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By the Edge of the Moor
A Gothic Victorian Werewolf Soulmate AU by @shu-of-the-wind​ and yours truly

The year is 1891, and everywhere Others are shunned from society, hunted, given no rights and no voice. A werewolf with a soulmark escapes legal prosecution in the US by fleeing to England, where, unknowingly, a huntress who bears his name on her wrist awaits.

Playlist and ficlet wholly by courtesy of shu:

“Turn around,” says Cassian, softly. His pupils have blown wide in the dark. “I don’t—if I changed now, I’d ruin my clothes.”

She blinks.

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Aries: The old gods can never awaken. They never slumbered from the start - mortals did.

Taurus: Tread carefully. The world is comprised of eggshells and broken glass.

Gemini: It’s like a garbage bag of dismembered babydolls stuffed behind a dumpster in the Taco Bell parking lot: Ridiculous, confusing, and somehow vaguely threatening.

Cancer: You are not being the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be.

Leo: Don’t look too closely at the lithops. They don’t take kindly to being scrutinized. Would you?

Virgo: Not all the answers can be found on popsicle sticks.

Libra: Chirp, chirp, motherfucker.

Scorpio: Carving the love poems into your flesh will not help bring them to fruition.

Sagittarius: Heavy machinery is not to be trifled with while possessed by vengeful spirits from the revolutionary war.

Capricorn: Lighthouses made from mosaic tiles and painted blue. What the fuck was the point of the mosaics then, you fool? What is this?

Aquarius: The marshes consume. They are endless and they are ravenous. They do not take diets seriously no matter what the doctors say.

Pisces: Few things are as sad as seeing a raccoon laying dead by the side of the road. Light a candle for your fallen brethren.


Cadi’s voice drops to a growl. 

Cadi: Watch it, Sofia.

I shift uncomfortably. Why is Cadi being so hostile to our manager? I look at her trying to make sense of it but her eyes are glued on Sofia.

Sofia sudden: Let’s sit and interview. I’d like that actually.

Cadi narrows her eyes, and I swear if looks could kill, Sofia would be six feet under.

Sofia: Let’s talk privately at that corner table, Shannon.

Cadi gives a sharp laugh.

Cadi softly: You insist on playing with fire, don’t you Sofia? You’re lucky I’m such a nice person. Tread carefully.

Me: Um, if an interview isn’t necessary…then uh-

Cadi: Oh no, go sit and interview, Shannon. *shrugs* It’s a waste of time since the job is yours no matter what. It changes nothing.

Sofia softly: A waste of time? So hilarious. Time can’t be wasted when it’s in limbo, in total oblivion. But change? Change happens even in a vacuum.

part of why i like nghfb a lot is that it is significantly different than oasis… that’s the whole point of it. noel exploring things he felt he couldn’t within the confines of oasis, what with very specific fan/media/critical/market expectations and the rest of the band having different views than noel.

and i like oasis a lot too, obviously, but you could tell that towards the end noel was treading water and just very stifled creatively. now don’t take me wrong, some of my fav oasis songs are in fact past their universally acknowledged early “glory days”, but the albums as a whole felt too safe and stylistically repetative. 

so yeah, nghfb is the right path for him both as a person and an artist. he’s clearly much happier now and waaay more creative than in a long time. 

so if you truly care about him and his art give it a shot and forget about “let’s get oasis back together” for a moment. you’re truly missing out if you’re not a bit more open minded here.    

Oh, Danny. Where would you be without your wingman?

Inspired by a scene from chapter 19 of Treading Water. I laughed hard and had to draw it. Go read it if you love the fandom. I guarantee it won’t disappoint. ;)