Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve money. You can always:
• Take a warm bath
• Binge watch your favorite tv show
• Wear your favorite outfit
• Go out with friends to a place that doesn’t require funds (the park, library, etc)
• Spend some quality time with your pet
• Take a nap
• Try to create a new recipe with the ingredients you have on hand. It may be fun to experiment.
• Have a “Pajama Day” where you just rest at home.
• Take some time to do a task you’ve been putting off.
• Take a long shower, do all your hygiene care.
• It can also be fun to look through storage and rediscover what you already have. Like taking a trip down memory lane.
• Read a book you’ve never read
• Take a day to practice and indulge in your talents. Write, draw, play music, design, sing, etc.
• Play your favorite game
• Call a friend, and have a long conversation
• Plan some future goals for yourself, to boost your confidence.
• Enjoy some solitude/alone time
• Watch some funny internet videos
• Journal your thoughts and/or ideas
• Listen to your favorite album all the way through.
• Do some research about something that strikes your interest.
• Enjoy a nice walk outside
• Play your favorite sport, or set up a game with friends.
• Try to get a new high score on your favorite video game.
-feel free to add on :)

The Zodiac Signs + Pampering Themselves

Takes an hour-long shower: Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius

Has a movie marathon: Aries, Aquarius, Pisces, Libra

Goes out to eat: Scorpio, Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer

Treat yourself the way you would treat your pet. Feed yourself. Go for a walk. Show yourself that you love yourself. Don’t bring yourself around mean people. Don’t let just anyone touch you. Treat yourself. Be gentle with yourself, you’re a living thing and you deserve love and kindness.

Please remember you’re allowed to treat yourself. Indulge in your favorite snacks. Save up for something you’ve had your eye on. Wear something cozy and take a nap. Plan an outing and go out with your friends. Take a day to yourself, play a video game, read a book, have a Netflix marathon. You deserve to treat yourself, you deserve the love you give others.

Special Coffee Day

Sometimes, bad days happen.

This morning, I forgot my coffee at home.  Then the Keurig at work was broken.  Then I got my ass handed to me all morning.

Twin Bro and I came up with a ritual for days like this: Special Coffee Day.  It’s where we go out (either separately or together, and the other one doesn’t even have to be involved) and get coffee.


It’s not just normal coffee.  We have to get the best-sounding (or tried and true best-tasting) coffee we can find, so it’s a treat rather than just another drink.

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So.  I got a hazelnut mocha and it was AMAZING.  It was exactly as delicious as it sounds.  And I’m still not having a great day, but I’m in a pretty damn good mood because I got a treat.