Ahhh, feminism! A striving for equality on planets run by patriarchal systems of government and the overbearingness of arrogant masculinity.

I’m sad it has to exist, but there is a necessity for it to exist, in your society and many others, and until that necessity is no longer there, until that equality, for not only women but also for people of the variety of third genders or no gender, is actually gained, then it is necessary. It’s necessary to fight for your representation, to argue your points, to shove bigoted views down the wayside of society.

Whether or not that makes me a feminist myself is up for your determination, I’d think, because it’s your rights that are being fought for, not my own. 

Oh non, Pas ce Connard

Where king stepped, he knew no longer. There was the scent of trees, the warmth and cover of a forest. How, in his aimless wondering, had he gotten here? How far away from his kingdom was he now? 

As he walked through the forest halls and tunnels, running his good hand over the trees. It had the same scent as the zones, as his people, as him. A type of DNA, a type of code that ran through everything. 

Oh. That did not, however. 

What an odd scent. It was something king had only encountered twice before, a very long time ago, upon meeting a young match maker from a world entirely unlike his own, and a devilish girl with needles like electricity. 

As he drew closer, he frowned, knowing however he was hearing and smelling wasn’t yet aware of his presence until the scent was all to strong, and he recognized who was before him.

“Ah. You again.”