Jumping on the bandwagon.

Yes, I know this edit is shitty as fuck. And yes I know it looks like a hipster puked all over it. I however, do not give a fuck as it’s better than me trying to edit Justin, and failing miserably~

These are the people who mean a lot to me. And the people I admire from afar. I love them, and their blogs. Go follow them, okay? (too lazy to make their url’s links oops)

Tumblr crushes;

zustin ♥ treasursyous ♥ makeyoubeleive  robertdowneysjrs  ♥ privateagentmars ♥ delusionalslove  logahns zeynmalik ♥ outslawthekiss


tomhiddels  perrys  foxybieber  kidrauhl ♥ breezyfame ♥ mechanicaldummies  dalevigne  stratfordsfinest  jileys ♥ happinessishardtofind  youngtonight ♥ cocainesmile  ♥ justerbiebin  arijoanz  aslongasyouslovemes ♥ hundredfeeldeep  starksfell