Here’s an excerpt from a 1798 letter to Oliver Wolcott Jr. (then Secretary of the Treasury) where Hamilton recommends men who might take the role of naval agent:

“John B. Church, my brother in law, a man of fortune & integrity—of strong mind, very exact very active & very much a man of business. He is about fifty but of uncommon strength of constitution. I have no reason to believe the employment would be acceptable to him but that he has little to do his time hangs heavy on his hands …  Say nothing to any body of this hint about Mr Church. I am not sure that he would be pleased with my doing what I have done.” (source)

So basically Hamilton is meddling in Church’s life and trying to secretly hook him up with a job so he gets off his ass (okay, not quite, but I like to read it this way).
U.S. expands crackdown on secret real estate buyers
It's about to get harder for luxury all-cash home buyers to hide their identity from the U.S. government.
By Kathryn Vasel

In January, the Treasury Department announced a temporary initiative that requires title insurance companies to identify all-cash buyers of certain high-end real estate in Manhattan and Miami.

Now, it’s expanding the order into other markets in New York City, Florida, California and Texas.

The rule will soon apply in all New York City boroughs, San Diego County, Los Angeles County, three counties in the San Francisco area and two counties directly north of Miami (Broward and Palm Beach).

It’s also expanding into Bexas County, in Texas, which includes San Antonio.


Jill Stein called Quantitative Easing a “magic trick you don’t need to understand” and suggested using it to pay off student loans. Which isn’t possible, because QE is done by the Fed, not the Treasury. 

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Sleep deprivation and soda does weird stuff to you man...Nicole probably sends malware to Phage and uses the royal treasury to buy gamer stuff while writing fanfics in her pajamas with a hot cup of ramen noodles.

I am surprisingly okay with this mental image


The Stars Of Andromeda, Inside And Out, As Revealed By Hubble

“The Hubble Space Telescope recently completed the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury, mapping a third of Andromeda’s disk and resolving over 117 million individual stars. The most metal-rich stars are found near the central bulge, with the newest, bluest stars found in the open clusters. Far outside of the center, in the outer disk and the faint galactic halo, a different set of populations thrive.”

If you want to know what types of stars are found all throughout a galaxy, looking at our own simply won’t do: too much of it is obscured by the plane and our position within it. But there’s an even more impressive galaxy – Andromeda – just 2.5 million light years away. And thanks to the power of the Hubble Space Telescope, we’ve not only resolved individual stars within it, we’ve resolved over a hundred million of them. But when we look towards the center versus at the outskirts of the disk, or even into the halo, we find something very, very different: older, redder, fainter and less-evolved stars. Even more spectacularly: beyond them, a rich slew of distant galaxies, visible out to distances exceeding a billion light years.

Go get some amazing views of our nearest neighboring giant galaxy, Andromeda, on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

Treasury's Miller sees room to help homeowners

“We think there is an opportunity to address the backlog of unsold homes by creating a process for moving real estate owned by the government to new private owners, with a particular interest in creating rental options,” Miller said in prepared remarks to the CFA Institute in Boston.

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Bill Gross says he lost sleep over his Treasury bet. Then he gives us dating advice

The one that caught my eye was the election of 1800 between Vice President Thomas Jefferson and President John Adams, which some historians call the ugliest in U.S. history. Jefferson was gearing up for the election and was looking to throw some mud on the opposition party. In those days, presidents and vice presidents could be in opposite parties.

This story begins in 1798 and has at its center a scandal-mongering Scottish journalist named James Thomson Callender. At the time, there was intense party rivalry between Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Jefferson.

Hamilton (riding high in pop culture now because of the hip-hop Broadway hit “Hamilton”) was a Federalist and Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican, which would eventually become the Democratic Party.

So T.J. hired Callender to dig up some dirt. He found some on the high-ranking Hamilton.

Callender got wind of the fact that Hamilton had had an affair with a married woman named Maria Reynolds while his wife and children were off traveling somewhere. He got the information from Reynolds’ husband, Jim, who was in prison for defrauding Revolutionary War veterans out of pay they were owed for their service.

Jim Reynolds was blackmailing Hamilton to the tune of $1,000 ($24,000 in today’s money) to keep the story of the affair under wraps. Incidentally, Maria Reynolds’ lawyer was Aaron Burr, who would later kill Hamilton in a duel.

When the story started making the rounds of Congress and the Senate, Hamilton decided to get out in front of it and wrote a 95-page pamphlet admitting to the affair but not to any financial shenanigans. It was the country’s first official sex scandal, and it was forced into the public eye by Callender.

Adams threw Callender in jail for nine months and fined him $200 for sedition, claiming he had defamed the government.

After Callender got out of jail, he wanted Jefferson to pay him back the $200. But Jefferson, who had won the election against Adams and was now president, didn’t want anything to do with the journalist. He didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

Callender wasn’t going to be ignored. That’s when he began writing stories about Jefferson’s house slave and mistress, one Sally Hemings, with whom Jefferson had fathered two children.

That was our nation’s second sex scandal. Not long after, Callender’s body was found floating in three feet of water on the bank of a river. It was presumed that the hard-drinking Scotsman had “drowned while drunk.” Sure he did.


Chris Colfer TLOS 5 Book Tour: Columbus 7/14/16

Chris answers questions about The Land of Stories characters he relates to and about upcoming projects.


Hired out by their owners to the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, slaves helped construct both the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

Constructing the new city required a great deal of labor. White laborers were in somewhat short supply, but enslaved Africans were relatively abundant. They served as bricklayers, quarry workers, sawyers, and more. The capital could not have been built without them.

The Capitol’s dome was adorned with the Statue of Freedom on December 2, 1863. Philip Reid, while enslaved, had devised the means by which the statue’s plaster mold could be cast in bronze. Reid gained his freedom through the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act of April 1862.

Image: Voucher for a slave who worked on the White House, paid to James Claggett, the slave’s owner, 1794. National Archives, Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury

Learn more about the history of enslaved people in the United States:

The Crown of Margaret of York, Aachen Cathedral Treasury.

Margaret, the sister of king Edward IV of England, became Duchess of Burgundy in 1468 as the third wife of Duke Charles the Bold. Her crown was made in England in about 1461, and is one of very few pieces of English royal regalia to have survived into modern times.

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