Tagged by shirehobbit for the 10 fave characters (from 10 different fandoms) meme. [2\10] : Lady Treamine (Cinderella)

Do with her what you want. She’s NOTHING to me.  Mark my words; You shall NOT got to the ball.  RAGGED SERVING GIRL is what you are and that is what you will always be.  (Yes step mother?) You needen’t call me that, MADAM will do.
                                                 I’m her     M O T H E R

From A YouTube video I just watched....and people still question my love for them?
  • Anastasia: Snow White needs to share.
  • Girl: I agree.
  • Anastasia: She's got seven dwarfs, a prince, a summer cottage, two horses and a diamond mine. She is the greediest of them all. People say Drizella and I are greedy, they should think of Snow White first. Also I'm convinced she a vampire.
  • Girl: Oh really?
  • Anastasia: Well she's got real light skin and really dark hair and she sleeps in a glass coffin. Definitely a vampire. Plus she bites people!
  • Girl: She bites?
  • Anastasia: She bit my sister last week.