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now that the episode is public, smth Really Important to me from the latest ep:

so like. caboose actively seeking simmons out and keeping him company? and talking abt church and asking about grif when simmons gets sad? is literally all i ever needed. Ever

they’re both against splitting up in the first place, so caboose seeks simmons out so they can keep each other company and “split up together” which is so good. and then they have a whole convo abt death and ghosts and simmons treats cabooses ideas (people turning into ghosts, specifically bc u care about them) as actual theories and debates them which is So Good.

they both lost their best friends and they both know what the other person is goin thru and im just. so emotional. the friendship we need and deserve honestly

just a few things straight* people need to never do again

since i’m feeling extra bitter tonight!

  • don’t call ppl gay as a joke/insult, this is 101 level shit friends!

  • DEFINITELY don’t call homophobes gay as a joke/insult. this goes TRIPLE for homophobic politicians etc who deliberately torture, or endanger/end the lives of, LGBT+ people. fuck your putin memes!!!

  • don’t suggest that violent homophobes are just closeted self-hating gay ppl or that “the worst ones are always secretly gay”. that places the blame on us for our own oppression which is a cruel move

  • don’t bring up the fact that “LGBT+ people aren’t all perfect, they can be abusers too!!” because we know, you paint us all that way in order to justify our oppression, and you literally cannot handle that conversation with nuance because of that history - so leave those discussions to us.

  • don’t say making a butch-coded character a lesbian would be “a stereotype” so it’s somehow more Progressive™ to have yet another straight character who just happens to take all her fashion cues from lesbian culture. we need rep more than you do, straight girls with short hair!

  • don’t insist that it’s somehow wrong to be LGBT+ and fulfil stereotypes, as though the negativity in those stereotypes doesn’t nearly always come directly from straight people being uncomfortable with people being visibly LGBT+ and having our own cultures and ways of identifying ourselves to each other

  • don’t act all offended when someone mistakes you for one of us. take some time to think about why you think they should know you’re straight, and why you think it’s so bad to be seen as one of us.

  • don’t make AIDS jokes. what the literal fuck. it was a fucking genocide you monster.

  • don’t defend the way we die on screen all the time. don’t write stories where we can’t be alive and happy and LGBT+ all at the same time without being punished for it by the narrative.

  • don’t go making or joining in on our jokes about how straight people are the worst. that’s you too, buddy, no matter how big your rainbow backpack is.

  • don’t talk about how there are straight people and Straight People™ and you’re better than those other Straight People™. that’s not your fucking call and if you think it is you’re definitely Straight People™

  • don’t assume that everyone in your life is straight. odds are a lot of people just aren’t out to you. it’s your job to learn to be a person they can feel safe being honest with, and to act like that person even when you think you’re only interacting w straight ppl.

  • don’t assume that all LGBT+ people are adults who always knew. be aware that in most groups of children, some will be lgbt+, and be respectful of that possibility in how you talk to them

  • don’t out us. don’t speculate on whether someone you know is lgbt+. don’t mention us in conversation purely to get Cool Credit for knowing A Gay, that’s weird and uncomfortable even if it’s not to someone we know/will ever meet. other lgbt+ ppl see u doing that and we are creeped out.

  • don’t pretend you can be privately creeped out by/uncomfortable w/disapproving of our existence without being a homophobe. you’re a homophobe. you don’t have to stay that way.

  • don’t fetishize relationships between ppl of the gender you’re attracted to. our sexuality and our relationships are not for your consumption and us loving/fucking each other is explicitly not about you at all!

  • stop talking about same gender relationships like they’re dirtier or more sinful than yours. stop pretending gay fanfiction is dirtier than straight fanfiction.

  • shipping isn’t activism, porn isn’t activism, and it’s homophobic to pretend voyeuristic fetishization of our existence is remotely supportive. especially if you’re still uncomfortable w gay & bi people of your own gender.

  • like it’s 100% ok to ship gay relationships but it doesn’t make u an activist or exempt from homophobia, and u do need to examine how u interact w those stories to make sure you’re not objectifying oppressed ppl for ur own pleasure - we’re not fetish objects, we’re people

  • stop showing up to gay bars uninvited. stop having your bachelor/ette parties at gay bars. stop treating our only places to meet each other like your personal zoos.

  • don’t hit on gay men or lesbians, in earnest or as a joke. This includes hitting on gay ppl of your own gender bc you think it’s funny or bc you want to turn on your partner. don’t fucking ask us if you can watch us having sex. stop asking for sexual interaction altogether from people you know aren’t attracted to your gender. you will not be an exception.

  • don’t pressure ur bi partner to engage in a threesome they haven’t said they actually want. definitely do not hit on LGB+ ppl on behalf of your bi partner. wtf dude.

  • straight women, please stop calling your platonic female friends “girlfriends” or people you admire as “woman crushes”. Take some time to think about why you think just indicating she’s a girl is supposed to make it clear that your feelings toward someone are actually platonic, and how that makes lbpq women you know feel.

  • when someone comes out to you, don’t act like they’re suddenly a predatory pervert w no self control. don’t stop inviting them to events or start acting differently around them. we interact w ppl of our own gender all the fucking time w/o making it sexual, stop interpreting every interaction w a gay person as sexual in our minds, it’s almost certainly not. ur not that irresistible, stop making it weird.

  • don’t pretend our existence is 100% about how we have sex. that means stop making excuses to not tell children about us! don’t act like we shouldn’t be gay in public! don’t act like your weird kinks make your experience remotely equivalent to ours! (stop ‘coming out’ as kinky you creeps!)

  • don’t demand we present a desexualized and platonic image of our existence and relationships at all times. we have wildly varying sex lives and levels of complexity in our relationships to sex, just like you do.

  • don’t ever EVER use the word h*m*sexual, it’s considered a slur bc it was used for medicalized justifications for our torture. there’s a reason 99% of the usage of that word today is by anti-gay groups.

*tbh this is really just @ straight cis ppl even tho it’s abt gayness since honestly most of these do not apply to straight trans ppl, bc straight trans ppl are an integral part of the same communities/face many of the same issues - and almost always have better fucking manners.


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Sooo, in case you didn’t see, there are 500 plus people following me which is nuts. Thank you to everyone who does. It means a bunch to me, and I’m hoping to do a lot more of these in the future for you all :) 

Today, I wanted to give you a few gifts from Wonder’s party that I think you might like. I decided to just go ahead and release them, since I had like absolutely no other use for any of it. I put arrows to everything that will be up for grabs, so you can take a look at that if you’d like.

There’s a note with more info on known issues and such in the zip. Not many issues and also up to you if you read. Please, remember basic TOU. Nothing is perfect, but all meshes are 100% mine. I worked very hard on them.

Now with all the boring stuff out the way…

What you’ll get:

-Welcome Forest Friends Sign

-Single Fox Plate

-Single Fox Cup {With a green drink inside.. aka the pond punch!}

-Tic Tac Toe

-Stack of Fox Plates {Couldn’t find the cups for some reason :( If I do, I’ll put them up for download as well.}

-A big jug of yummy “Pond Punch”!

-Log Treat Stand

-Donuts {Because who doesn’t love donuts?! And they are all one big mesh since I wasn’t going to OMSP myself to death lol}

-Marshmallow Treats

-Stack of Candy Bars {They are not singular. The mesh contains like twelve bars or something like that. Don’t hold me to it, though.}

-Squirrel Balloon

-Fox Balloon

-Big Two Balloon

-Andd I threw in these fairy dust thingies I thought were cute. They don’t necessarily have to be used for a party, so grab a bottle and let your little loves sparkle any time!

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who is following me and all of my awkwardness! This is for you, and pleaseeee make sure to tag “lifewithryann” if you want me to see what beautiful things you’ve done with my things! Love you guys, and I hope you  

E    N    J    O    Y!


Gluten free, dusted with fresh georgia pecans, and enrobed in three kinds of chocolate… ohhh yesss gluten free,, and available next week

What’s it called? The Michelle Obama Bar

A special bar cookie created in honor of Mrs Obama for this final holiday season in the White House

its medicated; its rich; its chocolate; and its gluten free.. this holiday season only - from Honeychiles Kitchen

Let’s Make a Deal {Part II}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I am amazed at how much people are loving this AU so far!)

Mobster! Cassian x Reader

Plot Summary: 1954. All you cared about was earning money and surviving in the concrete jungle that we call New York City. However, ever since WWII ended, crime was rampant all around, and you managed to land right in the heart of it all. Cassian Andor was one of the local crime bosses, and the two of you managed to cross paths.

“Another gin and tonic for you, Mister Jethals?” You asked, as the man sitting at the bar waved his hand.

“Please. Been a long fuckin’ day at City Hall.” He slurred, as you raised your brows, pouring his drink and grabbing a napkin and pen, giving a look to Jasmine as she nodded her head, moving on to distract some of the patrons with a few of her custom drinks.

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Hoseok - Dope Series

Originally posted by bangthebae

You were a boring office worker who met race car driver, Jung Hoseok, at a bar and things progressed in the backseat of his car.

Genre: Fluff | Smut
Members: Hoseok x Reader
Word count: 5179


Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

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Made this during my last day at Magic Kingdom to celebrate the ending of the most amazing internship that ever was :’)

Shout out to andreafrances for being able to eat this crazy delicious Mickey krispy waaaay slower than I was able to (and for being awesome in general)

Eatmore Bars

This recipe has been around in my family for a very long time. I’m not sure who came up with it, or where they found it, but I’m so glad they did.

Every Saturday night when my Dad was home, he would make these for us to enjoy. They’re really chewy, & extremely delicious! 

Let us know if you give this tasty recipe a try! Some good! 

- Quel

Eatmore Bars

¾ cup Corn Syrup
1 pkg. Chocolate Chips
½ cup Peanut Butter
½ tsp. Vanilla
1 cup Peanuts
3 cups Rice Krispies

Melt corn syrup, chocolate chips, peanut butter, & vanilla in a pot. Add Rice Krispies & peanuts. Stir. Remove from heat, place in a lightly greased pan. Refrigerate for two hours, then cut into squares before completely hardened.

Hiraeth | Pt.8

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 4,155.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: This is a far shorter chapter than the rest but I think it’s best if it stays on it’s own.

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LGBT people do not in any way benefit from “allosexism”, because gay sex, and sex involving trans people is incredibly stigmatized and fetishized. Trans people are asked about their genitals, lesbians are fetishized by men and gay bars are treated as sex filled dens of sin.  Our sexualities are policed and censored by the general public and we are often told that we are only worthy of respect if we “tone it down” and desexualize ourselves. Claims of “allosexism” are ridiculous because it assumes that society regards LGBT sexuality in the same way that it regards heterosexuality, something that is simply not true. 

A Lovely Night (1/3) [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: What happens when Lin’s path and yours cross while trying to make it into Broadway?

Word count: 1,481

Warnings: Alcohol mention and… That’s pretty much it. 

A/N: Guess who juut watched La La Land and it’s obsessed with it? That’s right, me and @hamilbye​. Inspired by the soundtrack we started writing our first fic together and we are loving it! We hope you guys like it too. PS: listen to the La La Land soundtrack while reading this! haha <3

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“C’mon  [Y/N], you need to go with us!” Natalie was at your bedroom’s door, wearing her sparkly dress with amazing heels. She stared at you as you hid your face with one of the pillows placed on your bed.

“I don’t wanna!” You answer, the voice muffled by the pillow.You sat up and Natalie entered the room, sitting by the end of the bed. “These parties are full of people with egos that wouldn’t fit in the same room if they had to.”

“That’s Broadway, love. You want to make it here, and for that you need to know the right people. There’s someone in that crowd worth your time and effort.” You eyed her like you didn’t believe a word she said, even though you knew there was truth in her statement. “Now grab that pretty dress you never used and put some red lipstick on, we’ll wait for you.”

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okay on the one hand, straight girls shouldn’t go to gay bars to treat the gay people there like a zoo

on the other hand i really want to take some of my straight female friends, maybe not to a gay bar necessarily, but to any sort of gay space, and gay bars are pretty much the only place for gay people to gather publicly, just to prove to them that women, particularly lesbians, are so much kinder and more supportive than the catty brats they spend time with, like, you don’t have to live like this; straight girls…..there exists a world…..where women support each other and don’t spend all day plotting to murder each other over, how did that one post describe men? plotting to murder each other over common stones among turds. like, imagine the magic carpet scene from aladdin and i’m aladdin, and my straight friends are jasmine, and instead of showing them what the world looks like i’m showing them what their life could look like if they prioritize female relationships over male ones

la-fille-en-aiguilles  asked:

So I'm taking you up on your offer, love! ☺️ so I thought about Ben (obviously) & a sassy reader always hanging out with the same people, but not knowing each other directly 😏 and one day their friends set them up for a blind date without them knowing... and it's all sweet and fluffy 🙏🏻 I hope you can work with that, love, I'm a sucker for this sort of romantic suspense... 😄 Anyway, thank you so much, again, for your stories! They often constitute the best part of my day. Cheers, your fan.

So I kind of twisted it the blind date angle but hopefully you like this @la-fille-en-aiguilles! I can always give you a sweet Ben date story as well :)

Tequila and the Jets

Imagine: Waking up next to Ben after a fun night out.

A/N: This is smutty….my first Ben SMUT and I blushed all the way through it…..I think it was worth it. Enjoy! :)

You felt the hangover, even when you realized you were laying down and hadn’t opened your eyes yet. You groan, digging your face deeper into your pillow as you hear a phone chirp beside you.

‘Please shut up, please shut up’ you will internally to no avail. You sigh, rolling to your side to grab your phone when you stop. This wasn’t your bed. The navy sheets stood out against the sun rays peering in through the window.

“No, no, no….” you mumble, throwing a pillow over your face. That’s when your heart stops. You knew that smell. The perfectly mingled scent of spices and fresh linens played against your nostrils and you sat up in bed. You took in the decor of the room…you were in a hotel but not your hotel room. This was room was far nicer. You noted the clothes laying on the ground - your dress lying on top of jeans and a dark T-shirt you remembered seeing a handsome fellow donning the night before and you lose your breath.  

You were in Ben’s room.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck….” you mumble as you  throw off the sheets to find that you are indeed naked and despite your panic can’t help but smile. Did you get plastered with Ben and then sleep with him? You ran your hands through your hair, willing the events from the night before to enter your brain. You were in New York to visit a friend and ran into Ben. You didn’t know Ben that much - you both had been introduced mutually through a friend a long time ago but aside from a few run ins occasionally there was nothing else to your friendship. Ben had wanted to go to a concert and you figured it would be fun - you had just bought a sexy little black dress that you were eager to show off. That and you knew you were looking good -  leather jacket to accentuate the dress, cute ankle boots to help tone down your style and you had just left the salon,  your hair looking fresh out of a Loreal commercial.

You remembered watching Hoozer, then there was a bar but after that….all a little fuzzy. You went through your hook up list once again.

Angry hangover.


Naked body under sheets.


The only thing missing was…

“You’re up!” his deep, baritone voice cuts through your sluggish brain and you look up to see Ben smiling down at you, two mugs of coffee in his hand. His shirt was off and his boxers hung dangerously low on him, licking some untamed fire within you.

Yea….you probably hit that.

“Thank you…” You mumble, taking the mug from his hands and leaning back into the bed frame.  You take a sip of coffee, letting the caffeine work its magic in your body as you try to keep your eyes in front of you. Finally after moments of silence you say,


“So?” Ben asks, raising a brow. You become very aware of how naked you were and try to casually cross your  arms over your chest before asking,

“What the hell happened last night?”

He gives a large sigh, falling back beside you and takes a large swig of coffee.

“….I was going to ask you that actually.”

“Shit.” you mutter under your breathe, causing him to laugh. He takes another drink before commenting,

“I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t happy to wake up next to this gorgeous naked woman but…I don’t remember how we got here. Naked and all.”

You can’t help but smile at his natural charm. Of course you slept with him.  Tall, dark looks. British accent. Witty intellect. A tad bit nerdy. A gentleman. You had a type and this man fit it to a tee. You were probably all over him the minute you met up at the concert.

“Agreed. I remember meeting you at the concert. We danced and listened to music together while friends abandoned us….” you rubbed the side of your head, trying to conjure up some memory.

“Right,” he tilted his head to look at you, “I remember asking you for drinks afterwards.”

You shook your head, the memories starting to come back to you.

“Yes! We went to a bar close to your hotel because you are a very smooth Casanova,” he pushes you with his shoulders though the smile on his face betrays him. You continue,  “We went to the bar and I convinced you take tequila shots with me…..and that about answers that on my end.”

You laugh, shaking your head. You take another sip of coffee and Ben nods.

“Oh yes. You were dancing on the bar to Benny and the Jets. You convinced the bartender to treat the whole bar to shots - which he did because let’s be frank you looked very good in that dress you were wearing - and then I asked you to come upstairs. But only to make sure you were okay!” he made sure to say the last part quickly, his cheeks growing red and you can’t help but die inside from how adorable he was.

“I’m sure you did Mr. Casanova. Admit it - the minute you saw me last night you had planned this whole thing. Tequila and the Jets.”  You begin to hum the tune, causing him to give a deep, throaty laugh. It’s not long before you’re joining him in his laughter, relieved that he found this one night stand as amusing as you.

When you both have simmered down he says,

“I may not have planned last night,” you shoot him a look and he raises his hands in defense, “but I’m happy I ran into you. Never expected to see you again, especially out here.”

You shrug, finishing your coffee and placing it on the nightstand beside you.

“Jen and I have been wanting to see Hamilton and I haven’t been in New York for a while so alas.”

You stretch your arms and legs, not missing Ben’s eyes raking over your body, that same goofy smile plastered on his face.  

“What?” you ask, knowing your cheeks were just as red as his were, suddenly self conscious of how he was looking at you.

“Nothing…” he stretches over you to place his coffee mug beside your own.

“You just look really beautiful right now.” he whispers, his face inches from your own. You could hear your heart beating out of its chest as you looked back at him. You liked him. He was funny and smart and knew how to make the best out of an awkward situation and you liked him. The hell you were going to let him know that though.

“Is that the best line you have Casanova?” you whisper before his lips fall on yours. You feel his smile underneath your mouth as you wrap your arms around your neck but you don’t care. You’re just happy that you’re kissing him and you’ll be able to remember it. He captures your bottom lip, gently sucking it before his tongue mingles with your own, causing you to groan involuntarily. He grunts in approval, slowly pushing your body back into the soft mattress.

His mouth trails from your mouth down to your neck, playfully biting and kissing you. You throw your head back in pleasure, running your hands through his thick hair. This was what your brain was going to make you forget.

You’ve said it once and you’ll say it again - you were never going to drink tequila again.

You instantly forget this as Ben pulls the sheet from your chest, his mouth now trailing down to your breast, capturing a breast in his mouth and sucking on it eagerly. You involuntarily arch your back as he moves to your right breast, his hand teasing your left nipple. You bite your lip, wondering if you’re dreaming. Then he nips at your breast again, causing you to whimper before moving his lips back up to you.

Nope this was real.

“You are so beautiful.” he mutters under your skin and you can’t help but blush as his mouth finds your again.

“You’re not bad yourself handsome.” you smile, when he pulls away and he gives a cocky half smile, causing you to bite your lip. It was the smile you’ve seen a million times on screen - a smirk full of hidden secrets that only he knew.

You feel his hands caress your body, trailing down your torso until it dangerously reaches your already slick opening. Your breath involuntarily hitches, causing you to arch into him as his fingers flicks against your clit.

“Jeeeezzz….” you mumble and he smiles, his hooded eyes watching you in pleasure. His lips crash down on you once more before you feel him enter you. His head throws back in pleasure as your hips buck up to meet him. You feel him slowly enter you before pulling out slowly, repeating the process.

“Fuuuuuuucccckkk Y/N.” he mumbles, falling onto you as he pumps into you again and you wrap your legs around him, causing him to go deeper in you.

“I promise…I’ll make love to you later…. I just need to feel you.” he manages out, as he slams into you again and you shake your head, unconcerned for later needs.

“Please don’t stop.” you whimper out, following his lead as you grind your hips with his own.

“You feel so good.” he moans in your ear and you nod, your nails digging deep into his back, sure to leave marks. You were in ecstasy as another orgasm hit you, causing your body to involuntarily twitch.

“That’s right baby. Cum for me.” Ben whispers in your ear, his cock hitting your soft spot again. You scream now, amazed at how much pleasure your body can handle. Ben takes this opportunity to sit up, bringing you up with him. You moan as his cocks moves deeper into you, biting down on his shoulder as he grinds into you.

Once another wave passes by, you grab his face, moving on top of him deliberately, causing his eyes to roll into the back of his head.

“Feel so damn good Y/N” he moans again, his pace quickening with your own. It’s not long before you feel his seed enter you and his head is buried in your neck, his grip around you tightening as he explodes into you.  

You fall back onto the bed, Ben falling on top of you and you both try to catch your breathe. After a few minutes Ben rolls off of you, bringing you to his chest as he softly caresses your back, a huge smile plastered on his face.

A couple of minutes go by and finally he says,

“Remind me to thank Jen for ditching us at that concert.”

You look up at him from his chest and shake your head, smiling.

“Not planned this my ass! I knew you were trying to get me into your room.”

He shrugs, peppering kisses on your forehead before saying, “I had to find some way to get your attention.”