax they use doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. After that, they also use a regiment of skin-care products.

Ex-Geiko Mamefuku (Shibata Okiya) of Gion Kobu actually opened her own skin-care line and shop in Gion Kobu. She had acne-prone skin as a teenager, which got worse when she put on heavy makeup daily as a Maiko and her mother made a special cream to help her with her skin. It did help a bit, so she thought, why not make it into buisness, it might help other people. I don’t know if her shop is still open, though. You can see her talk about her skin-care line in the documentary Real Geisha Real Women.

Maiko and Geiko have also invented their “own” products over time and a lot of them have been used for centuries. A skincare and makeup-line called Chidoriya Kyoto makes these products available for us to buy, too. Here is their website and here is a commercial featuring Koito, the okaasan of the Kaden Okiya, Geiko Mieko, retired Maiko Yaemi (Kaden Okiya) and then-Maiko Kofuku (Shigemori Okiya). (This sounds so sponsored, but I swear that it’s not; I learned about this brand 30 minutes ago.)

Now onto the makeup they use: As a base, Maiko and Geiko use a wax called bintsuke-abura, that their white makeup can stick onto. The effect of their white makeup worn on the skin is called shironuri and it’s made from white powder-base called oshiroi that is mixed so it makes a white paste. This paste used to contain lead for a long time, so it was very damaging for the wearer’s health, but today’s version of it of course don’t contain lead anymore. After applying their white foundation, they apply white powder on top of it to set it; the powder is called kona oshiroi.

For their brows and cheeks, Maiko and Geiko usually use mainly modern makup-products. First, they use a way called taihaku to smooth out their eyebrows, then they pencil them in with black and red powder products and usually use pink blush, but some still use an oil-based product called tonoko for their cheeks.

For eyes, Maiko and Geiko use an oil-based red color that can also be used for their eyebrows and which has great staying power, an eyelash-curler, “normal mascara” and ordinary black liquid eyeliner. Some have also started using modern powder-products. They still use the traditional lip-color, which is made of safflower and comes pressed into pencils. It has to be dissolved in water before use and has very good staying power!

On their days-off, when going shopping or to their lessons or when they are asked to come to engagements in casual kimono, Maiko and Geiko wear ordinary “light” modern makeup products.

Silent Treatment (Louis)

a/n: thank yall for being so patient. 

You sat staring at your phone for the better part of twenty minutes. You willed the screen to light up, for the familiar name to span the display, but it remained blank.

You knew you were being childish, but you refused to be the first to make contact. Your feelings had been hurt and your ego was bruised. There was no way you were making the first move. But, damn if you didn’t miss his usual texts or the sound of his voice.

Your phone droned loudly against the table in the otherwise silent room and you leapt towards it in anticipation. The name on the screen dashed all your hopes, but you managed to sound as unaffected as possible in your greeting.

“What’s up Ni?”

“We decided to have a party for Liam’s birthday tonight after the show. I know its last minute, but please say you’ll come,” he sounded rushed, but you expected nothing else.

Their show was set to start in a couple hours after all.

The possibility of a highly awkward run in with Louis crossed your mind, but you pushed it to the side, “Of course. I’ll be there,” you confirmed.

“Great. I’ll…” he trailed off as he dealt with something on his end before returning, “Sorry about that. I’ll send a car for you around ten, yeah?”

“Thanks Ni. Have a great show tonight,” you wished before the call ended.

You wondered if the boys knew of the current state of your relationship with Louis.  You hadn’t spoken to each other in a little over a week. What began as a tiny argument had snowballed into a fight and now the two of you weren’t on speaking terms.

By the way Niall had spoken to you on the phone you figured he was none the wiser of what had happened. You wished to keep it that way.

There was no doubt in your mind that Louis would also be at Liam’s party, but you weren’t going to let that stop you from having a good time.


“Happy birthday, Payno!” you hugged the birthday boy who was all smiles.

“Thanks love,” he replied, handing you a drink and leading you towards the rest of the group.

They’d rented out one of the VIP sections of the club, but you figured the space was just as crowded as the rest of the club. Familiar and strange faces alike were milling around, all gathered in celebration of Liam’s 22nd.

“Y/N, you made it!” Niall strolled towards you with a huge grin on his face.

You figured he was already a few drinks into the celebration and could only laugh when he slung an arm over your shoulder and left a sloppy kiss on your cheek.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world, it’s not every day Liam turns twenty two,” you winked at the man in question.

“Y/N, you came just in time! Let’s get you a drink, yeah?” Harry popped up, offering you one of the flutes in his hand.

You lifted the one Liam had given you upon arriving and took a sip, “Already ahead of you Styles.”

Their excitement was infectious. You could tell a lot of it was because they were still pumped from their show. You couldn’t help the adrenaline rush that their exhilaration caused you. You tipped back the flute and downed the contents of the glass.

“That’s the spirit!” Liam shouted and he, Niall and Harry proceeded to follow your actions.

“Where’s Louis?” Niall asked when he noticed the fourth member missing.

“Right here lads,” his voice appeared from your left. You didn’t turn to acknowledge him though everything in you wanted to.

Before anything else could happen the music was interrupted by the DJ; his voice reverberated around the club in a requested for Liam to join him in his booth to help run the music.

The entire VIP section erupted then in cheers of excitement. The look on Liam’s face said it all. He would love nothing better.

It didn’t take long for the circle to naturally disperse after Liam’s departure. Harry left for the bar and a pretty brunette managed to steal Niall’s attention, leaving just you and Louis.

This was the awkward moment you were dreading and wanting to make it any weirder than it needed to be you walked away with all intentions of losing yourself in the crowd of carefree club goers.

The celebration was a lot more enjoyable than you expected it would be. You danced with Niall and Harry for most of the night, both of whom were excellent company.  Time flew without you even noticing and sure enough it was time to call it a night.

The perfect buzz you had going was dissipating by the second as you stood in the car park. You’d managed to avoid facing Louis for the entire night and now you had no choice.

Upon exiting the club you had separated from the group with the intention of getting a taxi, but then Liam called after you, bringing everyone’s attention on you.

“Y/N, where are you going? Louis’s parked over here, love.”

You turned around to address four pairs of expectant eyes. Begrudgingly, you went towards them, “Right.”

Your smile was forced, but you couldn’t explain to the boys why you were going to get a cab without them asking questions. The last thing you wanted was them being all up in your business.

The car ride was painfully silent. The tension in the small space was suffocating. Not a word was said and when he finally pulled up to your apartment you couldn’t exit fast enough.

You nearly tripped over your heels in your haste to get to your door. You hated the state your relationship was in. More than anything you wanted it to go back to the way it was, but just didn’t know how to bridge the gap.

You froze just as you were pushing the key into the lock. You hadn’t even heard him exit the car or walk up behind you.

You inhaled deeply before turning to look at him. Your eyes met his and you saw all the things you both wanted to say.

“I don’t like this,” he began.

You opened your mouth to reply, but he beat you to it.

“And I know you want nothing to do with me right now, but I can’t stand not talking to you and being around you…and I just…I hate this, okay. So, I’m sorry. I want you to talk to me again, Y/N. Please.”

His eyes searched yours as you remained silent.

“I miss you,” he added when you didn’t respond.

“I miss you too. And I’m sorry. I never should have said-”

“It’s okay. We both said a lot of things we probably shouldn’t have, yeah? The fight was stupid, babe. How about we just-”

“Forget it ever happened?” you finished for him.

The way his eyes crinkled when he smiled made your heart flutter just like it always did. His arms slid around your waist, pulling your body flush against his. His gaze moved from your eyes down to your mouth and you wanted nothing more than for him to lean down and kiss you.

“I really, really missed you,” he whispered over your lips right before he did.

well-ajusted  asked:

Guzmeria and dreamzshipping for the ship thing!

Woo, mang, this is gonna be fun! It took a little longer than I thought it would, sorry!

who wakes up first in the morning?
Definitely Plumeria. She’s a little better at taking care of herself as far as sleeping habits go, and she’s gotta get a morning jog in. Guzma would sleep the whole morning if he could, but she tends to force him to get up if he isn’t up by ten.

who’s the first to fall asleep at night
Guzma. He hits the bed and he’s out like a light. let the poor man sleep h e n e e d s h i s r e s t

what they playfully tease each other over
Most of their playful teasing involves goofy impressions of each other. Plumeria will steal Guzma’s shades and flounce around saying his catchphrases in an exaggerated way, Guzma takes her hairclips and talks in a ridiculous falsetto. He’s also been known to play with her pigtails, things like using them as a fake mustache on her or himself, or fake tying them into knots, stuff like that.

what they do when the other’s having a bad day
Neither one of them is really good at expressing things like sympathy or concern, so it’s always a little awkward when one of them is having a rough time. That being said, if Plumeria notices Guz is having a bad day, she’s ready with Tapu Cocoa (and a couple empty bottles to throw at abandoned houses if it’s because he lost in a Pokemon battle; this later changes to dragging out a punching bag for the same purpose). Likewise, Guzma will immediately break out ridiculous impressions to try to make Plumes laugh, if she’s been having a bad time.
There are also certain… other things they do to cheer each other up. Things that the Grunts can hear throughout the Shady House. .///.

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments
Once again, both of them are awkward af when it comes to this, but Guzma especially has trouble uttering the phrase, “I’m sorry.” That being said, it’s not uncommon for Plumeria to find a new doll or plushie outside her door a day or so after a big fight. There’s never a note, but she knows who did it and what it’s about, she just k n o w s. He’s much better at making things up through actions than words, and after some time training with Hala in the post game, he gets a lot better at doing things that actually matter as a way of apology, as in things that show he was listening and “gets” what she was upset about.
Plumeria is a lot better about actually saying “I’m sorry.” It might take her a little while, she’s incredibly stubborn like that, but the words are much more likely to actually leave her mouth than his. When she does say it, it’s always just the two of them, she says it, she calmly explains herself and her side, and acknowledges what she did wrong. She’ll also try to hash out what to do to move forward.

which one’s more ticklish
Neither one likes to acknowledge that they’re both ticklish, but it’s actually Plumeria. It doesn’t come up very often, since she’s very anxious about physical contact of any kind.

their favourite rainy day activities
Since rainy days are a near-constant in Po Town, this is basically just their favorite everyday activities. They send each other stupid memes and YouTube vids; they pull out the karaoke machine and sing horrible covers; during the main story, if they have any spray paint cans around, they’ll add to the graffiti in Shady House (the Wimpod tags are all Guzma, the poison-type Pokemon tags are Plumeria).

how they surprise each other
They’re both broke af, so surprises are few. Whenever they do get the chance, Plumeria tries to get his favorite candies and sweet things, and Guzma takes her out to the movies.

their most sickening shows of public affection
Both of them are awkward as hell about things like PDA, so the most embarrassing they get is hand holding or Guz offering her his jacket.

who wakes up first in the morning
Kukui. Very much Kukui. Burnet still has a wonky sleep schedule from when she was doing her dream research, so there is a lot of coffee in the morning. He’s trying to get her to switch over to tea, since it’s supposed to be better for you.

who’s the first to fall asleep at night
Kukui, again. Burnet wishes they could fall asleep at around the same time as each other, like those cute couples you always hear about on TV or in movies. She’s usually still wide awake when it’s bedtime, so she’ll just lie there snuggled up to her hubby. Not quite as good as actual sleep, but it’s still nice and peaceful while she tries to nod off.

what they playfully tease each other over
Lots of little things in the moment. Like if one of them tripped over something, there will be light hearted jokes for a minute or so. Also, you know that one video of the Korean couple where the girl pranks her bf by pretending to have broken his camera? Stuff like that happens with Burnet and Kukui and their various equipment A LOT.

what they do when the other’s having a bad day
Snuggles. Lots and LOTS of snuggles. Kukui might also offer Burnet a backrub if things have been really rough for her.

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments
Kukui apologizes by cooking the best dinner Burnet has ever had, complete with pretty floral arrangement as a centerpiece, and admitting to what he messed up and offering solutions as they talk.
Burnet apologizes by asking him to meet her at the beach so they can walk and talk. They always wind up at their favorite outdoor restaurant afterwards.

which one’s more ticklish
Burnet. And hoo boy, does Kukui take advantage of this.

their favourite rainy day activities
They really love reading together. Not even necessarily the same book, they’ll just be snuggled up next to each other under a blanket, noses buried in their favorite texts. They also love watching cheesy sci-fi shows and maybe giving said shows the MST3K-style treatment; that is, provided the power hasn’t gone out.

how they surprise each other
They’re really your classic happily-married couple in regards to surprises, it’s usually nice dinners at a fancy restaurant, going out dancing, a good (but usually short, they’re both workaholics) vacation somewhere nice… They also try to keep an eye out for books and various equipment and gear they know the other is looking for, for birthday presents and what not.

their most sickening shows of public affection
“Honey, I love you, too, but you need to stop loudly calling me ‘Pookie-bear’ in front of all our fellow researchers, I’m trying to give an important lecture.” This and variations of this have been uttered many a time by both of them.
(Lillie is dying in the background at how they continue to call each other cute pet names and get incredibly cuddly, smoochy, and touchy-feely with each other in the middle of a major conference)