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Imma predict last year's Top Twelve 2017 shows. Don't @ me unless I'm right.

Bluecoats: it’ll be like Kinetic Noise but with 12 Amplifiers/Speakers.

Blue Devils: show is based off a broadway musical.

Carolina Crown: they playing Samuel Barber reps, bet on this.

SCV: 50th anniversary? They playin Fiddler. For sure.

The Cavaliers: a show based on the motion picture “The Matrix”.

The Cadets: a rehash of a 80’s show but they gon sound bootiful af.

Blue Knights: existential AF.

Phantom Regiment: Idk but somebody gonna die in the show.

Blue Stars: honestly I have no clue what they’re gonna do.

Crossmen: dope uniforms. Based off of San Antonio’s weather or sumthing

The Academy: *see the Blue Devils*

Boston Crusaders: after watching the teaser, Blair Witch Project, for sure.

  • SSS: New revival event in progress!
  • Me: Nah, dude, I'm out.
  • SSS: We have Alan, Murayama, and Kokonoe.

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The team reacts to Ryder making flower crowns for them

Cute!! Everyone loves flower crowns right?

– mod astra


  • Whether it’s from Scott or Sara, she’s absolutely over the moon. Not many people aside from Ryder know about her love of flowers. They’re in her room when they drop it on her head as she’s tending to her own little plants. She’s pretty surprised, but it also completely makes her week. When the flowers start to die, she dries it and presses it. Romanced or not, Ryder thinks it’s an absolutely adorable reaction. 


  • Listen, kid, he doesn’t need flowers or anything like that, he’s an old warrior and dammit, he’s not about to get misty eyed because the human he quasi-adopted decided to do some sweet gesture like this for him out of the blue. (This is a lie. He totally is. He loves it. He shows it off to Kesh and hangs it with the bones on his armour.)


  • He thinks it’s pretty damn cute. Flower crowns aren’t really an Angara thing, since they don’t have hair like humans to wear the flowers in, but he can appreciate a nice gesture when he sees one. Later, he makes sure Ryder gets treated to a flower crown of their own. 


  • She’s not expecting it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it! She’s quietly thankful, and it keeps a little smile of her face for the rest of the week. It’s nice to just have someone thinking about you. 


  • She’ll act like it’s not really a big deal for her, but really it is. She’s not really used to having gifts given to her without expectations, so even seemingly small things like this are super important to her. She hangs it on POC later on. 


  • He’s pretty damn pleased with it! It’s cute and unexpected, and he thinks he’s rocking the look (he totally is). Ryder shouldn’t be surprised if they end up with some flowers in their hair later on in appreciation later on. 
Send me a name: Royal Fandom Edition

Charlotte Casiraghi: Favorite place to shop?

Chris O'Neill: Pessimist or Optimist?

Crown Prince Frederik: Athletic or Academic?

Crown Princess Letizia: What do you think of the press and how they treat royals?

Crown Princess Mary: What language would you like to learn?

Crown Princess Masako: Do you consider yourself to be an independent person?

Crown Princess Mette-Marit: Have you ever dealt with an addiction?

Crown Princess Victoria: Biggest thing you’ve had to overcome?

Duchess of Cambridge: Do you wear your hair up or down most of the time?

Duke of Cambridge: Childhood nickname?

Grand Duchess Stephanie: Favorite designer?

Prince Amedeo: Do you like waffles?

Princess Beatrice and Eugenie: Do you like to take risks with your fashion?

Prince Carl Philip: Are you an outdoorsy person?

Princess Charlene: Do you play a sport? If so, which one?

Princess Claire: Are you a math/science person, or literature/history?

Prince Daniel: Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Princess Estelle: Person who annoys you the most?

Prince Harry: Favorite drink?

Prince Joachim: Are you a morning person?

Princess Lalla Salma: Have you ever dyed your hair?

Princess Marie: Have you ever moved to a different country?

Princess Madeleine: Worst relationship story?

Queen Elizabeth II: First job?

Queen Margrethe II: Are you artistic?

Queen Mathilde: Introvert or Extrovert?

Queen Maxima: Are you usually dressed up, or dressed down?

Queen Rania: What’s something you wish to see change in the world?

Queen Silvia: Do you speak any languages?

Zara Phillips: Greatest accomplishment?



When Paulie woke up half an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off, she should have known. When she stumbled into her bathroom and noticed she had run out of toothpaste, she should have known. When the outfit she had prepared mentally before falling asleep the night before turned out not to look as good as she’d thought, she should have known.

She should have known that this day was going to be shit.

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Time for a theory

With the latest chapter of The Royal Romance out I felt the need to create a theory. So get your deer stalkers on, grab your bubble pipes and lets get thinking.

What if…

Madeleine is not the true villain of The Royal Romance.

I’m sure you’re thinking “But Chelsea, you’re over thinking things again! I mean you literally made your head hurt coming up with this. Madeleine is a bitch, she stole the prince, the crown and treats almost every other character like shit”

And to that I say: yeah my head hurts and Madeleine is a bitch. But that’s not the point!

The point being: We’ve all been so focused on slapping Madeleine we might be over looking the real master mind.

The best way i can describe it is by saying you know when in movies, tv and stories the focus on one character so we think that character is the real villain, while they do this they also make the main character interact with another character so it can be more of a shock when the real villain raises their head.

Maybe, and just maybe, it’s like that right now:

Evidence 1: Madeleine is too obvious.

Madeleine is a bitch. I will admit it. But remember this is the second time she’s been in this game. Maybe she’s just a bitchy bitter mess. And someone is taking advantage of this fact. She stated that she doesn’t love the Prince, and even she says she’s cool with us being a mistress. Not that I’m down with that. But she knows her duty and what she has to do.

Evidence 2:

As you can see, we don’t have that much information on characters like Kiara and The Queen. Penelope just doesn’t seem like the type to pull a double cross. Kiara has proven that she is an intelligent woman, and the Queen favoured Madeleine from the beginning. It’s just strange that we have this wide variety of characters that we know so little about without having to fork out diamonds.

Evidence 3: Pixelberry is good at plot twists. How many of us were expecting book 1 to end the way it did? Not me, we were probably expecting to choose who run away into the sunset with, basic Disney ending. Endless Summer is basically plot twist after plot twist and Most Wanted was full of twists and turns. No story in Choices (well maybe High School Story and The Freshman series) is without some form of twist. There has not been a story that we perfectly guessed from the beginning.

Now I’m probably wrong (more likely than not) but it just make much sense in my head.

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Hi, I'm just wondering if you guys are aware of things that are being said about Peter Morgan in the Gillian Anderson fandom. Apparently some Crown fans are disappointed and upset by the pap photos that surfaced of him and Gillian. Just wondering your thoughts on this, and if you've heard chatter in The Crown fandom about him, or them, or whatever...

We are definitely aware of how some people treat Peter. The Crown fandom itself does not really seem to care about his personal life, beyond disliking it when he is attacked for doing nothing wrong.

I can understand being upset at paparazzi photos - they are a massive invasion of privacy, and the two of them truly deserved a break from it all. Hopefully they will leave them alone and let them have their respite. 

fashionably late newyears post! =u= have some partying nerds.