treat you like a king

Things To Do For Your Boyfriend:

1. Kiss his forehead when he’s angry
2. Hold his hand out of nowhere
3. Let him lay his head on your lap
4. Ask him about his day and actually listen
5. Try to get interested in stuff he likes
6. Talk sports/video games/books etc. with him
7. Serenade him with embarrassingly cheesy love songs
8. Get along with his friends
9. Buy him a valentines gift
10. Be more excited for his birthday than he himself is
11. Be nice and love his parents like they are your own parents
12. Love him like every girl on this site wants to be loved and give him a reason to treat you like a princess

—  because boys deserve to be loved right too

If you treat her like a queen and she treats you like garbage, it ain’t worth it. 

 I know y’all are raised to believe that you have to just take whatever she dishes out, treat her like a queen all the time and work yourself to the bone so she can have whatever she wants, but you don’t have to. If she treats you like shit, leave her. 

Find a woman who treats you like a King as much as you treat her like a Queen.

How The Signs Say “I Love You”
  • Aries: cute good morning texts
  • Taurus: they share their food (they hate it though)
  • Gemini: letting you rant
  • Cancer: they just say it
  • Leo: cuddles
  • Virgo: they put you before themselves
  • Libra: they are honest
  • Scorpio: unexpected kisses
  • Sagittarius: they listen to you ramble (no complaints)
  • Capricorn: they constantly remind you to “buckle up” and other little things
  • Aquarius: they treat you like a king/queen
  • Pisces: hugs

‘How can you trust me, after what your own brother did to you?’

‘Because he was false,’ said Damen, ‘and you are true. I have never known a truer man.’ He said, into the stillness, ‘I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly.’

Kings Rising - C. S. Pacat

Dating Sami Zayn Would Include...

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Requested By Anon

❤️️Sami is such a dork 

❤️️ He loves cuddles after long days 

❤️️ Sami loves cuddling full stop

❤️️ Pacing whenever he gets anxious 

❤️️ Long walks on the beach

❤️️ Cute dates all of the time 

❤️️  Sami treating you like a Queen/King 

❤️️ Being protective of Sami 

❤️️ Sami’s a very easy going person, however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get jealous. However, it comes out as insecurity 

❤️️ Reassuring Sami he’s the only one you want. 

❤️️ Sami being adorable 

❤️️ Smiling whenever he gets excited

❤️️ Sami often making future plans with you 

❤️️ Travelling with Sami every now and again 

❤️️ Being the proudest Girlfriend/Boyfriend ever. 

❤️️ Hating the way authority treats him but you know Sami will fight for change 

❤️️ So many I love you’s

❤️️ Sami Zayn is the kindest and sweetest person on earth and he would do anything to protect you and to cherish you because you are his world. 

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What Happen In Vegas...

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Request: Juice discusses the ‘what happens on a run stays on a run policy’.

“Call it. Heads or tails.”
Juice looked at you and grinned widely.
“Heads.” He decided.
You tossed the coin into the air and bit of you watched it spin before it landed on the table.
You smirked at him triumphantly while he groaned.
“Extra butter please.” You winked and headed for the lounge, leaving Juice in the kitchen to make the popcorn.
Six months now you had been dating Juan Carlos. You had met him at the game store and started talking. You were both there for the same reason: the release of the new Grand Theft Auto game and the rest was history.
You had spent the first few months at his house, staying up all night gaming and watching horror movies together.
He treated you like a queen and he was your king.
You had met his club after the first few weeks of knowing him and at first nine of them could understand what you were doing with Juice.
That was until they heard you both arguing in the dorms. About Game Of Thrones.
You were just two nerds in love, as simple as that.
He had given you a full membership at Clear Passages, which meant you got 60% off on all your purchases.
You plopped yourself down on the sofa and stretched out your legs as you flicked through the movies on Netflix.
You had won the coin toss, which meant you got to pick the movie while he made the popcorn.
Lately, he had been busy with the club and you had spent a few nights alone. So you had both promised to spend as much of your free time together as you could.
Things with his club still weren’t great, and they were heading out of town in a few days.
The Tacoma charter needed their help and as much as you hated the idea of being apart from him you knew it was what he needed to do.
“So what are we watching tonight?” Juice asked as he walked into the lounge, a large bowl of popcorn in his hands.
“I’m thinkinggg.. mean girls?”
Juice groaned as he crossed the room.
“Hey you loved it last time!”
“I wouldn’t say I loved it, babe.” Juice smiled.
You laughed lightly and scrolled through the movies once more while he sat on the sofa next to you.
“Guess we’ll just have to watch Star Wars again.”
“God I love you.” Juice said and pounced on you.
You squealed as he began to tickle you and press sloppy kisses over your skin.

It was past midnight now, and you were still curled up in front of the tv, Juice’s arms wrapped around you.
The bowl of popcorn was empty, and smoke lingered in the from the bong on the table.
You turned your head to look at Juice and you smiled to him lazily.
Your head was on his chest and he looked down at you, his brown eyes filled with worry.
“Can we talk?”
You sat up and frowned slightly.
“What’s up Juicy?” You asked quietly.
Juice sighed and ran his hand over his face.
“This run.. There’s.. there’s an old club policy.” He managed to say.
You raised your eye brow, encouraging him to continue.
He played with his hands, obviously uncomfortable.
“What policy?”
Juice finally looked at you.
“What happens on a run stays on a run.”
You froze.
What happens on a run stays on a run.
You knew exactly what that meant.
You leapt to your feet, your body shaking with anger.
“Fuck you!” You screamed.
Juice leapt up too and tried to reach his hands towards you but you slapped them away.
“Babe please, that’s not what I meant!”
Anger fuelled your movements and you spun towards the door, grabbing your keys on the way.
“Fuck you, Juan! You wanna fuck some other girls? Fine! But your never fucking me again!”
Juice called after you but you ignored his words as you marched towards the door.
Tears streamed down your face and you slammed the door behind you.

It had been months since you’d stayed in your apartment, and dust covered the table in a thin layer.
He’d tried to call you, several times, but you refused to pick up.
God, you were so naive to think that he was different from other guys.
Your eyes were puffy from the tears you’d cried, and you wished that you had a switch.
A switch that could turn off the love you had for him.
They were heading out tomorrow, and every time you thought about him hitting the road you felt sick.
His words echoed through your mind every time you closed your eyes.
What happens on a run, stays on a run.
You knew what the other guys in the club were like.
They didn’t all have people waiting for them at home, and you knew the danger that was involved in this life he lived.
But you couldn’t be with a man knowing that while he was away he was with some other pussy.
And you couldn’t believe that Juice thought you’d be okay with it.
A pounding on the door woke you from your thoughts and you walked towards it cautiously.
You had only one idea of who could be on the other side.
You walked toward the door and rested your forehead against the cool wood.
His knocking stopped and you could faintly hear him breathing on the other side.
“(Y/n), please, let me in. Let me explain.”
A tear rolled down your cheek but you didn’t move.
“I know your in there, please babe.”
You stayed silent.
“Babe I know your standing there. I can see your shadow.”
You sighed and stepped away before sliding the lock and opening the door.
He looked tired, his shirt was wrinkled and his eyes were bloodshot and wide.
“What do you want, Juan?” You asked.
Your voice was weak and you silently cursed your self.
“You didn’t let me finish.” Juice said.
He stepped around you and walked into your apartment.
You turned, your eyes following him as he paced around the room.
He stopped moving and turned to you.
“I wanted to tell you about the policy before you heard about from someone else.”
He stepped towards you slowly.
“I didn’t want you to think I’m like that. Jesus, (y/n), I can barely stand the idea of being away from you. Do you really think I could hurt you like that?”
A tear rolled down your cheek and you opened your mouth but no words came.
“I love you! You’re the only one I want.” His voice became softer as he moved towards you and this time you didn’t stop him as he reached towards you.
His hands grasped your waist gently and you looked into his brown eyes.
“I-I thought you wanted me to be okay with it.” You whispered quietly.
Juice shook his head, his eyes still locked on yours.
“You’re all I think about, babe. If I could bring you on this run I would. You’re my old lady.”
Your eyes went wide as you looked at him.
He had never called you that before. You were always just his girlfriend.
“Your old lady?” You whispered.
Juice grinned, his smile spreading across his whole face.
“I love you, babe. I want you to be my old lady.”
Your fave broke into a grin and you pulled his face towards yours.
You kissed him deeply, hungry for him after being separated.
Juice pulled away from you, a wicked smile on his face and he lifted you by your legs and tossed you over your shoulder.
You squealed as he carried you down the hallway and into your bedroom.
Maybe you’d just have to leave him with some ‘special’ memories.

anonymous asked:

dating Arthur Pendragon would include?

  • Helping him and counselling him with hard decisions and just listening to him when he needs you to be there
  • Heart to hearts, rare but they happen sometimes, and he really bares his soul to you
  • Telling you his worries and feelings
  • Passionate kisses 
  • The tightest, best hugs when he comes home
  • Training with him
  • Him taking a well earned day off so that you can spend the day together; maybe a picnic… maybe in bed, who knows? ;)
  • Defending you against anyone who speaks ill of you
  • Protecting you with his life
  • Probably he’d get jealous of anyone who showed the slightest bit of interest in you and you’ll just roll your eyes and be like ‘shut up you idiot’
  • Treating him like a person, not a King, which humbles him
  • Challenging him
  • and let’s not forget about the angry, rough sex after fights and the slow, loving sex bc god damn
Pray You Catch Me

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Request: Kozik imagine based on the song Pray You Catch Me by Beyonce

To the person that requested this: Im sorry, this definitely isn’t my greatest. Ive been dealing with some stuff and haven’t really been feeling it lately. Im sorry this isn’t that good so let me know if you want me to do another one.xx

You’d been dating Kozik for two years now, and you were madly in love with him.
There was something about his lips on yours, his hands on your waist that made you weak, and he’d stolen your heart before you’d even spoken to him.
He treated you like a queen, and he was your King.
The breeze flew through your hair as you pressed your cheek to his back, your hands wrapped around his waist, the roar of the motorcycle filling your ears as you sped down the road.
You leaned into him as he turned the corner into your driveway, slowing down and kicking out the stand as he shut off the bike.
You swung your leg over and he did the same, his hand grabbing yours as you walked towards the front door.
Charming was different from Tacoma, smaller, but you didn’t mind.
You’d followed him here and you knew it was the right choice.
You’d left behind your job and your friends but you’d made plenty of new ones.
The Charming charter had welcomed you both and you were starting to feel at home in the small town.
On paper everything was perfect.
You had a good boyfriend, a good home with good friends.
But you couldn’t help feeling that something wasn’t right, something was missing or something was broken.

Walking into the clubhouse you eye the girls in there short skirts and crop tops, and you can’t help but feel jealousy running through your bones. You trusted your old man, as much as you could, but you had a history of being cheated on and no matter how many times he promised you were the only one there was always that thought running through the back of your mind.
You knew the life, and you knew what some of the other guys were like on their runs, you’d seen it yourself when brothers from other charters would come to Tacoma.
But you prayed that Kozik was different, that the nights he spent away from you he spent alone, dreaming of you.
“Hey beautiful.” Kozik said and wrapped his arms around you, love in his eyes and passion on his lips when he kissed you.
“Hey babe.” You smiled back at him, pushing your thoughts out of your head.
You sat together round a table with Happy and Bobby, talking about bikes and cars.
A red headed crow eater walked past and you saw her look at your man with a playful look on her face, and your body shook with anger, all the ghosts from your past running through your head.
But Kozik squeezed your hand, reassuring you that there was nothing to worry about.

Things with the club had been bad lately and Kozik had been spending less and less time at home.
You spent your nights lying awake, tears on your face as you waited for your man to come home. But most nights you’d still be lying there when the sun rose and the birds sung.
It had been weeks since you’d seen the smile that lit up your world and now it seemed to only exist in your memories, bittersweet moments that seemed so far away.
Secrets hung on your lips, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal themselves. But they never did, only suspicion grew in your mind.
You could taste them on his lips when you kissed him, dishonesty on his lips when he told you he loved you.
You could no longer stop the thoughts running through your mind and every night you spent alone you knew in your heart he was spending them with someone else.
You could taste the poison from his lies in your mouth every time you saw him, every time you spoke, every time you breathed.
And so you’d lie awake, in the bed you once shared with the man you once loved you, waiting to catch him.
You had no proof and so you’d wait til you caught him, whispering about his secrets.
Beautiful secrets waiting to tear your soul apart. And you hoped with every ounce of your being that he’d catch you listening, and that his heart would break into pieces when he realised he’d lost his queen.

I’ve noticed that girls in dramas are so materialistic ? Like….who tf cares about getting a diamond????? I just saw a drama where the girl broke up with her bf because he wasn’t able to pass the bar and become a lawyer…and I’m so disappointed cause there might be humans irl like these sgdhsjzkzl like …. GIRL, YOU HAVE A GODDAMN HAWT/SWEET/INTELLIGENT BF. YOU BETTER TREAT HIM LIKE A KING BEFORE I SHOVE MY FIST DOWN YOUR THROAT. #that was a violent message lol

these hands. are mine.
this heart, is mine.
these thighs, are mine.
this spine, Is mine.
these bones, are mine.
this smile is what makes me.
while trying to love myself better
I’m learning no one can replace me.
I’m the kind of person who will
love you to a new degree.
I’ll treat you like a king
make you weak in the knees.
but there’s some things I’m
no longer accepting.
I’m no longer giving anyone
the power to break me.
The luxury of creating insecurities
within me.
I’m no longer giving anyone
the power to make me doubt myself.
I’m stuck with what I have.
I’m stuck with who I am.
this body. is mine.
these eyes, are mine.
this soul, is mine.
this spirit that attracts you, is mine.
this smile is what makes me.
All of who I am is always who I’ll be.
I can’t change for anyone or
So all I’m really asking -
if you have no intentions in keeping
me happy.. set me free
and watch me be.
—  Reyna Biddy
Boyfriend Series - GOT7: Jackson

- You will be treated like a fucking queen/king by him

- You can expect that

- Spoils the crap out of you

- Massages your back, hands, or feet if any of them were in pain

- Random gifts scattered across the house for you to find

- Texts to see if you were okay or wanted anything

- Calls whenever he’s out of the country just so he can hear your voice

- Hugs you and doesn’t let you go 

- Says he loves you all the time

- Like you’ll fall asleep to him telling you that

- And probably wake up to it too

- Giddy and excited reactions whenever you got excited to see them 

- Loves to see you dance and sing/rap along with his parts

- Pretends to find something wrong with it and teach the correct way just to spend extra time with you before he has to go

- Always rests his head on your lap

- Keeps a hand on or an arm around you at all times

- Gets excited when he sees you asleep with your hair a-mess and your mouth half a gape

- He thinks that’s when you’re the most beautiful because it’s your natural state

- Loves seeing you in general and having you around him

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- Admin Sunshine

Quick story time cause I’ve only got 15 minutes of free wifi at the place I’m staying tonight.

So I was walking outside and passed this guy who was really drunk and he was talking on the phone and was all “babe, I know I messed up, but now I’m going to start treating you like royalty, the way you deserve to be treated! Like…like a king! Or a queen, whichever you want!” And then then person on the other end must have said something along the lines of “no, shut up.” Because then the guy was all “no no no! I won’t shut up because I love you! I know I’ve been annoying the past few days, but think of the next hundred years! I could be good to you for a hundred years babe! A HUNDRED YEARS! Just think of that!” And then the other person must have hung up because the guy swore loudly and then put his phone away.

And all I could think of was Hamilton as the drunk man on the phone begging Aaron to take him back but Aaron isn’t having it.

Ok goodbye I hope you all are having a lovely day!