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trickortreatyourself2016 has come at the most fabulous time possible. I've just gotten my kink ao3 together and I've been looking for ideas. Is it a problem if the fic focuses more on the fullness/stuffing aspect than the chub itself?

How fortuitous - huzzah!

That is totally fine! I love how all you sweet dumpster babies are coming to me with questions, but I promise, I’m not a trash dictator, I won’t strike you down. Write what you like! It’s all for fun (and fatties)

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Temperment headcanons for Mercy, Tracer, and Mei. What gets them angry, and what happens when they get angry?

Alrighty roo, dear! Hope you enjoy~~ 


  • She is generally a calm person, but she’ll get really angry if you’ll treat yourself or her friends really bad. Or if you trash her office.
  • She’s a silent storm, this woman. She’ll glare at you, whisper harshly and leave you to feel terrible about yourself. 
  • She is really passive agressive. Like she will glare at you and act really annoyed, but won’t say anything about it.
  • She will cool down after a few days and forgive you. Then she’ll just forget it, because she thinks that keeping grudges are terrible for a relationship (which it is!)


  • It takes a lot for Tracer to get seriously angry, because she’ll usually just brush stuff off. But continually do stuff that annoy her? She will be pissed.
  • I really think that Tracer is a very loud person while angry. She will scream and shout until her face is blue if she has to.
  • She won’t touch you, but she has a problem with staying within the case and will probably say something that is really personal and basicly dole out a blow like that.
  • If she sees that you are actually hurt by something she is saying, then her face will go from angry to a kind of surprised look, while she just mutters “oh” very softly.
  • She’ll basicly be a storm of apologies and zip in to hug you tightly, while she apologises a lot. If you two are together she’ll place kisses on your cheeks and on your lips in between apologies.


  • You cannot make Mei angry, at all.
  • Like she’ll get kinda annoyed if you annoy her while working or if you mess up her workplace.
  • She’ll just get kind of flustered and tell you to stop doing whatever you’re doing.
  • There is once where one of her coworkers messed up her workplace so badly that she actually was angry with them, but of course, she doesn’t talk about that.

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I am literally having my third mental breakdown this week thanks to midterms, tears and all, so please, do one of us a favor and treat yo'self to some you time

Oh noo, not you too anon! I hope you start feeling better soon and ace all those midterms and get plenty of rest and nourishment and treat yourself when its all over!!! *hugs* 

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i think I might be getting my first detention.. :/ do you have any idea how to move past it this is going to haunt me

Originally posted by then3wkid

This is what you’re going to do.

You’re going to go in, do your time, get out. 

Treat yourself to an ice cream or preferred beverage afterwards. 

It’s detention. If you don’t make it a habit, the most its going to amount to is a funny anecdote you recall over drinks and shitty ice breaker conversations and please to meet you’s ten years down the line. 

Its just another one of those idiosyncrasies which only exist within the realms of school :) Think of it as your own ‘breakfast club’.  irl we have jail say what

All the best anon! 

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WINNERS CURSE. OH MY WORD. IT GOT SO INTENSE I HAD TO SET IT DOWN AND SCREAM. Also it is very distracting from my homework that I should do... but Arin deserves my attention at the moment. Don't ya think?

Arin is a precious sweet baby who needs to be protected at all costs, but also a mastermind genius warrior who should be feared and admired by his enemies. 

Maybe give yourself reading treats? Like, if I finish these problems, I get to read a chapter? If I finish this worksheet, I get another? That’s how I survive.