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What we’ve gone through as people, learning about the importance of the LGBT representation on TV, and really understanding the community. A lot more than we potentially did before, adds a certain pressure because then you want to make sure that you do it justice, and make them proud in every moment. And every time I look into Kat’s eyes, I see the importance of it, a lot more than I possibly did before.


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate

It’s easy to forget he’s 18 years old - just ‘cause he’s 6 foot 5 and looks like Michael Phelps - he’s still 18! […] I’m proud of him
—  Niall Horan being a supportive dad to Shawn
Just don’t....

Please, don’t tell me you love me
when you’re gonna flirt with other people.

Don’t tell me you miss me
when you don’t actually miss me.

Don’t give me pet names
when you’re giving other people pet names too.

Don’t treat me like I’m special
when you’re making other people feel special too.

Don’t tell me you care and later on make it seem like
you don’t give a damn.

Don’t tell me you love me
when you’re not really in love.

Just don’t.

Okay but you know what doesn’t sit well with me? The fact that Gansey doesn’t actually receive a lot of validation from his friends?? They all think about how amazing he is, how admirable, how unique, etc (I’m looking at Ronan and Adam POV’s, cause whoo boy), but how often do they actually tell him this?? 

I mean, Gansey didn’t actually understand how much his friends loved him until they followed him into the cave/tunnel in trk!! And he didn’t even think they would come in the first place!! I’ll admit, maybe it’s because it’s been a couple of months since I read the books and fanon is influencing my interpretation, but while someone will think something nice about Gansey, all they’ll say out loud is, “Your shoes are hideous” or “You’re such a buzzkill” or “Why do you talk like that?” Like, he doesn’t actually receive a lot of nice comments from Ronan or Adam??

please just compliment my boy Gansey and tell him that you love him

i cannot believe…that I got up at the crack of dawn for this boy.

I exercised for this boy. 

I pushed my body to the limit for this boy. 

I chose a salad over a meat-lovers pizza for this boy. 

I attended a sport event to support this boy.

I jumped off a waterfall for this boy.

And he has the nerve. the audacity. to share a sleeping bag with me, confesses that he has romantic feelings for me, sleeps with me, and then gives me this shit:

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what i say: thace had so much potential and sometimes i feel as though vld really didn’t take advantage of the opportunity they were given with his character. not only could we have learned more about the galra and the reasons why even some of the highest ranking members of zarkon’s army (thace) would even want to rebel, but we also could have had a sort of unofficial member of team voltron, aiding the paladins + allura and coran, and maybe even helping to develop the characters further (especially allura and keith, who we know, from the very short time that they spent together, really respected commander thace.) I’m not saying thace should have stayed alive throughout the entire series, but if anything, I would have liked it if he were around so that we could at least have more insight to the “”””””bad””’” galra, learn more about thace himself, and watch the main characters interact with him

what i mean: thace was sexy