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Happy simming for Autism Acceptance Month <3 


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

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god, your gifset on alec turning around and choosing magnus makes me realize how under every circumstance, through everything, alec will always choose magnus and vice versa. he will choose him over insecurities, fear, internalized homophobia, societal pressure, literally everything. same with magnus, he will choose alec over his fear of loneliness, his worries about them being too different, over everything. gay couples never get to have this, not once, god let them be happy forever

!!! tho admittedly, I did oversimplify things for the sake of a short and neat caption. what I mean is, while there are similarities between the two scenes and it’s lovely (which is why i gif’d it), I think the difference between the two is actually the most telling part about the progress of their relationship. that is, in 1x12 alec choosing magnus was really a lot more about alec choosing his own happiness. throwback to when magnus says “You did it for you,” basically. but I think in 2x06, you actually can say alec chose magnus.

in short, 1x12 is alec asking Can I be with a man? and 2x06 is alec asking Can I be with this man? this man who comes from an entirely different world with entirely different experiences that alec can’t even begin to fathom. and in both cases, he decides yes. and like you said, lgbt+ couples are rarely afforded such things. storylines involving a closeted partner usually just end once that’s resolved, as if lgbt+ couples only struggle with homophobia and not, you know, the same doubts and fears that straight couples do.

I think it’s worth noting, too, that it is alec making the choice. it’s always been a bit clearer where magnus stands – he wants to be with alec – whereas alec has often pulled away due to his being closeted. now that that aspect can be untangled from alec’s actual feelings about magnus, it’s important that we see alec make that choice a second time.

I really like it because it’s often forgotten that just because someone has a lot of relationship experience doesn’t mean they can’t be uncertain and vulnerable. earlier in their date, we had magnus reassuring alec that he’s here with him now and then later, we had alec make a clear statement that he wants magnus. I think the narrative’s positioning of magnus – a bisexual man of color – as someone who equally needs and deserves to know that he’s wanted by the man he loves was extremely significant.


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Dealing with such kindness with the grandmother next door who lives alone as if he’s “ a real grandson” .. this leaves me speechless!
If you find such guy, don’t ever let go of him!
You know a good guy when you see how he treats women, kids, & elderly.