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Hey! So I'm in my 4th year in a spanish course but I wanna improve my reading. Do you have any recs for spanish books that an intermediate learner could read and understand? Thanks so much :-)

Umm let me think, maybe

wow it’s a tricky question, the rest of them would be romantic books, I think romantic books are way easier to understand than say fantasy books

An spanish author that is very cute in his writing style is Albert Espinosa, I really liked this one

And a book that has been a huge best seller here is

  • La sombra del viento, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, which turned into a saga (the last book came out last year)

And if you like fantasy, the saga
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Cuando alguien desaparece de tu vida, puede que no vayas a ver a esa persona nunca mas, o si podras decirle todas las cosas que te quedan o que te gustaria decirle, cojes papel y lápiz, y escribes una carta, puede ser eterno o puede ser una palabra, se lo escribes a esa persona que se fue, entonces la doblas y la acercas a una llama y la quemas, se la lleva el viento y asi el dolor no se te quedan tan adentro
—  Gin (Tengo ganas de ti)

Did someone said Tres leches? :^> I sure head that somewhere♡ Going to draw them again later cause this is the Blue moon people! Its going to be rare seeing me draw tres leches! Enjoy it ♡ Very cute draw the squad from @croxovergoddess ~