treated (very) kindly

My name is not Jane Doe, but I am a Jane Doe.

I’m a 17 year old girl that came to this country to make a better life for myself. My journey wasn’t easy, but I came here with hope in my heart to build a life I can be proud of. I dream about studying, becoming a nurse, and one day working with the elderly.

When I was detained, I was placed in a shelter for children. It was there that I was told I was pregnant. I knew immediately what was best for me then, as I do now – that I’m not ready to be a parent. Thanks to my lawyers, Rochelle Garza and Christine Cortez, and with the help of Jane’s Due Process, I went before a judge and was given permission to end my pregnancy without my parents’ consent. I was nervous about appearing in court, but I was treated very kindly. I am grateful that the judge agreed with my decision and granted the bypass.

While the government provides for most of my needs at the shelter, they have not allowed me to leave to get an abortion. Instead, they made me see a doctor that tried to convince me not to abort and to look at sonograms. People I don’t even know are trying to make me change my mind. I made my decision and that is between me and God. Through all of this, I have never changed my mind.

No one should be shamed for making the right decision for themselves. I would not tell any other girl in my situation what they should do. That decision is hers and hers alone.

I’ve been waiting for more than a month since I made my decision. It has been very difficult to wait in the shelter for news that the judges in Washington, D.C. have given me permission to proceed with my decision. I am grateful for this, and I ask that the government accept it. Please stop delaying my decision any longer.

My lawyers have told me that people around the country have been calling and writing to show support for me. I am touched by this show of love from people I may never know and from a country I am just beginning to know – to all of you, thank you.

This is my life, my decision. I want a better future. I want justice.

—  Statement from Jane Doe, via her guardian

Daiken 💙

I like them together so much, I like how they care about each other in a very special way, I love when Daisuke talk to Ken and he blush and gets shy, I love how Daisuke is so protective when it comes to Ken and how he treat him very kindly. It’s a beautiful mix of a strong friendship with some sort of romantic love .. I ship them strongly 💙 ..
FanArt from DeviantArt by: Digimon18725

Relationship Milenstones For Workaholics (Gray x Reader)

Requested by anon. Inspired by the song “ride”. Enjoy!

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Your relationship with Seonghwa did not start right away, it was like a slow burning. You were a bit different that what he was looking for in a partner, well that’s what he thought.

You were a beautiful woman no doubt, but your attitude towards life and others caught him off guard. You were established at what you did, a full time job, a house, car, luxury brands at your closet, life was good, being a photographer had you living the best life. Jay managed to get you to do a photo shoot for the members, that’s when he realized you meant business, being used to people treating them very kindly and like V.I.P, your strictly business approach made him be a bit of intimidated, since you had no problem shutting down a girl at the shoot that giggled at a small mistake caused by your different accent.
Jay on the other hand knew you were one of the coolest and kindest people so he made you hang around the others more often.
There was an attraction towards Seonghwa from your side but you didn’t want to act on it, thinking that he already had a relationship or he was just not interested. 

And you were stood corrected. It took a few months to realize that this feeling of happiness and  intimacy was not just friendly.

“Do you want to go for dinner after me and Jay finish?”

He asked you turning his chair from the keyboard to you. You smiled reached over for his hair

“Sure, what do you want to eat tonight?”

you carefully run your fingers through his hair pushing it away from his face, to you it was a normal act now, to others they could 100% tell they were feelings there. 

Seonghwa just enjoyed the feeling of your soft fingers on his scalp, he closed his eyes for a few seconds and a smirk appeared on his lips.

“Are you serious? Right in front of me? Stop flirting. Don’t say you don’t look at you guys, just get a room and go at it”

You were stressed, 100% stressed and you could barely function at this point. You have been spending day and night at the studio, watching every detail, perfecting every flaw, judging every angle, it was a big project and it had to be exactly like you wanted it to be and that means perfect. You were getting less sleep and more caffeine every day, you didn’t even like coffee, now it was mandatory.

Seonghwa could see that your body was at edge of exhaustion. Your face was sickly pale, except the bags under your eyes which were just getting darker, your hands were getting shaky, your stomach has gotten so sucked in that he was scared of being able to see all your organs. 

“I have to do something”

He whispered more to himself as he read your last message 

-i’m working, can’t make it today-

It was never like you to cancel plans, you were the exact opposite you would go to extremes to keep a date or a meeting on time and if someone canceled they would be backlash. 

“Overworking? (y/n) is a workaholic and a perfectionist you know how that feels, how many times we had to drag you out of the studio?”

Kiseok reminded him. He smiled at the thought…. wait, drag him out…. what if he did that? Yes, yes that could work.

“You are a genius”

Seonghwa jumped out of his seat and reached for his stuff faster than the speed of life, before Kiseok could process what was going on his friend and colleague was out the door.

He walked in your studio and as usual found you hovering over the computer with all the lights open, probably to keep you awake.


His voice snapped you out of concentration, making you jump out of your seat and your breath to hitch at your throat out of fright. You turned your chair towards him, your eyes fully open and  your hand over your heart.

“Seonghwa! you scared me”

“I’m sorry, let me take a look at you”

He placed your hand on your cheek and took a deep scanning look at your features. Your cheeks were sunk in, your eye bags dark and big, your lips chapped and dehydrated, your skin as pale as a peace of paper.

“Just like I thought, come here”

You didn’t have a moment to protest, in a blink of an eye Seonghwa swiped  you off your feet and had securely in his arms.


“No talking. Save your work, grab your bag and let’s go”

You groaned but did what you had to do, a part of you was happy that someone pretty much forced you to get out of the studio, your pride might not let you admit it but this needs to happen now, before you go further in this Rabbi thole called work.

“Good, now off to Neverland”

He screamed and started running outside, making you laugh hysterically. You knew where this phrase came from, when Seonghwa had mentioned he had never watched the disney movies you took it upon yourself and made him watch them with you in one night, with no sleep breaks what so ever. At the end of course he fell in love with them and thanked you.

He sat you in his car and got in the car himself, driving on to the big roads of Seoul. 

“Where are we going?”

“Nowhere and everywhere. You have to take some air kid”

He always teased you for being younger, although he liked it, it might not be a decade but he saw that your youth showed sometimes and was always adorable.

You ended up at a random hill, eating chips and other unhealthy stuff he bought at the 24 hour shop. You could barely hear anything, but the view was breathtaking.

“Thank you for this, I really needed it”

“Don’t mention it, I know how stress works, you had to drag me out and force me to take a shower on the first month, I had to force you to eat and get out on the first year.”

“Relationship milestone for workaholics”

You whispered with a sweet smile on your face. You loved Seonghwa and you knew he loved you but you have never said it to each other. Was today the day?

“Kiss me while I have Cheetos dust all over”

He demanded. You cackled but did give him a kiss on those dusty oily lips.

Maybe it was not today, but the ride showed the way to your love.

I can’t sleep and I’m in bed thinking about ayahina and I realize that I love the way Hinami brought Ayato’s kindness back to life. We haven’t seen Ayato being kind with anyone at all since he was a kid, and the first time he met Hinami he treated her like shit. But you can see that her constant presence since she joined Aogiri is the beginning of Ayato’s development in terms of being able to express his kindness more often not only with her but with others too. He helped her with Tatara and treated her very kindly most of the time. He later came to see if she was okay and thought she wasn’t weak. He literally betrayed Aogiri and went to save her on his own. Then he listens to her crying about Akira and then hugs her, saying nothing. I think it’s a beautiful way to show that Ayato’s kindness wasn’t lost, he still had part of his humanity alive inside of him, there was still a chance for him to start again. And now he projects that kindness and empathy with others too… asking Touka if she was okay with leaving Kaneki behind back at Cochlea, worrying about uncle Yomo’s safety while fighting Arima, grabbing Kaneki’s shirt and trying to help him to get his shit together and mentioning his sister… I feel like now he can allow himself to show kindness without feeling like an idiot, and I believe Hinami is one of the main reason for that. She’s truly holds that influence with everyone around her, look at Akira.


hello perfect peaches~ 💗٩(;▿;。)

long time no see~! I hope you’ve all been doing okay and that life is treating you kindly! ♡

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“Jo Grant is useless!” “Jo Grant is a sexist stereotype!” “She’s just there to tell the Doctor how clever he is!” “All she does is scream and need to be rescued by the Doctor!”

If you know anything at all about Jo you’ve probably heard at least one of the above statements at some point. People will often compare Jo to the two powerful, overtly feminist companions she comes between (Liz Shaw and Sarah Jane Smith) and decide she falls short and must be there simply to look pretty and act dumb

All those people are totally, completely wrong.

Here’s the thing: Jo did replace Liz for really sexist reasons. The writers thought Liz was “too smart” because she was the Doctor’s equal rather than someone who would just follow along asking questions. So Liz was dropped (though Caroline John would’ve probably left anyway due to her pregnancy). The character of Jo was created to replace her, and established as someone who definitely wasn’t on the same scientific level as the Doctor.

However, in spite of the sexism behind this, Jo is still a very strong character and I would argue that while she may not surpass the Doctor in the intellectual fields, she’s consistently shown to surpass him in pretty much everything else. She’s kinder than him, braver than him, more determined than him, and less dependent on him than he is on her.

And while she’s no scientist, she’s not stupid either and we see her gradually grow more knowledgeable in scientific matters (in The Time Monster, for example, when she guesses exactly what the device the Doctor built does).

She’s resourceful (remember that she does happen to be a fully qualified UNIT agent who has studied escapology) and frequently gets the Doctor out of tight jams. She doesn’t hang around waiting for someone to tell her what to do—she uses her own initiative many times, sometimes with good results (such as when she frees the Doctor in The Sea Devils) and sometimes with bad results (when she tracks down the Master on her own in Terror of the Autons—though note that she does succeed in finding him, and by Frontier in Space she’s become immune to his hypnotism).

She has far more agency than she gets credit for. She knows what she wants and isn’t shy about getting it. In her first episode we learn she got her job with UNIT by asking her well-connected uncle for it, but she’s also immediately willing to do all the hard work involved. The first thing she does is try to put out a fire—no screaming involved, she just grabs the fire extinguisher and puts it out. It turns out she’s actually ruined one of the Doctor’s projects, but her eagerness and sweet personality win him over so quickly that he doesn’t have the heart to fire her. In The Mind of Evil, during a prison riot, she grabs the gun from the prisoner holding her hostage and turns the situation around, covering the prisoners with it and then casually handing them over to the governor.

In The Curse of Peladon, King Peladon offers her a life of luxury as his queen, but she turns him down. She also turns down Latep in Planet of the Daleks—who asks her to stay with him on Skaro—because she’s more interested in her own life on Earth. When she accepts Cliff’s offer of marriage in The Green Death, it’s not on a whim but something she genuinely wants. She isn’t willing to settle for just anyone.

When she and the Doctor visit the sexist Draconians in Frontier in Space, one of them tells her to not to speak, and her response is simply to tell him to be quiet so she can carry on talking. Later she remarks, “I think it’s about time women’s lib was brought to Draconia.” And yet people claim she’s less feminist than Sarah Jane.

Jo is passionate above all else, and it shows in everything she does. She throws herself into her work, she enjoys life very much, and she’s incredibly compassionate and driven to do good. In The Mind of Evil she takes care of the Doctor after his ordeal with the Keller Machine and treats the prisoner Barnham very kindly, showing more concern for him than anyone else does. She brings a captured Ogron a banana in Frontier in Space, showing kindness to a species even the Doctor treats with contempt. Her compassion is so strong that she tries to sacrifice her own life in The Daemons to save the Doctor, asking Azal to kill her in his place. This action is what ultimately saves them all, because Azal can’t comprehend her behaviour. And finally, she chooses to leave the Doctor because she wants to save the planet the old-fashioned way—not by going into space and fighting aliens, but through simple ground level activism.

Perhaps the most profound example of her strong spirit and her bravery is The Time Monster, when the Master’s actions threaten to destroy the entire universe. She’s trapped aboard his TARDIS, and the only way to stop him is for the Doctor to time ram the two vessels, which will kill all three of them. The Doctor threatens to do it, but the Master calls his bluff, pointing out that the Doctor doesn’t have it in him to destroy Jo. Jo has no such qualms and time rams the TARDISes herself, even though she knows it’ll kill her and her best friend. She believes it’s worth it to save the rest of the universe. “Think of all those millions of people who’ll die,” she says. “Think of all those millions of people who’ll never be born!” The three of them do survive through the intervention of Kronos, but that doesn’t take anything away from Jo’s decision to destroy the two TARDISes—a decision the Doctor himself wasn’t able to make.

Despite his strong desire to be free of his exile, the Doctor is clearly the most dependent one in their relationship. He worries that she might choose to stay with Peladon, and when he finally gets his freedom in The Three Doctors, Jo is sad but willing to accept that he probably wants to leave, but he instead chooses to remain with UNIT (which shows some great character development for Three, who lied to Liz to get her to give him the TARDIS key in his first serial and tried to abandon them all). In the end, it’s not the Doctor who leaves Jo but Jo who leaves the Doctor. She makes the decision to part ways, and he is clearly the one most affected by it, and can’t even stay for the rest of the party. It’s such a simple companion departure—no tragedy involved, just leaving to get married—and yet it remains one of the most heart-breaking moments in Classic Who. We rarely see the Doctor so upset over a companion’s exit.

I don’t understand how anyone who’s seen Jo’s episodes can say she’s a useless character. This is so obviously false when you examine her actions. She may not be Ace beating a Dalek with a baseball bat or Rose absorbing the time vortex, but she doesn’t have to be. She has a quiet, gentle heroism that’s just as valid. Dismissing her as the epitome of the sexist “screaming girl” stereotype misses everything important about her character.

Panel Transcript: Went/Dom.

Superheroes Con III
Transcribed, to the best of my ability, from my audio recording.

Please do not repost this. I know I don’t own the Q&A, but I spent a few hours of my life transcribing audio. I wanted to share! Please link to my post as the source if you’re going to quote it. (Edited to sound less impolite because that’s not the tone I intended.)

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happy international rroma day!
as someone who grew up in a small town in illinois, just being a latino-rroma or learning of my own history wasnt easy. everyday is a challenge for all of us, especially my grandmother, who cannot read/speak english well and is not treated very kindly by our white neighbors.
with my tan skin, black hair, and native language all constantly being poked fun at in school and treated as the backbone of their jokes, being called both a “wetback” and a “baby-stealer” in my primarily white school, its not something that does a lot for your confidence. but going through these tags and seeing so many varied and beautiful people here is amazing. for once in my life, i feel proud to be who i really am.

here are some pictures i have gotten from my mothers photo album, the first pictures are of my great grandmother, her sister, and her palm reading stand.
the second is my beautiful, strong mother, who has put up with the struggles and pain of being a rroma her whole life and raised a family by herself. she is the strongest person i know, and even if she doesnt see this, i hope one day she knows im grateful for everything she has ever done for us.

the second is an old picture of my small cousins around our neighborhood, which we still live near today and my mother owns an incense shop.

for all of you rroma out there, i want yo to know that you are wonderful. we may be constantly put down, but our spirits will never break. we are here, we are strong and we are beautiful, and we deserve visibility.

Older Cuphead and Mugman with S/Os


❤You met each other when you were just little tots, being friends all throughout your childhoods; Even when he fought the devil himself! It wasn’t until you both were older, did you realized that you both loved each other a whole lot~

❤He’d be the boyfriend that would act macho and a big flirt in front of people, acting very cocky to impress you. In private he’s very cuddly and sweet and treats you very kindly.

❤He’s very open and is completely okay with PDA! Although he’s not going to makeout with you, he’ll hug and kiss you first, without noticing anyone else’s awkwardness to his affection towards you!


💙You both only met a few years after they had defeated the devil and freed everyone from their contracts, but oh boy! Did he fall hard or what? (He totally did~)

💙Mugman would be very shy with you in public, and very flushed! Although in private, he gains some confidence to cuddle and smooch with you.

💙For PDA, even holding his hand can make him blush beet red! He’ll get very embarrassed from the affection, but when you get home, he’ll cuddle you all you want!

Crush - Chapter 2. Florist.

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: Thank you for support on the last chapter. Updates will be pretty quick as most of it is just editing on my behalf and finding the time to post it.

Tags: @iammarylastar @badassbaker @pathybo @mimigemrose @frecklefaceb @beltz2016 @ariwolff14

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U dead?


Peter Pan Imagine/ Like I Would Pt. 2

Part 1 here

“part 2 to “like i would” ?? 💕 preferably w/ smut 🙌🏼”

“Can you make a part 2 of “Like I would” please”

“Part 2 of like I would?”

Warnings: Smut, kink, cussing, 

As you were about to reach the rest of the group, he turns to you and says “Just so we’re clear. He won’t touch you like I would, he won’t love you like I would, he don’t know your body, he won’t do you right, he won’t love you like I would.”

Just as you were about to say something Derek calls your name, Peter walks away from you and you’re starting to regret the decision you made, you wanted Peter,and it’s clear he wanted you.

“Y/n!” Derek called out.

You simply rolled your eyes prepared for a lecture. “Yeah, yeah I’m comming.”


Peter looked back, even thought he was done flirting with you and trying to get you back that doesn’t mean he still cares about you.

You were speechless , he never yelled at you in front of the lost boys, Peter, and the mermaids.

“I-i-i i w-was just..-”

“Save it! I don’t give two shitts, for now on you’re always on my side, you aren’t even aloud to shower by yourself anymore, anything that you do, I do too., you got that?”

Peter looked at Derek like he wanted to slit his throat, nobody ever talked to you like that, not even Pan himself, so when some stupid lost boy did it, he got mad.

“Got it…” you felt tears run down your face, you were really regretting being with Derek, he changed, and it was for the worse.


That night Derek insists that you slept with him, so you did, Peter didn’t care, he let any of his lost boys and lost girl slept wherever they wanted to sleep, as long as it wasn’t his tree house, he could care less.

As you got out of the shower, you noticed your clothes weren’t there.

“What the hell? Derek, where are my clothes?” you yell.

“I got you some new ones.” he hands you what seems to be HIS clothes.

“Derek, these are yours, where are mine?”

“I threw them out, they were much too sexy, and if there was a meeting in the middle of the night like how there sometimes is, I don’t want you walking out like a slut.”

Your eyes widen, did he really just say that?

“Excuse me?” Yeah so put these on and come to bed babe.” he kisses you on your forehead, and walks away.

Later that night you find yourself still awake, and still thinking about Peter, that’s when you got an idea.

You get up and slowly walk into your bathroom, you find your other night wear and change into that, you walk outside the door and softly close it.

On your way to Peter’s tree house you go. You couldn’t help but smile and almost skip your way on up to his house.

As you get to his tree house your heart starts to skip a beat, you were nervous, excited, happy, and terrified all at once.

*knock knock* on his door.

He didn’t answer, so you just open the door, Peter never left his door locked unless he had company, which he hadn’t since he’d seen with you.

You open the door and see his precious face, he looks so relaxed, so cute, so at peace.

You saw the way his hair was a complete mess, his lips look even bigger, his breathing was stable, and he didn’t really snore, it was more of a hum.

You walk over to him, slightly pushing him, he doesn’t budge. So you sit on his bed, making your way under the covers and holding him tight, that is when he wakes up.

“Wh-what the ?” Peter was freaked out for a second but then he quickly realized it was you.

“Y/n what are you doing?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” you said bluntly

“That’s what Derek is for.” he said.

But he is snoring and he won’t wake up for anything, plus we had a fight.”

“Yeah i know I saw.”

“I think all of Neverland saw.” you said as you put your head down.

“I j-just, I just miss you Peter.”

Peter looked at you, and you looked gorgeous, your hair was wavy and messy, your eyes brighten up the room, your lips looked kissable, he rubbed your face and cupped your face so you two where inches away.

You put your hands on Peter’s wrist, and smiled at him, hoping he’s take a hint.

Then he looked down and saw what you were wearing, a tight shirt, and booty shorts, which made your body look amazing.

He pulled you unto him so that you were straddling him, and you grinded on him a little signaling you wanted him too, just as he was about to kiss you, he stopped.

“What are you doing?” you asked.

“I never go back on my word Y/n.” he takes you off of him and gets off the bed, brushing his shirt off, trying to look anywhere but you.

“Peter I-”

“I can’t, with you, I can’t, as much as I want to, I just can’t, if you wanted me , you wouldn’t be with that asshole you call your boyfriend, until you’re done with him , I can’t satisfy you, and you know I can.”

You just looked down, you got off the bird and walked out of Peter’s room, he closed the door and he hit the wall, you heard it too, you just sat on his door step, he then sat on the other side of the door.

You just began to cry, he heard you, he wanted to bring you in, he wanted to tell you everything was okay, he wanted to tell you everything was going to be alright, he wanted to hold you for hours on end, he wanted to kiss you til the sun came out, he wanted to make love to you, he wanted to make you scream his name, but no, it took everything in his body held him back and he just listened to you cry, while a tear drop came out of his eye as well.


When the sun started rising that’s when you went and headed back to your cabin, got dressed, and went into the kitchen. Not an hour passed by and there he was, Derek asking why you didn’t wake him him, already giving you attitude.

“Because you aren’t on kitchen duty.” you said with an attitude back.

“And what the hell are you wearing?”

“Why don’t you be nice to me for once? Huh?! Isn’t that what a boyfriend is supposed to do?”

“I can do whatever I want.”Now go change!” 

“Actually , you stay right there Y/n.” A familiar voice came from the kitchen door, it was Peter.

“You have a duty to do, and I expect you to be done at a certain time, and if that certain time isn’t done, well then there are consequences, so no, she will not be changing.” Peter said with him arms folded and leaning on the kitchen door.

“Sh’es my girl-”

“And she’s my lost girl, if we have  problem we shall settle it right here right now.” Peter started to get mad, you can tell,, you’ve seen him kick out plenty of lost Boys who betrayed him, made him mad, or just simply “tried him.”

“Psh man whatever, see you at breaking Y/n.” Derek leaves out the kitchen door.

You looked at Peter, and he looked at you.

“Well, get to work, starving lost boys are something I don’t want to deal with.”

“Yes Peter.” you say as you start getting your ingredients out.

He starts to walk outside the door 

“Thank you.” you say as your turn to him but his back already turned to you, but he stops turn his head to look at you, and simply nods.

You smile and get to work.


Breakfast was delicious but you were so tired from last night, 1 because you were crying for so long,, and 2 you stood up all night with Peter, well not really, but you were at his tree house door, so it was close enough.

You barely ate and were practically falling asleep, Derek and Peter noticed, but Peter only knew why.

“Hey babe you okay?” Derek asked actually being nice.

“Yeah I’m just really sleepy.” you said

“Why?” he asked

“Because I didn’t sleep last night, you snore so loud.”

“Well gee thanks.”

“I’m not saying that it’s bad, I’m just saying that I don’t think we should sleep together anymore. I’m on kitchen duty and I need as much rest as possible, you have to remember I’m up before anyone else.”

“Yeah that’s not going to happen.”

“What? No I’m telling you that it IS going to happen, I take my job very seriously.”

“What a little maid? Psh please.”

“Derek that’s really mean of you.”

“Well maybe-”

“Hey Y/n breakfast was amazing, thanks!” Felix said.

“Oh thank you so much! I worked very hard on it.” you said with a huge smile.

You turned back around to Derek, who looked pissed.

“What now?” you asked.

“So now you’re cheating on me with Felix?”

“Oh my goodness you’re ridiculous.” You turn to look for Peter because you just wanted to see him, you missed him already, you definitely weren’t over him.

There he was, walking with Felix, and a couple of his most trust worthy lost boys.

“Listen up boys, and girl.” he said as he looked at you.

“I’m bloody tired as hell, so you guys can do whatever you want, until lunch time, that’s when we start to practice our hunting skills, we hunt tonight, in the dark, the darker it it the better the challenge, I’ll have you guys do it one by one so you dumb asses wont accidental hunt each other.” Everyone laughed at that, because it had happen before, it wasn’t funny back then, but now you all have learned your lesson, and actually listen to Peter.

“Okay so yeah, bye.” Peter said as he walked to his tree house, you were very tired as well, so you decided to go to your cabin as sleep. Just as you were walking to your cabin Derek stops you.

“Where are you going?”

“I am actually really tired, so I was going to sleep.”

“No you’re not, we are having a lake day, and since last time you left me , to go with Peter, this time you can actually spend time with me.”

“Okay listen I know I screwed up and the lake sounds really nice babe it really does but I don’t even think I can make it to the lake, i am so sleepy.”

“Well I don’t care, you owe me.”

You started to realize Derek wasn’t going to let you sleep.

“(sigh) I’ll go get dressed.”

You guys walked to the lake, and it was beautiful as always, everyone was enjoying themselves, splashing each other, playing games, making funny jokes, it was a goo day, and you were almost happy that you didn’t miss out on the fun anyway.

You guys played lots of games and Derek was being nice for once, he was treating you very kindly, he would make sure you were okay, making sure you were hydrated, just the regular stuff the boyfriends should do. You thought about Peter maybe once or twice, but Derek was doing a terrific job.


You get back to lunch time and you start cook a lightly meal, a salad actually, because you guys were having meat for dinner, and plus the boys had to go hunting right after lunch, and that means they had to run, so you didn’t want to give them a heavy meal.

Everyone was thankful for the meal and thought it was really god, not many lost boys complained about what you made because without you, there would be no food, nobody really knew how to cook, except you, so they were forever grateful.

Not much time after that Peter woke up from his nap, he was very refreshed and felt great. He walked out of his tree house and made his way on to where you were sitting.

“Hi Y/n, is there anymore food left?” he asked

“Well why yes there is, I saved you a bowl, “ You smiled at him.

“Well why you think of everything don’t you?” He smiles and goes into the kitchen to get his lunch.

Derek was watching the whole time and gt so jealous.

“So .” he came up and sat next to you just as you were about to leave.

“So what?” you say as you sit down once again.

“Why do you do so much for him?”

“He’s our king, he’s the king of Neverland, how can I not? “ you say almost with an attitude, if he was a true lost boy he wouldn’t ask such a stupid question you thought to your self.

“Yeah but you see, you act a different way than all the others.”

“Probably because I’m the only lost girl.”

Derek rolls his eyes, completely annoyed now.

“You know what I mean Y/n, and it needs to stop, don’t talk to him anymore.”

You let out a laugh, “You can not be serious?! He is the king of Neverland , how can I not talk to him? I might as well get banished like all the other ungreatful lost boys.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Derek says.

“Okay guys it’s time to get your weapons and head out, its turning dusk, so we should get moving.” Peter says.

You and Derek get up and start to pack anything you might need.


You guys were all taking turns one by one, some sucked, and some were spot on, you were very impressed, and if anyone were to suck the most, it be the little lost boys, so they were the “cheer team” if that makes sense. They were far to little to hold a bow and arrow, or any weapon of that matter, so Peter let them watch and cheer on anyone who went up.

It was Derek’s turn and he did excellent.this was what Peter was talking to you about he is good when he wants to be, that’s for sure. Everybody cheered him on so he put a fist in the air, and you turned to look at Peter and he rolled his eyes, signaling he was over it.

You were up next, but you were so tired, you picked up the bow and arrow, and as you were about to shoot, your world went pitch black.

It was like slow motion, everywhere was black, you could hear shouting, and noise being made, but you had no idea what was going you, you were passed out. Peter’s eye widen and ran to you pushing all the lost boys out the way

“Y/n what the hell? What happen Derek?” he said holding you and rushing you back to camp while all the lost boys chased after them wanting to know what would happen next.

“She-she I don’t know.” he was lying, he knew you didn’t get any sleep, and hadn’t slept all day, so you were exhausted, making breakfast and lunch for 30+ plus, you had to be drained.

Peter ignored him because he was clearly no help, he put you in the cabin where everyone get hurt, sick, ect. He lay you down nice and gentle, rubbing your head realizing you had a bump, he kissed it, and kissed your hand, hoping that everything would be okay.

Everyone slept outside of the cabin you were in that night, they were eager to know you were okay, you were the only lost girl, you were very important.

You wake up to a huge head ache, it was the next day you suppose, you were trying to remember what happen but all you remember was falling, you don’t remember how you got there, how you got the bump, and how it was the next day.

You fix yourself up and walk outside to Peter and the boys right outside the door, you closed the door making a sound and most of the lost boys jup by the noise, and some just wake up.

“Y/n you’re okay!” Peter says as he hugs you.

You were very shocked because he never showed any compassion to you in from the lost boys like this, not since you were together.

“What happen you to?” He asked as he pulls away.

“I didn’t sleep, all night, or even get a nap, I cooked for all of you twice without any breaks, I was exhausted.”

Peter looked at you curiously. “Why didn’t you take a nap?”

“Because I had to go to the lake with Derek and the lost boys” you said.

“You don’t have to do anything, you could’ve napped.” he said with his arms folded. “Now tell me, did Derek want you to go, or did he tell you, that you had to go?”

“Derek told me I had to go to the lake with him.” you put your head down.

“No I fucking didn’t stop lying!” Derek interrupted you

“Are you kidding me?” you were shocked that he was actually lying.

“You are such a liar dude, I would have totally let you sleep.” Derek said.

“No no no Peter he is lying, I wanted to sleep but he didn’t let he he basically forced me to go to the beach, he guilt tripped me!”

“This bitch.” Derek said.

And that’s when Peter snapped, as soon as he ended that word he had Derek up against a tree, about to punch him in the face, all the lost boys stepped back for this could get ugly.

“What the bloody hell did you just call her?”

“I called her a bitch what the fuck is your deal Pan?!!” Derek yelled.

Peter was done he put his fist up higher and as he was about to punch him he felt your hands against his arms.He looked down to you in tears.

“Please Peter don’t you’ll kill him!”

“That’s the bloody point!” he said as he tried to remove your hands from his arm but you were fighting him.

“Just please banish him!” You yelled

Peter was shocked, he looked at you “You want him gone?” 

You nodded, ans cried some more, “I can’t do this anymore, Derek its over, you’ve made a place where I can call heaven hell for me, I can’t do this.” As you drop to your knees and cry.

Peter nodded, and looked at Derek, he let him go and waved his arm and around Derek came purple smoke, taking him to an other world, he didn’t know which one,he didn’t care, he just wanted him gone now.

As Derek disapeard everyone grew silent, and nobody said a word.

“Get to bed everyone.” Peter said and everyone scattered into their cabins not wanting to get Peter more mad.

Peter looks at you and you’re on the floor, with a blank face, still crying.

He picks you up, and carries you into him room.

As he puts you on his bed he goes to the door and locks it, and turns off the lights.

“Peter…” you whisper

He grabs you and shifts you more on the bed to where you were laying his pillows.

He got on top of you and you were still crying.

“Shhh, baby girl, don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about him anymore, he’s gone.” You nodded and brought him into a hug, he hid his face in the crook of your neck, when he thought it was long enough hug, he starts to suck your neck, slowly and softly.

You start to feel a little turned on and start to breath more heavily.

He then kisses down lower, he lifts your shirt up, kissing all over tummy, leaving red dark marks all over it, he starts to lift your shirt even more where he can see your break and stats to lick and suck that area, you start to squirm , signaling you were becoming more turned on, and little moans left your mouth.


He whispers “Shh, I’ll take care of you baby girl.”

You then start to feel your clothes come off, he is taking them off so slowly the anticipation and damn near killing you, you haven’t had Peter in months, you wanted him, you needed him.

As he undressed you fully he took off his clothes within seconds. And you almost forgot how  big he was, you gulped loudly, you were a little scared because it had been almost a year since you and Peter had sex, things had changed , you were scared for that.

He grabbed you and had his dick at your entrance, his whispers to you , “Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah I’m just.” 

“Just what?”

“Peter, I love you , and like I don’t know I’m not the prettiest or the smartest-”

Peter kisses you passionately, it was like time stopped for those seconds, your world felt dizzy, you had those butterflies you once had, and you fell head over heels in love with Peter all over again.

As he kissed you he began t slide into you softly, it hurt, bad.

(GASP) “Owe Peter it hurts” You began to panic and cry a little.

“Look at me baby girl, look at me, I got you, I promise I won’t hurt you, I-I love you Y/n.” he admitted to you.

You smiled and kissed him and he kissed you back.

As he began to thrust into you the pain went away and your started to become wetter and wetter.

“Fuck you are so tight.”

All you could do was moan, you couldn’t even say a word, Peter always had that effect on you, he could leave you breathless.

He started to go faster and faster.

He rubbed his hands against your face and you got his finger and started sucking on it, making him moan, you loved hearing him moan, it made you feel so confident.

“Peter don’t stop, please don’t stop.” you got out as your started to moan louder and louder.

Peter then tends to fuck you so hard he grabs your neck and holds you down so you have to take every inch of him, he kisses your forehead, reassuring that he’s got you.

He then puts your legs up and him inside you again, 

“Fuck I love you so much You don’t know how long I wanted to do this to you.”

You could only scream, your throat became raw, he knew what he was dong, he always knew.

“I don’t know if I could take anymore Peter.” you managed to moan out.

“I’ll ride you out just hold on a little bit more.”

He grabs your breast and plays with your nipple, making you becoming undone, and starting to cum, making you scream , all of Neverland could here. He then cums in you, and you ran your fingers in his hair, he let out a big sigh and a reassuring smile.

“I love you so much my lost girl.”

“I love you too Peter.”

For the rest of the night you both lay on his bed, hands intertwined with one an other, cuddling, kissing, and just talking to each other, you’re so glad you guys are back to the way things were, the way things were supposed to be.

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Hi I was wondering if you could do the bad touch trio reacting to meeting their s/o's parents and siblings. Thank you

Gilbert (Prussia)-Before going to meet the family, Gilbert would act very confidently in front of his s/o, but on the inside he’d be very worried about whether his s/o’s family would like him or not. He’d try and convince himself that there was no way that his s/o’s family couldn’t like someone as awesome as he is, but he’d still be a little insecure about meeting them. 

Once the day arrived and he actually met with the family he’d be a little stiff and nervous for a while until he got used to them. If his s/o had more stricter, serious parents Gilbert would be on his absolute best behavior and would also be very gentlemanly (or as much as he can be). If the parents were more laid-back, he might joke around and be a bit more like his usual self. He does surprising well with younger kids, as he loves to play around with them, so if his s/o’s siblings were younger he would be very comfortable around them. If they were older he might be a bit awkward until he got a read on them, but afterwards he would be overall genuinely very nice and even affectionate if he gets to know them well. 

Francis (France)-Francis is very good at getting along with people, and he’s aware of that, so he wouldn’t be too worried about his s/o’s family not liking him. He’s also the type to bring a small gift like flowers to try and start the whole encounter on a good start. 

No matter what his s/o’s parents are like he’d be very charming and respectful, although if they were a bit strict he might be a little more reserved than usual. Since he’s so charismatic it would be very difficult for anyone not to like him. If his s/o’s siblings are younger he might be a little hesitant with them at first, especially if they’re rowdy, but eventually he’d warm right up to them. If they were older he would try his absolute best to get along with them, and would treat them very kindly, and he also wouldn’t hesitate to joke around with them, especially after he got to know them. 

Antonio(Spain)-Antonio would be pretty nervous beforehand, and wouldn’t be afraid of admitting that to his s/o right before meeting the family. He would become absolutely distraught if he thought about the possibility of the family not liking him, because he feels that it’s extremely important to get along with them, especially if his s/o is very close to all of them. 

Nevertheless, when the day arrived and he actually met the family, he might be a bit timid at first,but because of his bright personality and kindness, he would most likely be able to win over everyone pretty easily, which would be really reassuring for him. Again, if his s/o’s parents were strict, he’d in turn be more serious, but if not he’d be much more laid-back and open. He’s a sucker for kids, so if his s/o’s siblings were younger he’d be very sweet to them and would do practically anything for them. If he knew them for a while he’d get pretty protective of them too. If they were older, he’d still be exceptionally sweet to them as well to try and would be interested in getting to know them. 

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How is K doing? Has she gotten more applications? I get a very fuzzy and warm vibe from her, I really hope she'll find someone great. Also, how are you doing? You're the first person from Europe who does spirit related stuff that I encounter and I'm excited. And something a bit unrelated: how can someone find out what their alignment is? On anon because I'm shy.

“I have been doing well. Lily and Moon have been treating me very kindly…”
And she has gotten some more, which she and I are both happy about! 
I know she will end up with the right companion. I am sure of it. 
Ah, I’m glad to hear that! Although I highly doubt that I am the only one. There are too many people around for me to be. 
And it can either be by which type of spirits you attract/which you get along with best. Or it can be you deciding which directiion you want to work in. For me, I felt what sort of energy I had, and the corresponding alignment just fell into place. Sure, I can work with darker spirits as well! No problem. Though I think that is more so that my field of focus is with spirits and no other element. 
I’ve also had plenty of people be able to tell me what my alignment is, further helping back up what I already knew. 
I hope you figure your’s out when the time is right, love ^^

~ Lily

Royally Screwed

Pepper owed everything she had to the house of Layton. The royal family had taken her in, despite the fact that she was a bastard child. Despite her father’s betray and her lack of noble blood.

They’d given her a home in the palace. They’d treated her very kindly and, as she’d grown up, she had dedicated herself to serving them. She had never thought that a skinny, classless orphan like herself would manage to become a knight, nor that she would be assigned as Princess Ellie’s personal guard for a diplomatic mission.

The knight was busy making preparations. Ensuring the carriage was comfortable, that the supplies were in order, that the horses were in proper shape, and that the rest of Ellie’s guard was ready to depart. It was strange to be in command of a grand procession such as this, but Pepper was eager to make the trip.

Anything for the family that had showed her so much kindness.

Once everything was taken care of, the knight waited patiently for the princess to finish her own preparations. She stood in the hallway outside of her room, sweating she could hear other voices inside.