treadmill dpr


I just ran 13 miles. On the treadmill. Let me say that again… 

THIRTEEN MILES. ON THE TREADMILL. When the treadmill forced quit me, I also most left. But then I manned up, filled my water, and 3 minutes later I was back and getting ‘er done.  

I’m starting to question my sanity.

I’d been dreading my planned 8 all day, but then I got going and really wanted this week’s long run to be done and over. To be honest, I was nervous I wouldn’t have a good time to do it this weekend.

Thank goodness my gym had mini Powerade’s for sale and I for some reason brought my wallet. It was just enough to get me through the last 5 miles. I forgot to mention that this was 8-11pm. K, I’m definitely questioning my sanity. 

Okay, I’m downing a banana with PB, and a carb drink. Then I have to shower quick and get some rest! I have an 8am Team Challenge run in the morning (I forsee a nap in my future tomorrow. And a date with my foam roller).