treat girls better

What boys say: You shouldn’t be with him, he doesn’t deserve you. I could treat you way better so you should be with me.

What girls hear: I’m a condescending asshole who feels so entitled to you that I’m completely disregarding your decision-making faculties in an assumption that I can make better decisions for a human being than they can. 

Women aren’t lost, misguided little souls looking for the right guy to set us in the right direction. We are competent humans in control of our own destiny, fully capable of making our own decisions about which people to let into our lives. 

Grell appreciation post

Things that need to be appreciated about the blood red reaper a bit more:
- She’s a canon transgender person
- Luscious hair… So beautiful
- Very strong and resilient in fights and in her work
- Very smart (A average)
- Lovely taste in shoes

Things that we should imagine her doing:
- Grell, waking up in the morning at 5 AM to work out. She beats up a punching bag and does 100 pushups and situps to keep herself in shape and keep up her stamina

-Grell taking a long hot bath with her hair up in a towel after a long day, soaking in water with sparkles and pink tones from her rose bath bomb

-Grell testing nail polish colors on Ronald (and him loving it)

-Grell, French braiding Her hair and wearing a large sunhat and overall shorts so she can tend to her little garden where she grows roses in the spring and pumpkins in the fall (on her day off, of course)

-Grell, calling Ronald and crying because she’s lonely on valentines day. Ronald leaving his party to come to her house to wipe her tears, eat chocolate dipped strawberries, and watch ‘sex in the city’ on repeat.

-Grell crying softly as Ronald graduates reaper academy, because she’s so proud

-Grell singing quietly to a German love song as she dances through the kitchen, making breakfast for herself (or a guest.. ♥)

-Grell. Just her as she is, a beautiful, strong woman.

I love grell sutcliff more than I love myself. She is the sun and the moon and the stars.

Let Her Go
  • Let Her Go
  • Mac DeMarco
  • Salad Days

tell her that you love her, if you really love her
But if your heart just ain’t sure, let her go

Shout out to every queer girl who has a painfully deep crush on a straight girl rn

We are in this together.

Call Me Old-Fashioned But...

I still like to open the door for my girl, treat her out on days she feel sad, plan date-nights without expecting anything, gives up my jacket when she’s cold, and actually listens to her with my full attention when she talks.

how to beat the winter blues or the .... whatever: treat yo’self edition

just making a little master post because i know how easy it is to get into this kind of rut in the winter. and i know how easy it is to feel depressed and blue and all of that, so i wanted to share my personal tips for feeling better. if you had a bad day, i highly recommend all of this.

  • step one: run a hot bubble bath. like, scalding water. put candles all along your tub. drop in some lush products. don’t know what lush is? google it, my lovely followers. order yourself some bath bombs and bubble bars and lotions and face masks. got any christmas candy? bring it to the tub with you. like to read books? bring a new one to the tub with you. 

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seriously. you will not regret it.

  • okay so after a nice long soak, now that you’re all perfumed and lotioned and oily and clean, get out of the tub. you can’t live in the bathtub. i tried, it doesn’t work, eventually u gotta charge ur phone. etc. 
  • step two: make yourself a drink. and a snack. (if you’re of age/i don’t care if youre of age/do what you want) put lots of ice in it so its really cold and have it in your favorite glass. and drink it with a straw, because that makes it more fun. add little fruit garnishes and shit. or little sprinkles around the rim, or salt or sugar. or vegetables, if youre into savory drinks. TREAT YOSELF. have fun with it. it doesn’t have to have alcohol, just make yourself a really tasty drink ok?? hot cocoa, expresso, tea with honey and lemon. whatever makes you smile. whatever floats your boat baby.

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  • step three: the snack. it can be a healthy snack if you’re into that or it can be some comfort food. shit, it doesn’t even have to be a snack! order takeout if you like. this is all about treating yourself, so make yourself something really delicious that you know will make you happy. like I’m having roasted almonds because that’s what i feel like tonight. the really good kind with salt and garlic. fucking delicious. i might have some cheese with the almonds. because cheese is also fucking delicious.

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  • step four: netflix. now you can watch whatever you want, and as a pll blog i should probably recommend that you watch pll. but no. i am going to recommend something else.

gossip. girl.

  • it’s set in the beautiful city of manhattan. ok, manhattan is the island. whatever. new york city tho. it’s beautiful and everything is luxurious and you can live vicariously through everyone.
  • it’s like PLL, but better. 
  • hot guys. hot girls. great plots. lots of drama. a little sex. anD THE FASHION DEAR GOD. and lovable characters. 
  • blair waldorf for example. she is everything.
  • chace. CRAWFORD. aka nate archibald. oh my god.

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Trust me, you won’t regret it. Enjoy your snack. Enjoy your drink. BINGE WATCH GOSSIP GIRL. And enjoy being all clean smelling. all of these things are a very good cure for whatever’s ailing you. i mean, they won’t fix the flu, but they are a good way to feel better on a monday night.

just wanted to share this with everyone, i hope youre all doing well. i love each of you little babies. if you want, inbox me with your tips for how to get over a bad day and ill share them with everyone.

ps: if youre new to gossip girl and love it after watching, let me know. trust me… its amazing. its everything you wanted PLL to be.


j97masaki  asked:

Ask meme 10, and if yes, 16 for the dude.

10: Do you have any OC’s?

16: What would be your first or basic psychic skill (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, ect)?

well um I dont actively make OCs for fanworks, yknow, but I do remember making some just as fillers or plot devices or on a whim since Im a terrible creator. so lets just like make a list of them bc I probably should care more abt them than I do rn

  • Ando from this one comic who’s an asshole and not a psychic 
  • the child of Karma from this comic set in @crescentmoonrider‘s Edo AU, who is a spirit/yokai and feasts on the change of fate created by a victim accepting its solution for a problem in their life
  • a very nice granny from that same comic who definitely deserves better than what happened to her. I am so so sorry granny
  • Koucchi and Yuu from A Changing of Moment, playing filler roles but also are cryptid/urban legend enthusiasts (also not psychic)
  • Batch from the second chapter of that same fic, who is a spirit and also a swarm of bees. literally. 
  • the trees. do the trees count. bc I love them a lot
  • the tarantula from a request pretty long ago, who is a psychic brick
  • and of course Ouji. the best part of me. the greatest household member in my Magi AU. he can run like a wind and hear a leaf touch the ground in a forest on the other side of the country. he also loves cuddles and is very loyal to his King. he is the best. the Best. a blessing to me and to that universe. 

and heres the ask meme bby throw some in if ya feel it

jess may not have been the greatest boyfriend, but he did try. you can’t tell me that he didn’t. he did little things to make her happy, to show that he cared, even before they were together. you could tell he liked her instantly.

jess saw rory differently from almost everyone else on the show. the whole town treated her like a princess, like she was perfect, like she was just so fragile. jess liked her for exactly who she was.

and they may have both destroyed their relationship (because you can’t tell me the blame is all on jess), but that doesn’t erase all the good aspects of their relationship or what might’ve been when they were older. jess didn’t have it together when he was eighteen. he didn’t know how to be what rory needed, because he hadn’t figured out who he was yet or how to be in a mature relationship. and to be honest, she hadn’t either. but three years later, he had it together, he was successful, he wrote a book, and he was exactly what she needed.

you can say jess was a crappy boyfriend and he treated rory terribly all you want, but he was a good man who understood rory better than anyone else could.


He’s liked you ever since he first saw you on the flight to Thailand. He wished you were sitting next to him on the flight back. He has flown so many miles, you can’t even fathom how many. He’s flown around the world multiple times. And you were the first person he ever wanted to sit next to. Jung Won probably didn’t send those flowers either. He doesn’t like white flowers. Jung Won, that punk, is a crazy guy who even sends flowers to me. He sent flowers to me when I won a journalism award. He only ever sends blue flowers. The dress he spent all night making for you was blue too. Let’s trust Jung won. He’s a lonelier person than I am. He’s more thoughtful than am. He would treat a girl better than I would. He’s richer than me. More than anything…. he’s healthy. He’s manly and he’s tall. He wants to give you good shoes and take you to better places than I would.” - Lee Hwa Shin