My birthday is on December 6th

I’ve been debating this back and forth, because I don’t really like to call attention to my birthday (Dec 6th), but I also occasionally get messages from people who wish they could’ve done something if they’d known.

And I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the past week.  And while I love things like fan art/gift art, I think I’d like to do something a little bit different this year and maybe it’ll be a tradition, who knows.

This week in place of sending me anything, take the time, the money that you would have spent on me and spend it in service to someone in need.  Maybe that means providing a warm meal to someone who otherwise wouldn’t have one this week, or sitting and listening to someone who’s stressed out.  Maybe it means spending more time with your family.  Maybe it means treating yourself to some well-deserved rest.  Maybe it means taking old clothes, coats, or other things you don’t need and donating it to local shelters.

 Sorry to make such a selfish request, but all I really want for my birthday is for each of us to treat each other a little nicer so the world can be a little brighter.

Regardless of what you choose to do, thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

And for those who want to do something or for you over-achievers, you can draw yourself/your OC having Strawberry Mochi with chibi!Yoko.

Download psd here.

fun ways to cheer yourself up number one

take yourself on a date

buy yourself dinner go see a movie spring for flowers stargaze

take down a rampaging alien army and treat yourself to shawarma afterwards

show yourself a good time you deserve it

holiday tarot readings!

happy holiday season! here’s a special twist on the basic past, present, and future reading, perfect for as a gift for loved ones or for treating yourself this year.

This reading encompasses:
- The Ghost of your Christmas Past
- The Ghost of your Christmas Present
- The Ghost of your Christmas Future
- A special surprise gift from me!

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anonymous asked:

Pss here, I hope you're having a super weekend and treating yourself to things that make you happy! I honestly think you're super amazing and you deserve all the good things in life!

Omg thanks santa!!
I have kinda been feeling a little shit this past week but thank you 💕


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Do you have any recommendations on what to buy with the Sephora coupon? There's so many things to choose from!

I’m gonna stock up on some products (foundation, powder, or eyeshadow primer)! I really love Nars so I’d check out their blushes, bronzer, lipsticks, etc… If you wanted to treat yourself get something luxe like a YSL or Burberry lipstick. 💘