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heartbroken  gukdoo after bongsoon friendzoned him

BTS Reaction | When their S/O asks them to smile more

| BTS reaction to their girlfriend telling them they should smile more because she loves his smile 💕 thank you~ | here you go darling sorry it took just ages and ages!!!! ~Admin H

Jin/Seokjin: he’s gonna be so soft but also like yes i know how wonderful my smile is and ur like oml seokjin please,,, and he’s like hahaha just kidding but ily and thank u for that lovely compliment my love

Suga/Yoongi: Yoongz is just like…okayyyy whyyy??????? but then when u tell him its bc u love his smile he just,,,gets to soft and melts a little inside and gives u a cute hug and kisses the top of your head bc how on earth did he land someone so sweet and cute 

J-Hope/Hoseok: okay um no way?? you can’t tell him to smile more bc he already is smiling 24/7 so telling sunshine to smile more is like telling the ocean not to be wet

Rap Monster/Namjoon: like yoongi he’s gonna get really really soft and it’ll actually turn into a Really Intimate Moment bc Joonbug has often gotten a lot of undeserved hate for his looks n stuff which is bullshit but not the point he’ll get really soft and treat u extra nice and give you lots of cuddles and maybe show you some of the secret songs he’s written for you ;)

V/Taehyung: CHEESY GRIN TIMEEEEE we all know his delightful infamous boxy grin that he has and holy crap he’s super cute when he does that and you telling him that you like his smile makes him give that exact smile and shower u in giggles in kisses

Jimin: Soft Jimin makes his appearance and he has to hide his face in his hands bc he’s blushing so hard so please take this opportunity to tease him and give him lots of kisses and tickle him bc it will be so cute

Jungkook: He’s gonna smile, and smile, and smile, and jungkook its actually getting creepy now why is your mouth that wide jungkOOK STOP- basically he’s gonna smile at you until you get freaked out and he’s gonna make the creepiest face ever and please stop him somehow

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△ Sammy! Why do you hate chokers so much?? :3c


“They remind me of my ex. I know I say I can always find the best in people, but that isn’t exactly the case here.”

“So … yeah, abusive ex partner. I don’t want to get too into it too much, but she always wore the damn things. She always made me wear one with her too.”

“Never liked it.”

so I

So I just watched their nerd hq interview back in 2013
Bryan Fuller, what the fcuk are you?
You just brought tears to my eyes.

the schools as ice cream
  • Fire: Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Ice: Vanilla soft serve, whip cream & rainbow jimmies
  • Storm: Black raspberry with gummy bears
  • Myth: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Life: Strawberry frozen yogurt with cherries on top
  • Death: Root Beer Float
  • Balance: Moose Tracks in a waffle cone

if you have good thoughts about me i encourage you to please tell me because im doing my best but the world has not treated me well

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have iiiiii ever told u you're supppperrrrr cuteee?????? LIke god damn I wanna treat u to a nice dinnerrrr ((Drunk MA the tables have turned))

“Ah…unfortunately, out of the voidness of my heart and lack of care for others, I’ll have to remind you that I cannot, nor will not ever, feel romantic feelings for anyone. So if this is anything other that a "food before we fuck” dinner, I’ll gladly still go but disregard your feelings entirely.“


      JUST because muses do not get along, does NOT mean the muns cannot get along. If your muse hates someone else’s muse – Then so what?! It’s just RP. It’s just the muse being in character.

      Seriously – JUST because muse’s don’t get along does NOT mean that the muns can’t or do not get along. Get to know the other mun before jumping to such a conclusion! ; v;  

      Remember one of the big rules here; THE MUN IS NOT THE MUSE 

tfw you feel flawless

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Could you do a svt reaction when you, their girlfriend, tell them that you have a chronic yet terminal disease?

ok this gonna be sad af im here u go;

seungcheol: he’s gonnna be super sad like ofc they all gonna be sad bUT THIS BOY IS GONNA FEEL LIKE HE JUST GOT CRUSHED BY A BULDOZER OR SOMETHING AND HE IS SO BROKEN would be all happy cheering you up telling you all the places youd both go he’d take u everywhere and then told u to get some rest and eat ur medicine he’s all happy but when he’s alone he’s just gonna break and cry non stop until he cant even cry anymore omg he loves u so muCH I HATE ME

jeonghan: his face will automatically fell like :) to :( in 0.1 sec not even joking he loves u so much and doesnt want to lose you if u started crying he would cry as well bC THE PAIN IS TOO MUCH if he could transferred all ur pain to him he’d do it omfg would take u to therapy and remind u to take medicine would sing u to sleep and basically take u where u wanna go

joshua: this little fragile hamster would just be like “what….?” and youd start crying and he’ll just wrap his arms around u trying to calm u down when he cant even calm himself he doesnt have an expression on his face to show how sad he is he would just space out 99% of the time after he knows what youre struggling throuGH will ask u what u want to do and make sure youre fine everytime

jun: he would not believe it at first like “ur joking right omg? what date is it?” but when u start whimpering and telling him that its true youre not lying he’s gonna stare at u in disbelief…. .. ..and would quickly hug you tightly and cRY OMG JUN CRYING IM FRAGILE AND SINCE THEN HE WOULD ALWAYS REMIND U HOW MUCH HE LOVES U and promise he’ll help you through this so u can stay with him :^(

hoshi: u can notice automatically his shoulder slump and he showed a frown, theres gonna be silence… ….and he’d suddenly say “youre joking right?” wouldnt joke about it so much but would ask if youre joking or not when you said youre not he’s gonna feel so empty like he doesnt have any bones prop his body it felt like someone just sucked all the happiness out of him would tell u its gonna be ok that ur gonna stay “dont worry, we’ll go through this youre not going anywhere baby okay? you trust me right?” rip me guys

wonwoo: WOULD BE SHOCKED OMG theres gonna be a long silence and youd think he’s gonna leave you so youd start crying and he realized and quickly hug you and tell you its okay he’s not leaving anywhere he’s staying with you aND OMG wonwoo is not the type to cry but when he knew this he’s gonna break down later in the bathroom or something like omg he’s so afraid of losing you he loves u too much “LETS GO FOR AN ADVENTURE” would be something he’d say to you bc he wants to spend as much time as he can with u :,(

woozi: would think about it all the time since the day u told him it will make him cry at 3 am in his studios bc he couldnt just grasp the thought of not having you by his side youre the bestest thing thats ever happened to him, it would make him lose his energetic self and he’d hang out with you more and invite u to his studio to help him compose bc ur his muse and to cuddles and im so emotional rn JIHOON IS SO AFRAID OF LOSING U BYE

seokmin: we all know he is a sunshine like he shines brighter than any stars and when u told him that, he would just :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( his light will disappear he’s gonna be quiet most of the times would think of you all the time is so afraid of losing you and he’s just.. … broken but would  try to be cheery around u telling u theres this ice cream shop you both should go in town would want to spend all of his time to be with u D^:

mingyu: this fucker kid would joke about it “omg nice one baby” “im not fooled” AND youll yell at him saying youre not joking that its true and start breaking down he’ll stop and look at you like .. ……baby… …..AND IT ALL WILL CLICKED IN HIS HEAD omg slow af he’d approach u wrapping his arms around ur fragile body OMFG HE’S GONNA BE A LITTLE BALL OF SADNESS AFTER THAT BUT he’ll try to be hsi usual self and ask u to go with him to places buy u things even tho u tell him not to and he’d just treat u like a princess u are :,)

minghao: this little puppy will frown… …..”are u serious?” and u will nod slowly, you looked like youre about to cry so he just hug you and tell u its ok he loves u and kiss ur forehead, you’d cuddle for the rest of the day talking about different types of dogs and when you laugh HE FELT SO HAPPY but he’d think about u and ur disease most of the times like he’d even search it on the internet how to cure it he’s gonna ask u if u have go to therapy and if u have taken ur medicine basically he cares so much aBOUT U HE LOVES U TOO MUCH HE DOESNT WANT TO LOSE U

seungkwan: boo would be really sad ok around ppl as well like he’s not his usual self he’d just think about u and what u said, if all his schedules are over he’s gonna go straight to u and ask u to come go with him to random places and treat u some nice food and make sure u eat ur medicine takes a lot of pictures and he’d forget that ur ill and when he remembered he’s gonna be :): bc he loves u too much AND THE THOUGHT OF HIM LOSING U IS TOO MUCH

vernon: everyone knows he’s quiet and doesnt talk much but like theres gonna be this aura of sadness radiating off of him like something is up….c.. …he couldnt stop thinking of you all the time he can lose u at anytime possible and he’s always checking on u like very second he’d text u and all that to make sure youre ok youre still here bc he’s so afraid and when he meets u finally he’s gonna embrace u in a big hug and laugh and talk like a normal hansol even though he’s actually broken :^(

chan: CHANNIE WOULD BE LIKE :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9 SUPER SAD OK he would want to spend more times with u talk about nosense things with u take u out places take so many photos of u watching after u would even surprise u with some presents he’d go to therapy with u and told u “its ok youre doing great youre gonna get well soon see?” but would cry when it all gets too much for him D^:

idk how am i still alive thinking of them being sad makes me super sad like im at sadness level 99999 ok