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Just Tonight - CS Christmas Fic - Epilogue

I wrote this fic a couple of year’s ago now and I’ve decided to repost a chapter a day (there’s five) for those that haven’t read it/want to read it again and then I’m going to post a new oneshot sequel entitled, ‘Just Forever’.

Synopsis:  A night of unexpected passion leads to something infinitely more precious between two friends who don’t realise the hidden depths of affection each has for the other. Romance/Angst and a little bit of Christmas fluffiness…eventually.

Rating: T

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Emma awoke to find the sunlight spilling in through the window and stretched lazily enjoying the slight burn in her pleasurably aching muscles. She turned her head to see Killian still fast asleep next to her and smiled. Rolling onto her side she propped herself up on one arm just so that she could simply look at him.

He was handsome in profile, from his tousled hair, thick eyebrows and straight nose down to his strong jaw and perfectly kissable lips that could wreak delectable havoc on any part of her body. His beard was slightly denser from overnight growth and gave way to a long neck and broad shoulders that bore the tell tale marks of her unfettered passion from the previous night. Her gaze continued down, fingers itching to rake through the mildly abrasive dark hair that covered the expanse of his chest. She loved the feel of it under her hand and against her body when he moved. The hair tapered off to a line that disappeared under the duvet where it rode low on his hips and her tongue reflexively darted out to moisten her lips as she thought about what was hidden beneath.

Unfortunately, her desire to wake him up in a completely sinful way had to be put on hold as a desire of another kind took over. With the baby pressing against her bladder the need to visit the bathroom was sudden and she’d learned early on that it was an urge that shouldn’t be ignored. Added to that, she was starving and she knew if she didn’t eat soon she was going to pay for it.

Being careful not to disturb him, she leaned over and kissed him softly on the cheek then got up and grabbed her clothes from the floor before heading out of the room. After freshening up she checked the time and was surprised to see that it was mid morning. No wonder she was hungry.

She went into his kitchen and looked in the fridge. Thankfully it appeared that he’d done some shopping upon his return. She grabbed some eggs, bread and milk and put them on the counter before preparing some coffee for Killian. As he didn’t have decaf she settled on some orange juice for herself then set about making some breakfast for them both.

In the bedroom Killian stirred, then slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a couple of times as his mind came back to full awareness and with it the memory of the previous night. A smile lit his face and he turned his head eager to see Emma but it faded quickly when he saw that she wasn’t there.

A sickening rush of deja vu had him lurching up to sit as he continued to stare at the spot where she’d lain just a few hours earlier. She couldn’t have left again, could she? Not after all they’d said, all they’d shared.

He tore his gaze from the bed and quickly glanced around the room, his stomach twisting into knots when he saw that her clothes were gone. Heart pounding, he was about to get out of bed when the door to the room suddenly swung open drawing his attention.

Emma breezed into the room carrying a tray and sporting a huge grin on her face.

“Hey, you’re awake. I made us some breakfast,” she remarked happily as she put the tray down on a nearby small chest of drawers then turned and bent to give him a quick kiss before murmuring, “Merry Christmas, Killian.”

“Merry Christmas, love,” he replied, giving her an overly dazzling smile that held more than a touch of relief.

She frowned slightly sensing something was a little off.

“Are you okay?” she asked, eyeing him in concern.

“Of course,” he dismissed far too quickly.

Before she could say anything else he threw back the covers and uncaring of his nakedness, stood up then pulled her in for another kiss. It was more heated than the last and if it was a way of reassuring himself that she was still there, then it was only because he felt all kinds of fool for ever doubting her in the first place.

“So what delights have you rustled up for breakfast?” he asked looking at the food with interest when they eventually broke apart.

“Eggs,” Emma retorted then raised a hand to cup his cheek and bring his gaze back her hers before asking, “But I want you to tell me what’s wrong first.”

“There’s nothing wrong, Emma, I assure you,” he answered firmly. She gave him a highly sceptical look clearly not believing him and he let out a long sigh knowing she wouldn’t let it go. “I was just being ridiculous for a moment when I woke up and you weren’t there, that’s all,” he admitted reluctantly.

She regarded him silently for a moment then her eyes widened as it hit her what he meant.

“You thought I’d left like last time…didn’t you?” she questioned incredulously, suddenly realising just how much she must have hurt him that morning months ago.

If only she’d known then what she did now.

Killian gave her a faint smile then pointed out wryly, “I told you I was being ridiculous, love.”

“No. You’re not,” she refuted softly wanting to make it better. Smiling up at him, she wrapped her arms around his neck and moved nearer, “From now on I’ll just make sure to wake you first.”

“I like that sound of that,” he responded with a slow grin of his own, indescribably pleased that she was talking as though it was a given that they were together now. That there would be more mornings like this in their future. Perhaps, if he were the luckiest of men, of an even more permanent nature eventually too.

He slid his arms around her waist then pulled her that bit closer and he dipped his head to kiss her tenderly. It was at that moment that Emma’s stomach let out a very long, very loud growl and he pulled back to look at her mortified face with an amused smile.

“Sorry,” she apologised, looking a little embarrassed as she lay a hand on her bump, “The past couple of weeks it’s like I’ve been eating for four, not two.”

“No need to apologise, love,” Killian assured her with a laugh, “That’s just the first of many things I want to know about what’s happening with you and our baby. Now, go and get comfortable and I’ll bring breakfast over.”

She did as he suggested and sat cross legged on the bed, feeling a little disappointed when he grabbed some pyjama bottoms out of the drawer and put them on. He then brought the food over and while they ate they began to talk. About everything. About the past, about the time they’d been apart and most importantly, a little of the future.

And as they lay in bed that night, with Emma wrapped snugly in Killian’s embrace, they both drifted off to sleep secure in the knowledge that, no matter what, now they had each other.

Not just tonight.

Not just tomorrow.



Sequel is up tomorrow

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My first haul ! It’s a very small one with only small items since it’s my first month of lifting ! I’m happy about everything but now I want bigger things haha. I bought some magnets but I need to buy more since it’s not strong enough to remove tags :(

Bubble Gum lip scrub (Lush) - 9,45

Eos straberry sorbet Lip Balm - 5

Vivid matte liquid lipstick in nude flush (Maybelline) - 10,65

Vivid matte liquid lipstick in roange shot (Maybelline) - 10,65

Revlon colorstay liner - 12

Silver Liner (Hema) - 3

Intense colour eye mousse M01 (Hema) - 4,25

Intense colour eye mousse 03 (Hema) - 4,25

Iphone case (H&M) - 4,99

Felts (Tombow) - 3,95x2

Sequins (Sostrene Grenes) - 2,50

Elastic tread - 3

Fluffy pompom (not pictured) - 3

Total : 80,64 euros (89$)

I get away with everything even thought I set the detector off with one of the lipstick because I forgot to remove the tag haha. I think I looked pretty sus sometimes tho so I really need to improve that.

I think I’m ready to lift bigger things like pallets and clothing.  

I went to my local Brand Melville and the changing room was unattended, I almost got one t-shirt but my magnet didn’t work (or I didn’t do it the right way ?). Also the store seems super easy, they were a lot of hanger with nothing on it near the changing room and inside it ??? Plus no LP ! 

The phone case was super easy to lift, I just hide it a pile of clothing and went to the changing room to conceal, the girl didn’t notice anything. 

Another theory for how Duke Pentecost could an adult AND Stacker’s bio kid AND have not been mentioned in the original AND doesn’t make Stacker or Mako look bad...

Not everyone has to be a Jaeger pilot, or work for the PPDC.

Maybe Duke’s fulfilling another absolutely vital role somewhere else, remember, this is a global conflict.

Maybe he’s a Doctor Without Borders working in places where there’ve been civil wars because of people moving inland away from the oceans.

Maybe he’s a Marine Biologist desperately working to save the remaining ecosystems.

Maybe he’s a people smuggler working to get people off pacific islands.

And at the beginning of PR2 we get this heartrending scene with Stacker and Duke and Mako in the airport, and Mako and Stacker are going to Hong Kong, while Duke is going to Tibet or Malawi or Australia or Christmas Island or wherever. And they know they might never see each other again, and the world might end, and Duke is crying and trying not to and Stacker is struggling to hold back tears and they’re all hugging and saying goodbye.

And Duke turned to Stacker and says “I want to come with you, let me come with you.”

Stacker puts a hand on his shoulder and says “We need you out there. They need you. Go when you can do good, leave us little soldiers to our war.”

And there are SO MANY TEARS and Duke pulls Mako aside and whispers, “Look after him.” And Mako nods and 


Where Their Hearts Lie - (CS Modern AU) - One Shot, Complete

A/N Follower Appreciation Prompt: ‘we made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this asshole flirting with you and i’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult’ au

Companion fic to this. Although this one takes place first. 

Requested by @lenfaz . I hope you enjoy this! Please let me know what you think!

This is unbeta'ed. All mistakes are mine.

Word Count: ~2,000

Rating T

Read at:   FFN   AO3

(For everyone else who sent in follower prompt, rest assured I am still working on them. I have have some crazy things happening in RL lately and my writing time has been slim. Thank you for your patience!)

Where Their Hearts Lie.

Killian Jones slammed his back into the wall and ran his hand through his hair with a huff. The music that blasted through the speakers should’ve calmed him, but it had only succeeded in making him more annoyed. His jaw clenched as his blue eyes narrowed. This was not how he’d envisioned this evening going. Why the bloody hell had he agreed to attend this sodding party in the first place?

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