bunbunmaru-shimbun asked:

*dramatic Zelda treasure chest opening music* Treasure Chest opened! You got a boomerang! It seems to have three triangles stacked upon each other engraved on it.


“Don’t people throw these?”

This is what the Facebook login page looks like if you have your language setting on pirate. I’m posting this because I feel like not enough people are aware of this, let alone appreciate it.

I know on Tumblr it’s cool to hate Facebook, but come on… Look at this… It’s fucking brilliant… THE WAY THEY TELL YOU THAT JOINING IS FREE.

I had to screencap this because I know it might never happen again. This was the first time I had even seen us somewhere other than third place, let alone in the lead.

It’s INSANE how quickly the House points fluctuate now that it’s open to the public! Seriously, if I had gone to the Great Hall a millisecond later than I did, I would have missed this.