i know we all love to give ronan crap for his hand kink and the way he fixated on burning oceans and adam holding his hand but y’all are seriously sleeping on adam’s equally embarrassing reaction: 

Adam had a strange, lucid beat of reliving the moment Ronan had offered his hand to help Adam up from asphalt. Strpped of context, the physical sensations exploded: the surprising shock of heat from that skin-to-skin grip; the soft hiss of the bracelets against Adam’s wrist; the sudden bite of possibility-”

seriously boys CALM THE FUCK DOWN like !!! these disasters i swear. how they survived that kiss i’ll never know

pynch tea parties binch like just ronan fixing himself and adam a cup of fucking tea 

  • in the middle of the night when one of them had a nightmare
  • or when it’s 3am and adam can’t sleep bc he’s worried about school and ronan says ‘fuck off you’re gonna stop studying now’ and makes him some chamomile tea
  • when they get home from a long drive and it’s a stormy afternoon and ronan puts on a fire in the fireplace in the living room and they sit and drink tea and watch films
  • rose hip tea for adam on misty mornings at the barns when it’s fall and the air is crisp and he wraps himself in one of ronan’s hoodies and leans against the back porch railing, and ronan comes out a couple minutes later and snuggles up to adam from behind whilst his cuppa steeps way too fucking long left inside on the kitchen counter and he ends up having to water it down a LOT because ew bitter
  • just pynch drinking tea together, okay?