treading art

Oh, Danny. Where would you be without your wingman?

Inspired by a scene from chapter 19 of Treading Water. I laughed hard and had to draw it. Go read it if you love the fandom. I guarantee it won’t disappoint. ;)


This is a fanart of Mer!Danny for The Full Catastrophe’s fic Treading Water on It is an excellent fic; if you haven’t read it yet, you should.

The first pic is the photo I took to adjust in photoshop, and the second one is with the adjustments. I wanted to make his fins look a little sturdier, and his eye easier to see… but then I got a little too excited about adding white, so I decided to include the first picture because I liked the softness to it.

Made my own diy alcohol botanical inks. The red one is Hibiscus. I’ve filled half the jar with the dried petals and added Everclear. The blue one is Butterfly Pea Flower. I’ve put in a tea bag of the dried flowers and added Everclear as well. The rich pigment is from only one day and I periodically shook the jars a few times throughout the day.

For a second, he had forgotten she was even there. Everything she had said came rushing back now. Danny looked away, muttering, “Are you going to yell at me and storm off, too? If so, now’s your chance.”

Morosely, Danny slumped into the floor next to one of the supply shelves, ignoring the grime caked on the floor of what was a surprisingly filthy cleaning closet. He propped his elbows against his knees, hung his head, and clasped his hands over the back of his neck.

Sam crouched down across from him. “I’m not going to yell at you.”

Danny raised his head. “You’re not?”

The girl smiled wryly. “That would feel too much like kicking a puppy.”

Excerpt from Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe

Decided to try my hand with more moody shading and such. A-lister Sam is SO much fun to draw.

“Why do we have to wear suits at a beach party?” he grumbled to Tucker the next night. There was already sand in the stupid shoes Vlad had given him, and the grit rubbed uncomfortably through his socks. Wind whipped off of the ocean, blowing more sand onto his feet.

Tucker straightened his over-sized brown blazer, which he’d borrowed from his dad along with the rest of his baggy outfit. “Dude! When have we ever gone to a party where we had to wear ties?”

“I look ridiculous. You look even more ridiculous.”

“No way. This suit has been giving Foley men swagger since the seventies. My style is timeless.”

Excerpt from Treading Water, by The Full Catastrophe

Danny has always had a bit of an attitude, and even more so when Vlad Masters is involved.

This is, of course, before he lost his pants…along with everything else.

Tucker shook himself out of his stupor. He said, “Dude, that’s messed up,” and laughed incredulously.

“Gee, thanks,” said Danny, glowering.

“I don’t know what I was expecting,” the technophile continued. “Maybe a little more ‘Disney’s the Little Mermaid’ and a little less ‘Hogwarts the Black Lake.’ Do all the merpeople look this…scary?”

- Excerpt from Treading Water, by The Full Catastrophe

I’ve been following this story on since August of last year, and while I’m not a huge fan of the Mer!Danny AU (hence my initial hesitance to pick this up), this one was written exceptionally well and has hooked me ever since. I highly advise other readers of the fandom to check it out!

Link is right here:

And yes, I am aware that Danny’s mer design is very much different from the usual fan style. This is because I wanted to stay true to the author’s description or at least how I was able to interpret it. Besides, I prefer this style over the typical merman. Lightbulb Danny is freaking hilarious.


Testing out the two new botanical inks I’ve made myself and one that I got from a local artist from the Witches’ Night Market! The inks I’ve made are alcohol based (dried flower petals with Everclear added). The red is the Hibiscus, the blue one in the middle is Butterfly Pea Flower and the last one is a blue one made by Caitlin Ffrench of These Secrets (she’s really awesome and I want to take some of her classes some day!). Also, thanks to @fenditch for the idea of using shells to hold the inks.