treat bars


Gluten free, dusted with fresh georgia pecans, and enrobed in three kinds of chocolate… ohhh yesss gluten free,, and available next week

What’s it called? The Michelle Obama Bar

A special bar cookie created in honor of Mrs Obama for this final holiday season in the White House

its medicated; its rich; its chocolate; and its gluten free.. this holiday season only - from Honeychiles Kitchen

Made this during my last day at Magic Kingdom to celebrate the ending of the most amazing internship that ever was :’)

Shout out to andreafrances for being able to eat this crazy delicious Mickey krispy waaaay slower than I was able to (and for being awesome in general)


Today is the #GreatAmericanSmokeout!

Although conservation staff doesn’t get to read every page they work on, this provisions shipment list from World War One on the U.S.S. Pasadena caught our attention. Rolled cigarettes were part of the military’s daily rations from World War 1 until the end of the Vietnam War. This particular WWI shipment contained a staggering 2,801,740 cigarettes from Lucky Strike and Omar brands. But by the 1970s, overwhelming scientific evidence of the health risks of smoking entered the national conversation and the government stopped including tobacco products in soldiers’ rations. Also included on the list were some sweeter treats, like Hershey chocolate bars, evaporated peaches and canned corn.

Many of these oversized records on thin paper were badly damaged, so NARA conservation staff surfaced cleaned, humidified, mended, sleeved and rehoused them in custom boxes to stabilize and protect the records for digitization and safe handling in the future.

[RG 92- Lists of Incoming/Outgoing Passengers]


LGBT people do not in any way benefit from “allosexism”, because gay sex, and sex involving trans people is incredibly stigmatized and fetishized. Trans people are asked about their genitals, lesbians are fetishized by men and gay bars are treated as sex filled dens of sin.  Our sexualities are policed and censored by the general public and we are often told that we are only worthy of respect if we “tone it down” and desexualize ourselves. Claims of “allosexism” are ridiculous because it assumes that society regards LGBT sexuality in the same way that it regards heterosexuality, something that is simply not true. 


Many brownies were made tonight 😏
First pic are protein brownie bars that I like to have with a cup of tea instead of biscuits, or take to the gym to eat post-workout if I don’t have time for lunch straight after.
Second pic are gluten and dairy free (they do contain eggs though) proper brownies made with rice flour and coconut oil. The texture is more bitty than normal brownies and they do have a hint of coconut but I’m super impressed and they shouldn’t upset my skin too much over the weekend hopefully 😊 to be shared with Matthew tomorrow after our valentines dinner and my best friend Kate when she comes to stay Saturday night 😁