Hey, I actually made it to the gym! I haven’t been to this gym in many months, though to be fair, a chunk of that I was still actively running outside. The last couple of months I’ve definitely been slacking. I definitely DON’T recommend taking months off of running and also eating crap and gaining weight, cause damn. This was hard. I’m definitely not starting back ALL the way at square one, but I’ve definitely taken a few good steps back. Lots of (as in mostly) walking, heart beating, sweating. Still not my SLOWEST 5k ever though, so all is not lost. 

Now it’s time to get into heavy training mode to get myself ready for my next Princess Half! This time I’m doing the glass slipper challenge, so it’s going to be even tougher. Let’s get in gear and go! 

please don’t ever laugh at someone at the gym who’s lifting very little amounts of weight, or running only a little bit on the treadmill. don’t make fun of someone for putting a machine at the lowest weight or only bench pressing the bar (it’s already 45 lbs on its own). don’t laugh at the people who are just starting out or who physically can’t do too much weights or running or pull ups or squats or whatever. Everyone has to start somewhere

If we’re going to be pedantic, let’s go all the way.

“Literally” doesn’t literally mean “literally.” It means “pertaining to the alphabet.”

It’s from the same root as “letter” and “literature.” The non-figurative meaning is itself figurative.

Hyperbole and euphemism are inherently unstable parts of language. One generation’s novel metaphor is the next generation’s tired cliché.

If you still need a word for The Meaning Formerly Known As Literally, there’s: physically, actually, non-metaphorically, non-hyperbolically, and all kinds of newer metaphors.