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Send me a name: Royal Fandom Edition

Charlotte Casiraghi: Favorite place to shop?

Chris O'Neill: Pessimist or Optimist?

Crown Prince Frederik: Athletic or Academic?

Crown Princess Letizia: What do you think of the press and how they treat royals?

Crown Princess Mary: What language would you like to learn?

Crown Princess Masako: Do you consider yourself to be an independent person?

Crown Princess Mette-Marit: Have you ever dealt with an addiction?

Crown Princess Victoria: Biggest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Duchess of Cambridge: Do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?

Duke of Cambridge: Childhood nickname?

Grand Duchess Stephanie: Favorite designer?

Prince Amedeo: Do you like waffles?

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie: Do you like to take risks with your fashion?

Prince Carl Philip: Are you an outdoorsy person?

Princess Charlene: Do you play a sport? If so, which one?

Princess Claire: Are you a math/science person, or literature/history?

Prince Daniel: Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Princess Estelle: Person who annoys you the most?

Prince Harry: Favorite drink?

Prince Joachim: Are you a morning person?

Princess Lalla Salma: Have you ever dyed your hair?

Princess Marie: Have you ever moved to a different country?

Princess Madeleine: Worst relationship story?

Queen Elizabeth II: First job?

Queen Margrethe II: Are you artistic?

Queen Mathilde: Introvert or Extrovert?

Queen Maxima: Are you usually dressed up, or dressed down?

Queen Rania: What’s something you wish to see change in the world?

Queen Silvia: Do you speak any languages?

Zara Phillips: Greatest accomplishment?



When Paulie woke up half an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off, she should have known. When she stumbled into her bathroom and noticed she had run out of toothpaste, she should have known. When the outfit she had prepared mentally before falling asleep the night before turned out not to look as good as she’d thought, she should have known.

She should have known that this day was going to be shit.

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I just made two object ocs and help I love one and the the other????

So I made a crown and she wishes to be treated like royalty? And Crown is a big jerk and she will and has killed for money. She treats her ‘friends’ like dirt and she refuses to change her ways.

Then there’s an armless ribbon who uses the tail end of her ribbon as an arm. Ribbon’s a giant mess and she’s Crown’s assistant. She calls Crown her queen and follows her around and is basically a punching bag for Crown.

Hhhhhhh I love Ribbon like holy-

[Luke] Yearning

I was debating between putting this as a Luke fanfic or as a LukexMCxKeith fanfic, but since this focuses mainly just on Luke, I decided to go with the former. 

A one shot inspired by a scene from Chapter 10 (I think) of Keith’s BMP route as well as something old!Luke said in Kevin’s route in BMP2’s butler substory. Obvious spoilers for Keith’s main route since this is sort of a “Luke pov” fanfic.

Ugh, this one scene in Keith’s route in BMP always gave me Keith (and Luke) feels. :< I just want to hold them both forever.

Luke sighed as he walked briskly down the hallway. Pulling a small notebook out of his pocket, he opened it to a page he had bookmarked with a pen. As he checked another item off his long to-do list, the apprentice butler made a mental note to take a water break after his next task – going to Prince Keith’s office and reminding the crown prince to take a water break.

The past few weeks had been hectic for the kingdom of Liberty. With unemployment rates at its highest in years, the royal family and members of the parliament hardly had any time to rest. Prince Keith, especially, had been working day and night in his office and often skipped meals just to be able to go through one more document.

Luke turned a corner, slipping the notebook back into his pocket.

Leave me!

Prince Keith’s harsh voice made him freeze in his step, and he subconsciously straightened his back. It took him several seconds to realize that those words were not directed at him and even more time to recover. For all the hustle and bustle of Liberty Manse, he was glad that this corridor was deserted because that reaction was really embarrassing. Just as he was about to resume walking, he spotted Prince Keith appearing from the balcony ahead, quickly vanishing around the bend.

Wanting to catch up to His Highness, Luke increased his pace, only to slow to a stop when he spotted someone standing on the balcony where Prince Keith was.

Of course, it was her. Who else would cause Prince Keith to walk away in a huff like that, after saying something like ‘Leave me’?

He did not like her. The keyword being ‘did’ not.

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You are not your circumstance
You are not your abusive situation
Whether it be verbal or sexual
Your are not ugly or a misfit
You do not deserve disrespect
You are not lacking
You are not unstable
You are enough
You are not foolish or stupid
You are not to feel guilty for what was done to you for you didn’t know it was gonna happen
You trusted them and loved them
They abused that trust and love
They took advantage of you and you don’t deserve that
You are not a mishap
A waste of space
Illiterate or stupid
You are not less than for what was done to you
You have no reason to starve yourself
You have no reason to mutilate yourself
You are not someone who thinks too much
You are not someone who needs to tone it down
You are not required to silently take abuse and act as if everything is okay because of your abuser’s status
You are not required to be in a relationship or an association with someone or people who don’t respect you, your beliefs, and your boundaries
You are not here to make others comfortable
You are not required to give of yourself to your detriment to give your partner pleasure
You are not required to keep apologizing because you spoke up
You are not required to keep silent
You are not required to let you abuser take control over your life even if he or she is no longer in it
You deserve to live for yourself
You deserve to be loved and respected
You deserve a fair chance
You deserve to come into your own when you’re ready
You deserve the right to heal
Yo deserve an overflowing ocean of love
You deserve a set of people and relationships that help you to prosper
You deserve the right to grow
You deserve to be treated like the crown rare jewel that you are
You are not filthy or unworthy because of your abuse
Your abuse does not define you
-To all my fellow abuse victims(Take time to heal)
# LOVE bk