trc parallels

Aren’t you reminded sometimes of how Gansey was afraid “someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves” in TRB but then the second he finds out that that someone is Adam he’s all like “don’t break him, Adam”, like he knows Adam Parrish is the only person in the world who could break Ronan’s heart? And whenever you’re reminded of it, don’t you feel compelled to post it publicly so that other people may suffer as much as you’re doing?

Do you ever think about the similarities between the marauders + lily and the raven boys + blue because I’m

Seriously though.
James = Gansey. Both are a certified Rich Bitch and the Mom Friend™ as well as absolute sweethearts

Sirius = Ronan. Family problems + Badass vibes and a general lack of interest in staying within guidelines (bonus obsession with cool vehicles)

Remus = Adam. The quiet, calculating, scientist mind dealing with massive insecurities and having to manage something far bigger than them.

Peter = Noah. This is the only one that doesn’t really fit because Noah is my fave child who I adore and Peter is a snot rag coward sorry Peter fans I just Will Not

Lily = Blue. Both late additions into the group, both fabulous independent women who add a whole new dynamic aspect to the group and hold the respect of every member.

Just a thought.

Are we gonna talk about that time Gansey found the wasp on the window at Monmouth

And the scene was already heartbreaking enough

But now, we know that Gansey knew he was gonna die, wondering if this was it, thinking maybe it should be

And then Noah tells him, “Don’t throw it away,” which is sad anyways but then you realize those are also the last words Noah ever says before slipping out of time