Is there such a thing as too many projects? I haven’t gotten a chance to wear these x Henleys enough because I’ve got 3 other pairs of raws I’m breaking in, but now they are moving to the top of rotation. Oh and by the way, have some and check out @thewhiteshoeproject Denim: @gq x @gap x @baldwin Sneakers: for @converse Watch: @jorggray 6500 Commemorative Editio on a @natostrapco band
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After being inspired by the success of our good friend @digsapparel #amelonaday. Me and @justinryankim have decided to take on #the100dayproject for @thewhiteshoeproject 🙏👟

So for the next 100 days we will be exploring and finding new and interesting ways to capture our #whiteshoeadventure

Share your story with us by tagging @thewhiteshoeproject and using the hashtags:

#thewhiteshoeproject #whiteshoeadventure #treadmore #treadfurther

learn more @thewhiteshoeproject and @workbyus 🙏👟 (at Thestudiohtx)