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Aren’t you reminded sometimes of how Gansey was afraid “someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves” in TRB but then the second he finds out that that someone is Adam he’s all like “don’t break him, Adam”, like he knows Adam Parrish is the only person in the world who could break Ronan’s heart? And whenever you’re reminded of it, don’t you feel compelled to post it publicly so that other people may suffer as much as you’re doing?

Sakura & Syaoran parallels in CCS and TRC - 3 ~Hugs~

Helloooo, welcome to part 3 of this project, SyaoSaku parallels between CCS & TRC! You can find part 1 here and part two here.

This time we have a heartwarming subject, hugs! We will find out that, beside being a general display of affection, hugs in the SyaoSaku dynamics are much, much more, and they have different meanings and nuances. As usual, beware of spoilers for both stories!
Ready?? Let’s go!

Card Captor Sakura

“From now on we’ll be together forever!”

Despite realizing her true feelings only at the very end of the main story, Sakura actually finds herself hugging Syaoran for the first time as early as Volume 5, right after the capture of Light and Dark. It is a very instinctive and impetuous hug, out of the sheer happiness due to having solved the issue with the cards, which worried her more than usual, but both this and the following one (the hug she gave him after transforming, guess who, Light and Dark into Sakura Cards) are what I call “feelings involuntarily surfacing”. 
We all know Sakura nurtured her feelings for Syaoran deep down , covered by her crush for Yukito….well, those hugs are *those blossoming feelings* occasionally surfacing, using the most instinctive part of herself, her own body!
The second hug especially, being towards the end of the story, is a direct manifestation of her attachment to Syaoran, and it’s really apparent in the tender look she gives him while she explains why he was so *fundamental* in transforming the cards.
And, of course, there’s THE hug, the one that made us cry both in bittersweet emotion for a story that ended, and in pure joy for another arc that was about to begin.

Bonus: Syaoran’s hug in the anime!!

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

“I’ve finally…met you…”

As SyaoSaku fans, we’re pretty lucky, because we witnessed many versions of the same characters sharing a lot of hugs.
We go from the bold and intimate hug of Chapitre 1, between Sakura-hime and Syaoran (they were really, really close!), to the longing hug of the reborn clones, after searching and waiting for the loved one for so long, to the desperate goodbye hug of the adult clones, then all the way to the hug between young Tsubasa/Sakura-hime and Tsubasa/Syaoran, right after he came back the second time around, when their whole destiny was already set in motion. Syaoran hugged her with desperation,  she hugged him back with surprise and tenderness. And then the final, touching hug, while they ultimately confess their love to eachother. Noticed how both CCS and TRC end (more or less) with a hug?

TRC is indeed a blessing for so many hugs full of emotions, almost as if they were straight from a shoujo manga!

Adam and Kavinsky both growing up in dysfunctional families
Adam and Kavinsky both being lonely for most of their adolescence
Adam and Kavinky both living their lives thinking no one needs them
Adam and Kavinsky both being free-standing and resolute
Adam and Kavinsky both idolizing their love interests
Adam and Kavinsky both being possessive and insecure
Adam and Kavinsky both overreacting when their love interest reject them
Adam and Kavinsky being two faces of the same coin
Adam and Kavinsky representing Light and Darkness
Adam and Kavinsky being mirrored opposites
Adam and Kavinsky being Ronan’s TYPE

My favorite thing about the Raven Cycle is that it’s basically Marauders alternate universe fanfiction.

Sakura & Syaoran parallels in CCS and TRC - 1 ~Hands~

Welcome to this series of posts I decided to do, spotting all the random Syaoran/Sakura parallels happening in both the CCS and TRC stories!
Because, Syaoran and Sakura’s souls are the same no matter what world they are in!
Needless to say, these posts will be full of spoilers, so beware!

Hands are a big deal in the SyaoSaku portrayal throughout both works.
Here we have a strong contrast between CCS and TRC, where CCS!SyaoSaku happily intertwine their hands, while in TRC the lack of hands holding is a very strong symbol of the pain the two characters go through. When they can finally hold hands, it seems like Syaoran can let go of the frustration of not being able to touch her, and consequently the decision that ultimately brought misfortune upon them.
Even the sequence at the very beginning of Chapitre 1 shows them not being able to touch their hands because they’re separated by a thin glass.

However, CCS too had its very tense moment in which Syaoran was unable to get Sakura’s hand and ended up loosing her (or so he thought)…remember when? (I’ll put the anime version of the facts here, because it was way more emotional)

Card Captor Sakura

“I took Syaoran-kun’s hand!”

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i have not stopped being upset, not once, not even for a second, that ronan was bullied into doing something he felt would DAMN HIS IMMORTAL SOUL while being treated like he was being an asshole. i am upset both because this strikes me as wildly unfair and because ronan has c a n o n i c a l l y weighed gansey and his lifelong faith and gansey has come out on top

tbh Maggie makes such a point to talk about the music that influences her writing she really doesn’t have the right to criticize people who see the parallels between trc and badlands. she has every right to be angry about the inappropriate asks but she picked a fight purposely with Halsey blaming her for the inappropriate asks as if Halsey said “everyone go leave innuendo asks in Maggie’s inbox!” drive is so clearly not about sex and Maggie blew it up and picked a fight with her and blamed her for something she didn’t do. it was just an irrational argument and what took it over the edge was Maggie tweeting her fans making fun of Halsey and her popularity. that was a low blow to bring Halsey down and I am not here for it

same flame, yet divided {adam parrish/ richard campbell gansey iii: a mix for blind brothers longing for each other’s crowns}

“Adam, is this what you want? This?” He made an elegant, dismissive gesture toward the lower floor, pushing it all away from himself. Adam said, “I want to get out of Henrietta.” He knew it was cruel to say, even if it was the truth. Because of course Gansey would say — “I don’t.” “I know you don’t. Look, it’s not like I’m trying to …” He was going to say leave you behind, but that was too much, even with the champagne lapping shores. Gansey laughed terribly. “I’m a fish who’s forgotten how to breathe in water.” But Adam was thinking about the suppressed truth: The two of them were on perpendicular paths, not parallel ones, and eventually, they’d have to go different ways.”

Do you ever think about the similarities between the marauders + lily and the raven boys + blue because I’m

Seriously though.
James = Gansey. Both are a certified Rich Bitch and the Mom Friend™ as well as absolute sweethearts

Sirius = Ronan. Family problems + Badass vibes and a general lack of interest in staying within guidelines (bonus obsession with cool vehicles)

Remus = Adam. The quiet, calculating, scientist mind dealing with massive insecurities and having to manage something far bigger than them.

Peter = Noah. This is the only one that doesn’t really fit because Noah is my fave child who I adore and Peter is a snot rag coward sorry Peter fans I just Will Not

Lily = Blue. Both late additions into the group, both fabulous independent women who add a whole new dynamic aspect to the group and hold the respect of every member.

Just a thought.

[theory] Syaoran is the cloaked figure

I’d like to propose the most twisted reveal they could do for this series, given that it’s CLAMP we’re talking about. Musings and ramblings under cut.
Spoilers for TRC mention.

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Are we gonna talk about that time Gansey found the wasp on the window at Monmouth

And the scene was already heartbreaking enough

But now, we know that Gansey knew he was gonna die, wondering if this was it, thinking maybe it should be

And then Noah tells him, “Don’t throw it away,” which is sad anyways but then you realize those are also the last words Noah ever says before slipping out of time

exquistes  asked:

Hi Maggie! Sooo the parallels between trc and the wizard of oz. Am I making that up?

Dear exquistes,

You did make that up! What else have you made up? Here is a thing I made up: the word “prossibly.”

Man, we’re creative forces, you and I. I’m proud of us.