treasure tuesday

Treasure Tuesday 胡適的墨寶

最近找拍賣品找的暈頭轉向,但總算是找到一件很特別的書法。大家應該都知道哲學家胡適吧?60年代的時候,這位客人肯特先生在UC Berkeley 攻讀博士,因緣際會下在一個晚宴上肯特夫婦與胡適先生相識,後來肯特太太向胡適先生討了一首詩,留作紀念。後來胡適先生在坐飛機的時候寫了以下這首詩給肯特太太(小仙女士):

“ 看盡柳州山,



~ 胡適


圖文 羊踩泥


Sexy Pumas And Jaguars

Joaquín Tuculet, Pablo Matera, Nico Sánchez, Agustín Creevy, Facu Isa, And Other Pumas And Jaguars Take Little Effort To Exude an Easy Sexiness!

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Magpie Crazy!

Jonathon Marsh Is A Hot Talent…And Hot In Tights!

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Spritely Bulldog

Marcus Bontempelli Is Elfin In His Moves Today.

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The Pit Stop

Santiago Cordero And Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro Make It Hot And Sweaty In The Gym!

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Marking Their Territory!

TJ Perenara And Sonny Bill Williams Stake Their Claims To Pitch.

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Tuesday’s Ball Boys
RAF Lads And Scarlet Studs Keep Their Balls Close And Snug.

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Weighing in at 17 ½ pounds, 4-month-old giant panda cub Bei Bei made his media debut Wednesday at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Keepers say the cub, born in August, is developmentally on track and ahead of his older sister Bao Bao in some milestones. The cub will make his public debut on Jan. 16.

“He’s actually walking a lot sooner than his older sister did,” said panda keeper Juan Rodriguez. “He’s about 4 or so pounds heavier than his sister was at this same age, so he’s definitely a much larger bear and developing a lot faster than his sister did.”

Bei Bei, pronounced “Bay-Bay,” was named by first lady Michelle Obama and China’s first lady, Madame Peng Liyuan, in September. The name means “precious treasure.”

At Tuesday’s debut, the cub was shown off to the media, then Bei Bei cuddled with mom Mei Xiang while dad Tian Tian enjoyed a few rounds of bamboo breakfast.

And in case you’re wondering if being panda keeper to Bei Bei is as good as it sounds, Rodriguez said it is. “You never get tired of it … it’s always a very unique and special moment.”

Panda Cub Bei Bei Is Set To Share His Adorableness With The World

Photos and GIF: Jun Tsuboike/NPR

Treasure Tuesday: Magna Carta

Magna Carta is one of the most powerful symbols of liberty, rights and justice. Agreed by King John at Runnymede in 1215, the document curtailed the power of the king and was revised and reissued over the next 80 years by or for successive monarchs. Most importantly, it enshrined the right to a fair trial and protection from arbitrary imprisonment.

The Bodleian has four of the seventeen surviving pre-1300 ‘engrossments’ of Magna Carta, three of which date from 1217 and one from 1225. The engrossments of 1217 were issued in the name of the boy king Henry III and bear the seals of his guardians William Marshal and the papal legate Cardinal Guala.

Every Tuesday we’re sharing a ‘treasure’ from the collections of the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford, the largest university library system in the United Kingdom. Check back every week to discover what’s in our world famous collections!

One man’s dump is another man’s Trilobite Tuesday treasure! 

The first trilobites discovered near Conception Bay, Newfoundland, were uncovered in 1874 by a survey team working under the auspices of the Geological Survey of Canada, and subsequently abandoned. But by the time professor Riccardo Levi-Setti stumbled upon the then long-abandoned outcrop of Middle Cambrian rocks along the Manuels River in the mid-1970s, the area had been converted into a makeshift garbage dump. After moving some of the rusting hulks of refrigerators and washing machines, however, Levi-Setti was able to uncover a layer of 510 million year-old mudstone that was filled with magnificent examples of large Paradoxides trilobites, like the pictured Paradoxides trapezopyge. Not only were these specimens aesthetically pleasing, they also proved to be of scientific importance, helping lend additional support to the theory of Plate Tectonics.

Meet many more trilobites on the Museum website.


Beach Bod!

Spring Has Arrived. Start Moving. Get Back To That Workout. Give Yourself Six Weeks To Show Some Improvement.

Need Inspiration? 

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