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“Something happened. It was so embarrassing. My skin feels itchy with it. I hate to think that people would have gone home and talked about it…like it was a joke…over their Yorkshire puddings or summat. It’s too much out there. I don’t even know how to explain it. It smashes up all of your senses. I’m not strong enough to deal with it all on my own.”

What’s really fucking me up is that Alex “OK, lesbian” Danvers is like really invested in Kara being with Mon-El??? Like more than Kara even is????? You cannot tell me that Kara would go to Alex like “he’s done nothing but lie to me” and Alex wouldn’t immediately drop kick him into the sun

But no

“”“”“"Canon”“”“”“ Alex is encouraging her to forgive him? Despite how much he’s hurt her?????????

The writers are unfollowed, blocked, reported

so i…. me…. i got a job?? today?? yeah im surprised too. this bitch is moving up in the world. i’m gonna be making just enough bank to move out of this tiny dirt town. im headed for the slightly-bigger city, space cowboy

my mood is legitimately through the roof rn


You can take a shower and put on something of Eddie’s. 

The Path, S01E08 (The Shore) vs S01E09 (A Room of One’s Own)

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A fresh Feralheart Newbie, birthed into the world of online interaction.
Feralheart Newbies are precious creatures that, upon first entering FH, are very convinced that this is the greatest, sparkliest thing known to the internet. Now, if only it could figure out how to get its head to stop moving around…
Early ancestors of the Feralheart Newbies were first released into Bonfire Island, where they quickly became hardened. Lonely Cave Newbies are much more delicate and need patience and care, or they’ll break or something.
And that’s how you get ants.
Hopefully this informative piece will help you guide these beautiful defaulty creatures into FH existence and etiquette!

They could do so much with them and having a gay black man and a teenager be the leads of your show would be so interesting because God knows the last thing TV needs more of is broody, tortured men being given all the attention.
“please god give me a Vanderwood Route” pt. 2

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also i’m starting to headcanon stuff about Vanderwood’s backstory like crazy because WE KNOW NOTHING… SOBS… also as always, 707 Route Spoilers!

- Before they go to the apartment, Vanderwood badgers 707 into calling MC because “SHE HASN’T EATEN TODAY GO BOTHER HER”

- 707 finally can tease Vanderwood about being irresponsible. Vanderwood reminds him they have a taser.

- Vanderwood babies the MC like crazy because of her sprained ankle. Cooks for her, cleans, does any laundry…. All the while being super prickly. In the interests of actually making this seem “game”-like, the bad dialogue choices would center around treating Vanderwood’s efforts as a joke by also calling them your maid. The way to get hearts with Vanderwood is to honestly and sincerely thank them for what they do.

- This is getting into some extreme head-canon territory but Vanderwood had to have joined the agency for a reason. They’re not used to people being loving and affectionate towards them and the honest sincerity of “wow Vanderwood this is a great sandwich thank you, you’re very sweet” short circuits them. They’re just like “ah….. yeah…. You’re welcome….”

- Messes really bother Vanderwood and they actually secretly find cleaning very comforting which is why they do it for 707 so often.

- Vanderwood complaining when MC tries to walk around on her sprained ankle. She says she’s fine if she uses the wall for support, and she also mentions how much she hates being cooped up. This kind of… jives with Vanderwood due to Reasons, so they take pity and go with them for a - as they stress - VERY short walk outside. MC leans on Vanderwood. They are a little flustered, but mostly they’re kind of introspective and end up talking a little bit about their backstory, much to their chagrin later.

- They lived in England, but a Thing they won’t talk about lead them having to sign up with the agency, which ended up taking them to Korea. Yes, they miss their home. Yes, they’ll speak a little English for the MC. They miss the gloomy weather, because it was great for smoking in.

- At SOME point later on, they definitely say something super sweet to the MC in English, ask her “Did you understand that?” and are just like “yes, good” when she says no.

- Right before the bomb thing comes out, Vanderwood is taking a smoke break outside. MC comes out to join them, and jokingly tries to steal their cigarette. She doesn’t know how to smoke and hacks up a lung, which Vanderwood teases her about. They also tell her not to pick up the habit; it’s terrible for you.

(“So, why do you smoke then?”

They stared off into the distance, the light of their cigarette burning in the darkness like freshly heated iron. A curl of white blew out of their mouth, fogging up their profile as they turned their face away from you, and - beneath the sound of chirping crickets - they murmured something. Serious. Words that had an edge to them, but it wasn’t anger that tinged their voice.  “…I’m bad for you too, you know. Why are you here? Why are you being so…”

They struggled with the next word, unable to really put the entirety of you into words. “Nice?”)

- When the bomb thing comes out, Vanderwood flips. “WHAT THE FUCK, SEVEN”, Vanderwood yells. “THERE’S A BOMB IN HERE WHAT THE FUCK? WHAT IS THE RFA DOING I’M ONTO YOUR S H I T.”

- Seven doesn’t know how to handle this, particularly since I think - because he actually did his agency work - he’s started digging into the Mint Eye stuff and the hacker and he’s like ???? ? ? ???? ? ?? ???!? this is weird! And also maybe Vanderwood has some insight to add that makes Seven really worried about what Mint Eye is planning?

- Unknown comes to collect MC and is fought off by Vanderwood, and they are SUPER weirded out by this strange boy who looks exactly like 707….

The chemistry between Drew and Alex is beyond fantastic. The looks that they give to each other, the passionate vibe that they both feel and the seamless connection, they can’t deny is not only just beyond attraction, it also highlights the journey of the two characters who came a long away to a place of mutual understanding and respect. They are both headstrong, they are fiercely competitive but deep down, they care for one another in ways that allow them to flourish together and they find themselves in a moment, lost for words outside of a cabin. Some say that “love is not a battlefield to be won”, but I believe that love is an enduring spirit that marks the beginning of a beautiful story. From the moment, they met each other when Drew said “does every guy treat you like the center of the universe” to when he later said “when you’re around…you’re all I can think about”, shows that he couldn’t deny what he truly felt about Alex. Conversely, when Alex said that she was trying to come close to trusting people she cared about, Drew was happy to respond with a positive note, keeping her fear at bay. Alex was always the one to keep her distance but Drew made her feel like she could trust others again and in that scene, she entrusted herself to him. They started from a place of understanding, to a great friendship and then, finally a beautiful romance. For this reason, I put Dralex as my otp of Quantico. To me, that makes me glad to be a Dralex fan. I ship them harder than the titanic.
—  Unknown
End of Life

I shadowed a palliative care doctor all morning today and to say what he does is “intense” is a gross understatement. Palliative care centers around treating the symptoms of a disease rather than the cause in order to give a patient maximum comfort. For example, if a patient is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, palliative care would be helping the patient be pain, nausea, and discomfort free for as long as possible. But no chemo. This might seem like it’s in opposition to what medicine is supposed to do, but it’s not. It brings the focus of treatment back to the patient, not the disease. Palliative care helps patients die in comfort and with dignity, and even before shadowing this morning, I had a huge amount of respect for what they do.

This morning, the palliative care doc met me at 8 am in the lounge, where he threw back a cup of coffee, casually mentioned he had rounded on 13 patients already, and then started walking so fast I literally had to jog to keep up. I had expected that the majority of his day would be directly interacting with patients and families, and that was true. But a surprisingly large portion was super intense internal medicine. I never realized how difficult it is to treat the symptoms of a disease without causing unnatural death, or unnatural improvement. In addition to the basic science aspect of a palliative care doc’s job, he or she also has to navigate incredibly complex conversations end-of-life conversations on an hourly basis.

We went through 6 patients in 4 hours. Neither of us peed, ate, or drank. A few of the families of the patients refused to listen to him and he had to really fight for the comfort of the patient.Other families were divided and fought each other through tears and sobs. One lucky patient had a huge family who brought smartphones with synced up calendars so they could set up round the clock care and vigils.

By lunchtime, I was drained physically and emotionally. I went home to lay on my couch in exhaustion. The doctor got ready for the 5 families of the afternoon. I could not do what palliative care doctors do. But I thank my lucky stars that they exist.


The Corgis were snuggled up to each other enjoying the outdoors, either in shared misery (because they weren’t inside getting treats or being the center of attention), or maybe they just felt like being lovely lumps all cuddled up together.  I really like it when Corgis are lovely lumps.

These are work in progress of sorts.  My first rough drawing is at the bottom here, and then I did the more finished pencil drawing and then the watercolor.   

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Seventeen sighed stepping outside the rescue center for a well earned cigarette, he and eren had spent the morning tracking down a hunter who had abused and tortured a poor stag wanting to take its antlers. Both the stag and his bambi were now in the center being treated “yo eren I’m gonna clock out, call me tomorrow if I’m needed” he told his partner who nodded “alright sev see ya!” He called. The android wasted no time in grabbing his stuff and climbed into his truck driving along the familiar trail towards his home.