Is it better than E•MO•TION?: Green Day: American Idiot

Pitchfork rating for Green Day: 7.2

Pitchfork rating for Carly Rae Jepsen: 7.4

Conclusion: No.

“Gilman Street was the best education I got. Walking through that door the first thing I saw was a sign saying ‘No Sexism, No Racism, No Homophobia’, and I think that’s had an impact on me for the rest of my life,” he recalls. 

“Now when people come to our shows the main thing is I want them to feel like they’re in a safe space. If you’re gay, straight, white, black, brown, transgender, if there’s one place you feel you can go to it’s a Green Day gig.”


This is a good Green Day story.

Short version: I got knocked out by this stage diver in Longview and Mike gave me his jacket.

Long version: Pittsburgh 2013, I was just to the right of whoever took this video. I could see when Billie was telling this girl to jump that she was going to land on me. He noticed too and gestured to me to cover my head, but security told me to hold my arms up to catch her. Should have listened to Billie because she jumped awkwardly, her boots hit me in the face and then my head took her body weight. There was blood everywhere, my glasses had broken and torn a cut down my nose, security were fussing around me with ice and water and Billie was asking if I was alright. Initially I thought I was and we exchanged thumbs up before they started Basket Case, but soon everything went black and I found myself being carried off. When the paramedic asked how I felt, I told her I was disappointed I’d lost my spot and she laughed and said that was what the last person said. I watched the rest of the show from the first aid box in a daze.

Once the show had ended, Eddie (the band’s head of security) walked up to me with something and said “Mike wanted me to give you this”. I responded “really?!” and he laughed and said “yes, really!”. It was the jacket he’d been wearing for the last few shows.

When I found my friends after the show they told me how worried the band were, which I never got to see in person but I believe them because these guys are so sweet. I wore the jacket to the next show and Mike put his hand on his heart and pointed at me. My favourite band is cooler than yours.

Side note: everyone always says they’re sad I got knocked out, but don’t be, I’m apparently made of steel. I probably had a concussion but I just got on the bus to Philly and lined up for the next show. I also bent my glasses back into shape and wore them for another year. Will get knocked out 4 Mike Dirnt.

Longview, Basket Case and She live in Pittsburgh (x) (x)

Green Day songs for when you are feeling ________

Joy/hopeful: 99 Revolutions, 21st Century Breakdown, Carpe Diem, Forever Now, Good Riddance (Time of your life), Holiday, 21 Guns, King for a Day, Last of the American Girls, Minority, Ordinary World, Outlaws, Revolution Radio, See the Light, Somewhere Now, Still Breathing, Sweet 16, Waiting, Welcome to Paradise, ¡Viva la Gloria!

Love: 1,000 Hours, 80, 2,000 Light Years Away, Dry Ice, Fell for you, Hearts Collide, Last Night on Earth, Missing you, Only of you, Redundant, Scattered, See you tonight, Stay the Night, Sweet 16, The one I want, Whatsername, When it’s Time, Youngblood

Anger: Bab’s Uvula Who?, Brat, Christian’s Inferno, East Jesus Nowhere, Letterbomb, F.O.D, Ha Ha You’re Dead, Having a Blast, Horseshoes and Handgrenades, Kill the DJ, Know your Enemy, Platypus(I Hate You), Say Goodbye, Take Back, You Lied

Confusion: A Little Boy Named Train, Are We the Waiting, Armatage Shanks, Coming Clean, Going to Pasalacqua, Jaded, Knowledge, Loss of Control, One for the Razorbacks, One of my lies, The Static Age, Too Dumb to Die, Walking Contradiction, Why do you want him?, X-Kid

Sadness/Pain: Amy, Give me novacaine, Macy’s Day Parade, Misery, No one knows, Outlaws, Pulling Teeth, Restless Heart Syndrome, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Whatsername, Words I Might Have Ate

Pity/Desperation: Brutal Love, Church on Sunday, Emenius Sleepus, Hitchin’ a Ride, Lazy Bones, Misery, Murder City, Oh Love, Paper Lanterns, Pulling Teeth, The Forgotten, Walk Away, ¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)

Disgust: 86, All the Time, Jackass, Nice Guys Finish Last, Platypus (I hate you), Prosthetic Head, Reject, Sick of Me, Stuart and the Ave., The Grouch

Bored: Christie Road, Last Ride In, Lazy Bones, Longview, Rest, Rotting, Sassafras Roots, Tired Of Waiting For You, When I Come Around

Afraid: 16, Don’t wanna fall in love, Don’t leave me, No Pride, Peacemaker, Road to Acceptance, Troubled Times, Warning, X-Kid, Working Class Hero

Anxiety: Basket Case, Brain Stew, Burnout, No Pride, One of My Lies, Panic Song, Stuck With Me, Suffocate, Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

Alone: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Castaway, Disappearing Boy, Jesus Of Suburbia, Misery, Missing You, Suffocate, Walking Alone

Jealousy: Chump, In The End, Nice Guys Finish Last, Paper Lanterns