Draconic Drinks and Spirits

Lots of people love booze. Lots of people also make booze. Theres many items that we have on FR that your dragons could use to brew up something you can mix and match with other drinks. Taverns have to get their booze from somewhere so this here is a list of items we have currently (as of August 30th 2017) that could be used to create a nice brew, which unlike Baldwin, should give your dragons exactly what they want. I’m no expert on this stuff so most of this is comparing fr items to real world alcohol ingredients and a little bit of imagination. (if you’re skeptical about the gulls, feel free to look up ‘seagull wine’)

Treasure Plant: Liqueur. golden brown liquid gives drinker a happy feeling.

Crimson Rootvine: basically a potato beer or vodka that has a red tint

Lace Lantana: Fruit of plant used for wine. popular in daiquiris. flowers used to garnish.

Royal Lantana: Same as lace lantana. reserved for use for kings and queens and other nobility. growers and brewers are hand picked by the nobility themselves. This is considered a great honor.

Tradewinds Gull and Murkbottom Gull: Iceflight is horrid. Instructions are simple, put a gull in a bottle of water and let it ferment. very few dragons aquire a taste for it and is generally homebrewed. Generally considered inhumane

Potash Peach: a favourite for wines in fire flight. known for its sweet taste and firey afterkick.

Charged Duneberry: Not for the faint of heart. Lightning is famous for its Duneberry Liqueur which is cyan in colour and gives off a slight glow.

Seaberry: Used for wine in the sea of a thousand currents. Its creation is a well kept secret by many water flight clans. Most barrels are made of palm trees. One particular clan uses driftwood for the barrels. how its kept in there is another secret entirely.

Winter’s Delight: Ice Flight is known for its ice and dessert wines. Winter’s delight ice wine is said to be the finest, generally reserved for the well off and wealthy. adored by courtesans and royalty alike.

Tundra cactus: One of Ice flight’s sources of vodka.

Blackberry: Shadowflight makes a wine from blackberries, combining it with brandy and diced fruit makes for a lovely sangria.

Crisp Leaf Amaranth: Arcane, Plague, and Water clans all have varying methods of Brewing Ale from this plant.

Sandhills Amaranth: Nature uses the seeds and stems for their brew, Shadow uses the leaves and stems for theirs. Both have a different taste depending on what else the beer is brewed with.

Amaranth: Earth is the only one to brew beer from this form of the plant. Ice and Lightning prefer to consume it as grain.

Red Delicious Apple: Nature flight loves a good sweet apple cider.

Sour green Apple: Windflight is usually known for sweeter spirits, which is why its such a surprise to have such a sour liquer. Its popular to give newly adult dragons this, tricking them into believing its a sweet drink.

Honeycrisp: Iceflight uses this to make a rather strong applejack. Other clans use it for a nice cider.

Granny Smith Apple: Light Flight makes a lovely dessert wine from these apples. It has a golden colour to it and is an excellent gift to roll into any social gathering tagged “to the fairest.”

Green Plantain: Wind uses these to make a beer that is strangely served warm. Its opaque, dense, and generally made in large quantities.

Plantain: Used with Red bananas and combined with maize flower to make a beer. Its generally considered a summer beverage.

Herbal Plantain: Used moreso in herbal teas, the leaves of this plant are used to add ‘health benefits’ to the banana beers. Its yet to be proven if they actually do anything.

Broadleaf Plantain: Due to its hardy nature, beginner homebrewers tend to experiment with this plant in anything from liqueurs to gin. Some results are better than others.

Greater Plantain: Due to its great taste, its used rather in flavouring rather than in the creation of its own drink.

Sugary Prickleaf: This plant can be used as an alternative to sugarcane for making molasses. and molasses means you can make rum! Pirate dragons rejoice!

Gradish: its roots have the perfect sugars to be made into a rum like drink, vodka or even spirits with enough alcohol in them that it could kill you! endless possibilities!

Acorn: Not a common thought for a drink, but shadow and nature make a good liquor from these tiny things.

Blood Acorn: Lairs on the borders between shadow and plague make a liquer from these acorns. It has a slight red tinge to it.

Stonecorn: It takes a skilled eye to tell the difference between a pebble and a stonecorn. However it takes an even more skilled hand to brew these suckers into a fine liquer. Its said to go down really smooth if made right.

Sunkernel: It takes large quantities of these to actually make a batch of liquer. Its more golden in colour.

Hainu’s Eye: These and woodland acorns are soaked in gin or brandy to produce a flavour many nature and plant eating dragons enjoys.

Fire Flower: Not used to create its own beverage but is mixed in with cinnamon and grassland grains for Dreadram fire whiskey. generally served with a spade tail in or wrapped around the glass.

Honeycomb fragment: The honey is used in meads in every flight. Its also used to make vodkas or a strong spirit named Horilka.

Miniature Potash Peach: Used in similar ways as a full grown potash peach, Though the result is usually as sour as the mini fruit itself.

Stonewatch Flatblade: apart of the Aguave family, The Harpies of the roost have been known to create tiquila with it.

stonewatch scrub: Same use as the flatblade, though this is the more common plant to be cultivated for such a use.

Cinnamon: not used to make its own drink, however it is used to flavour things. The result is generally spicy.

Strawberry: Most commonly used in nature and wind to make liquers or wine. 

Engineered Superberry: The berry of choice for lightning flight berry related wines. the result is always blue.

Sour Strawberry: Used to make… sour berry liquers and spirits. what a surprise.

Maiden’s blush: mix with caution due to the slight toxicity. Its incredibly challenging to create a spirit out of this flower so the result is generally very rare and affordable to only the rich and thrill seeking boozewyms.

Hallowed Ivy: Often mixed with Treasure Plant to enhance the positive spirits given with this spirit.

Watermelon: Waterflight has ingeniously figured out a way to make a fine brandy with these melons.

Sugarmelon: Though its more commonly used for flavourings to infuse liqueurs with, there is a variant of the melon brandy using this melon.

Lume Daffodil: can sometimes be used in combination with peppermint to make creme de menthe.

Strangler seeds: though a nuisance to put in someone elses garden, these seed could be put to much better use in a liqueuer. generally a brandy liqueuer similar in taste to a mire chesnut brandy liqueuer, but much cheaper.

Blooming pods: Similar usage to strangler seeds, however the taste has more bite to it.

Luminous almonds: Used to make a sweet amaretto thats popular in light flight.

High-Voltage Almonds: the amaretto made with these almonds has quite the kick to it. Non lightning dragons consuming this beware.

Irridated Pear, Wasteland Pear, Prickly pear: All used to make vodka. No change in taste depending on where it originates.

Blue Honeycomb: Same usage as a normal honeycomb but due to the challenging nature of brewing anything from this quickly solidifying honey, its generally considered a drink for those of high status and or wealth. Breweries will reuse off batches honey for hard candies. Not for hatchlings.

Spearmint: used for mint schnapps. Peppermint is generally considered better.

Peppermint: Used in Peppermint Schnapps and Creme de menthe. Generally the most popular drink made from this is putting the schnappes or creme de menthe into a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Cindermint: Used in its own Cindermint Schnapps and Creme de Cindermenthe. Also used in other 'spicy’ drinks to add a little extra kick. A favourite of Fire flight.

Golden Pepper,Blacktongue Pepper: a lair in fire flight uses them to create a vodka so spicy they claim its the hottest drink in all of Sornieth. Their advertising even suggests not to buy it.

Butcher’s Fig: Used in a Fig spirit. has a red tinge to it. still stains the maw red if enough is consumed.

Fig: Used in fig liqueuers.

Sunbeam Fig: used in spirits and liqueuers. Almost entirely cultivated in light flight. due to the challenge of obtaining the fruit its considered rare and expensive. a favourite among Light flight royalty.

Patio Rose, Heart Rose, Blue Rose, Pale Pink Rose: All used for rose water that some dragons think is a good idea to mix with alcohol. It probably just waters it down.

Now go forth and have those drunkard dragons and brewers get creative!

My Van Gogh

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Request: Hey hello hi! So this request isn’t for myself, but for a friend. She’s absolutely in love with art, she doesn’t think she’s that good but I think it’s one of my favorite styles of drawing. Could you possibly do a Tyler thing where he’s helping the reader become more comfortable with her art? Thanks a ton! Have an even greater day!

Summary: Fem!Reader is doodling in her sketchbook when boyfriend Tyler comes in and tries to go through it. Fluff ensues.

A/N: Hello all, I don’t know anything about drawing and art but I do know people like compliments so here you go. Italics signify inner monologue! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 517, smol blurb

Reques some more babes!

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In Her Garden

Woke up early, smelled the coffee, walked quickly outside, and not surprisingly found, her there again, on hands and knees, covered with dirt in her garden, planting little treasures in the ground.  She rose up and hugged me for a while, as past a few remaining late night clouds, the morning sun ascended through, and I remembered how truly blessed I am, to share another day with the one I love, in her garden, the woman who taught me now so long ago, that people and flowers always grow best, when they are lovingly attended to.    

Say Goodbye (pt. 11)

(So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated this story, but Anti has recently decided that what he wants more than anything else in the world is chaos. So, what does he do? He’s decided to go after Bim. If you keep up with my asks, Anti has been targeting Bim, trying to injure him, and he manages to push Bim off of the studio’s catwalks. And that’s where our story picks up…)

Anti slips into the room, glitching through the walls like a horrific, green ghost. His black eyes watch the sleeping man closely. His arm is still in a cast, his chest still wrapped in bandages, and Bim Trimmer looks very, very tired, just the opportunity that Anti has been waiting for. He slips in like a virus, wriggling deep into Bim’s brain and nesting there like the parasite he is, and when Bim wakes the next morning, he is none the wiser.

Bim gets up, grabs his morning coffee, and runs off to the studio to film Wilford’s latest episode of Warfstache Tonight. Thomas Sanders has agreed to do an interview, and Bim has to make sure that the bubbly YouTuber doesn’t end up full of stab wounds by the end of it. But in the middle of filming, Bim turns off the camera unexpectedly.

Wilford notices that the camera goes off and immediately storms over to question Bim, but the other Ego simply walks away, leaving Warfstache to wonder what’s gotten into his partner.

Google Oliver finds him later, sulking at lunch and sniffling like he’s sick, but the droid scans his friend and finds that everything seems to be fine with him aside from his apparent dreary mood. “Hi, Bim,” Oliver says, plopping down into the seat next to Bim with a smile.

Trimmer gets up without a word and walks out, and Oliver tries not to take it personally. But he’s never seen Bim be so harsh.

Everyone knows that something is up when Dark calls a meeting. It’s about the usual: Wilford needs to stop shooting expensive things, the Googles are still working on keeping Anti out of the building, and Ed should really stop requesting his own website for selling second-hand babies. But when Dark makes his usual snide comment toward the young TV host, Trimmer fires right back. It ends with Dark and Bim having a deathly staring contest across the table before Bim gets up and storms out without another word.

Wilford decides then and there that he’ll confront Bim about whatever is wrong with him, and after the meeting, Warfstache heads to the roof, Bim’s garden where he goes to think when he’s upset. He finds Bim there with the Host. Only, Bim has Host hanging over the edge of the roof.

“Trimmer!” Wilford draws his gun, realizes the frivolity of the motion and drops it to his side after a second. “What are you doing?”

“Having a little fun,” Bim says with a dry laugh as Host scrabbles there in mid-air, suspended by Bim’s warping abilities. “The Host and I are just having a little discussion. He thought that I needed help managing my anger, and I thought that dropping him off the building might do the trick.”

Wilford is taken aback. He’s never heard Bim speak so violently, especially not against the Host. For a moment, Wilford wonders why the Host doesn’t use his narrations to stop Bim when he sees that the Host’s bandages which are usually around Host’s eyes have been used to gag him. Everyone knows that the blind man has been through much at the hands of Darkiplier, and they all have a silent oath never to add to that pain. This… this is far beyond that. This is madness.

This isn’t Bim Trimmer.

“Put him back down on the roof, Trimmer!” Wilford can feel the air around him thickening. It won’t be much longer before his void wraps around all three of them, consuming them in rosy insanity. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”

“Very funny,” Trimmer snorts. He lets Host drop a few feet, making both Wilford and Host scream in terror, before he stops the man again. “If you attack me, I’ll let him drop.” Bim’s eyes change; they become entirely black, consuming all light around them like twin black holes. “Then you’ll be scraping the rest of him off the concrete.”

Wilford’s hands turn to fists at his sides, and there’s an explosion of glitter as a few of Bim’s treasured plants melt into mounds of sparkling dust. Bim doesn’t even react, and that’s when Wilford is sure. “Anti.”

Bim smiles, his head tilting to the side as if his neck is broken. “Present!”

Warfstache’s heart drops into his stomach. If he’s dealing with Anti instead of Bim, this is much worse than he thought. “Anti, you don’t want to hurt the Host. He’s blind!”

Bim seems to consider it for a moment before he sets Host down onto the roof again. Wilford rushes forward to his friend, but just as he reaches him, the Host dissolves into glitches. Warfstache points his gun back at Bim, not liking the look in his eyes. “Where is he?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Bim says with a wiggle of his eyebrows as he starts to walk backwards towards the edge of the roof. “I could do it… throw him off the edge and glitch away. Bim always did get on my nerves…”

Wilford grits his teeth. “A quick, painless death. Doesn’t sound like you.”

Bim raises an eyebrow. “You’re right. I much prefer playing with my prey.” Wilford lunges forward, but Bim disappears in a fuzz of static and an echoing giggle. Warfstache feels the building pitch beneath him, the concrete of the roof beginning to bend beneath the weight of his anger and growing power.

So, that’s how Anti wants to do this. Wilford gets to his feet and throws his pink hair out of his face. Fine, just fine. Two can play at this game.

If Trees could Talk ( prompt)

If trees could could talk, I’d like to think it’d be a song.

It would whisper through their leaves
and into our hearts.

They’d tell us to please treasure them and plant them with care.

They’d wonder why they were being cut down and harvested, leaving our ecosystem bare.

Their cries would fill our ears and we’d know their pain.

They’d tell us it’s not too late to make a change.

If we just listen and show some love, the damage can be undone.

-Tiffany K
Succulent Guide: Preparing for Winter

I think all plant lovers can agree that winter sucks. 

And depending on where you live it can either only kinda suck, or REALLY REALLY suck. Luckily enough here in zone 6a, winter REALLY REALLY REALLY sucks, and pretty much every succulent that wants to live to see spring and not frozen to death needs to be brought indoors and properly cared for. 

And you would be surprised how difficult “properly cared for” can really be when you have no idea what you are doing and what succulents need and don’t need then they are basically being strung along for 3-6 months of the year until the threat of frost has passed and they can return to the great outdoors. But hopefully this week we can help you get a jump start on the overwintering process for succulents, which has secretly been going on for awhile now. 

Succulents have several basic needs: Sunlight, soil, water, and warm temperatures, and nutrients. And all of these factors need to play a part in how you care for your succulents over winter. 

Let’s go over what you’re gonna aim for:

Soil: Unchanged (bad timing for repotting)
Water: Less (don’t let things get too dry)
Temperature: As warm as possible (NO FROST)
Nutrients: None needed (NO FERTILIZER)

Making all of these things happen is usually how to find the limit of your succulent collection, because there is only so much you can do without purchasing extra expensive equipment to sustain you collection. 

Do not be surprised if some plants you have aren’t able to live through the winter because of whatever reason, your fault or not, especially if you are just starting out. Accidents happen, and maybe your plant was struggling before the seasons even changed. This will help you learn what plants you can take care of, and which ones maybe aren’t for you and your current situation. 

Best solutions to over wintering goals:

Sunlight: FIND YOUR BRIGHTEST SET OF WINDOWS, they are usually South or West facing. Place one or several small end tables (preferably ones that can be lightly damaged or scratched) directly in front of said windows. Estimate how much space that is going to provide you considering how many plants you have. Maybe one small table can fit your whole collection. Maybe you need three and are going to have to figure out a way to stack tables without losing light OR find another spot to take over. Do whatever you gotta do to get your succulents in the sun’s rays as best as you can. It doesn’t have to be pretty because the succulents are gonna help with that. 

Soil: DON’T DO ANYTHING, if you need to change a succulent’s container or soil DO IT NOW DO IT TODAY, or wait until spring. Spring is a much better time for that. 

Water: Realize that your plants are going to need less and less water, but don’t suddenly start ignoring them. If anything pay more attention to them. Check the firmness of their leaves often. And water them when they need it. Maybe a bit less thoroughly then you would in summer, but still give them a good bit of water if they are thirsty. There is no set time or frequency that they are going to need water (like the once a month in winter myth) so you need to check on them, but use a light hand when watering.

Temperature: DONT LET YOUR SUCCULENTS FREEZE. They might live and be undamaged. They might live but be ugly for the next two years. They might live at first but not be able to survive the winter. They might ENTIRELY MELT AND TURN TO MUSH. Nobody wants to chance that. Also make sure that the windows you are placing your plants in front of isn’t excessively leaky because thats bad. You can always seal your windows if they are and move your tables slightly away from them so that the cooler air isn’t going to freeze the leaves of your closest succulents (which has happened to me).

Nutrients: No fertilizer ever (notable exceptions aside).

One final tip: PLAY FAVORITES. Pay more attention to plants that mean more to you, because then they have a better chance at surviving. put them closest to the window and in the best spot so that they are more likely to make it through winter. 

There are some other things you can do for them if you aren’t afraid of getting a bit more involved, or if your plants are very important to you. 

Plant Grow Lights: These are NOT NORMAL LIGHT BULBS. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH NORMAL LIGHT BULBS (I have tried and just burnt a bunch if tender succulents…) You can buy bulbs and fixtures that will suit your needs with a range of prices. It might be best to only invest in something small at first for your most treasured plants. Also know that you will need something to suspend the light 2-4 inches above your plants from if you want to invest in supplementary growth lights. I have never tried to do so myself but plenty of others have done so successfully.

Grow Box: This is like a more advanced and efficient version of Grow Lights. The point is to create a box that will keep all the light given off of the light source inside the box and re-scatter it around using a reflective surface to maximize the amount of light hitting the photosynthetic parts of your plant. You can make a VERY DIY one at home with an old aquarium, some aluminum foil, an optional warming device (one used for reptiles?) and a sufficient light source. You need to adhere CRUMPLED AND REFLATTEDED aluminum foil to all the sides of the glass aquarium and then place your plants inside and install the light source on the top (using whatever method depending on what it is or the size of it. A light hood with a strong grow bulb would probably work best). It’s important to seal up any light leaks so that the box looks dark on the outside. because it defeats he purpose if light is leaking out of it.

Overwintering Service: In all my online research I have seen more than once  a service offered where you can rent out a small space in a large commercial greenhouse to over winter your plants for a fee. It sounds crazy to me, but apparently people do it.


Let all your plants die and start over in spring: Another option. Seemingly futile in my opinion but to each his own.

Move to Zone 10-11: A little extreme but I would be lying if I said I never considered it.



July 1–4, 2012, ✓ 66 Finish diary! Last entries! ✓ 67 Plant treasure hunt clues ✓ 68 Distract Nick, keep him away from key locations ✓ 69 Go’s neighbors out of town for holiday - Move goodies! ✓ 70 Plant red panties - make a fire ✓ 71 Burn diary in Bill’s basement ✓ 72 ¼: stage a fight - no one sees or hears Amy after this!

JULY 5, 2012 KILL AMY! ✓ 73 Send Nick to Sawyer Beach ✓ 87 Rehearse cover story

After July 5, 2012 ✓ 88 Lay low. Get a tan. Get fat - Start smoking ✓ 89 Join find Amy FB page ✓ 90 Check for updates online ✓ 91 Read Nick’s email ✓ 92 Watch Ellen Abbott! ✓ 93 Check up on Andie ✓ 94 By 7/14: Woodshed found? ✓ 95 Research site to drom? ✓ 96 If news drops - call false lead ✓ 97 By 7/26: Police know about Andie? ✓ 98 By 7/28: Diary found? ✓ 99 By 8/5: Nick arrested? ✓ 100 If not, call tipline!


Hey,❞ She said her soft words carrying to the other person across the room like a dragonfly. ❝Maggie, are you and onion ⁇❞ She leaned towards the person she was speaking to very slowly. Raising a thick eyebrow at Maggie she plastered a smile on her face.  ❝Because when ever I see you, I wanna cry ‼ ❞

Machu Picchu Andean Lizard

A group of Peruvian and Spanish scientists, supported by rangers of Peru’s National Parks Service, have discovered a new lizard species living in the wet Puna montane forests between 2760 and 2800 metres above sea level.

The reptile, which researchers propose naming the “Machu Picchu Andean lizard”, shows distinctive skin colouring and flaking patterns.

The discovery was announced late this week by Drs Luis Mamani and Juan Carlos Chaparro of Cusco’s National University of San Antonio Abad, and Dr Naomi Goicochea of Spain’s National University of Natural Sciences.

The wet mountain ecosystem around Cusco is a known treasure trove of plant and animal diversity, with many species found nowhere else on Earth.


Jean Gillmore character and custom designer on Frozen. Has work on movies for Disney like the Loin King, Treasure Plant, Disney Atlantis, and has gone on to work for other studios including Blue Sky.  

My favorite is the end of the move Anna and Elsa. I like how their green dresses match and are still unique to themselves. The dresses represent how both sisters have come together, but have over come all of their past demons, and I love the tiara Anna has. She is the only princess that dose not have a tiara to were. I just love that they indeed had one for her. Even if it never made it in to the move.

Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU

So Flower Shop/Tattoo Parlor AU featuring Black Ice

sanrikup this is all your fault

So Pitch is the sulky snooty florist who used to be a big romantic and opened this flower shop with his wife before she walked out on him and now he’s all bitter but the flower shop is the only thing that keeps him going and he’s got the whole ‘i like plants more than people’ thing going on…

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