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I love the drums. I see something like this 1964 Rogers Holiday kit and I get all giddy. It’s interesting how swapping out drum sets makes you play completely different. I’ve been collecting drums for years and I like to keep the rotation going at my spot. I will continue to share the drum rigs with IG as they come through. #obsession #zildjian #rogers #sjc #noisyneighbor #hotwood

Bands as shit I’ve heard/said at school.

Gerard: “This is an outrage! My ass looks great and nobody has said anything!”

Frank: “I brought my dog, don’t ask why but he is currently in my shirt.”

Ray: “As the intellectual I will say that this is the most fucked up shit I have ever seen.”

Mikey: “I have seen so many weird things that I went blind, you made me blind.”

Patrick: “I may be short, wear weird shirts, and a little chubby. But I am the best goddamn top you have ever seen.”

Pete: “I’m running on fifteen minutes of sleep and two cans of monster, I am ready for finals.”

Joe: “Skateboarders get cred for being stoners, but when I’m smoking pot nobody fucking cares.”

Andy: “I lift weights, have a beard and eat carrots. I am the messiah.”

Billie: “For your fucking information I am five feet five inches and three centimeters. I will kick your fucking ass then light you on fire.”

Mike: “Now you may be wondering. Mike, you’ve never competed anything in your life. But you’d be wrong, I finished Friends in three days.”

Tré: “I’m known to dye my hair, get on my level asshats.”