ok i just want to take this time to make this post

@all ARMIES that will be attending to TRBINNYC ON JULY 16TH!!! 

if you are going to be in the pit, PLEASE don’t push pLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. i cant stress this enough. when you get there please just stay in your spot. don’t try to push everyone out of the way just to get closer to the stage i don’t want anyone to get hurt because i don’t want to get hurt myself lmao esp i’m a tiny kid, and extremely weak and fragile omg. PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS OKAY? IM SURE YOU DONT WANT TO GET HURT YOURSELF EITHER. the venue, best buy theatre is already extremely small so please don’t make it worse by creating chaos in the pit ;; LETS ALL JUST HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE CONCERT IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT YEAH?I KNOW WE WILL BE ALL HYPE AND EXCITED FOR OUR BOYS BUT LETS TRY TO RESPECT OTHERS AROUND YOU tOO aND NOT HAVE ANY ACCIDENTS? COOL???/ alRIGHT SEE YOU ALL THERE SOON!!!!

if you’re going to trb & meeting bts do me a favor & tell jimin that he is loved and appreciated very much and that he should do what he wants to be happy

kawaiitoki asked:

are you still able to do the fan banners for the concerts?(:


Both of our admins in New York and California actually received the packages with the banners in them this week! We hope to meet you guys at TRB in NYC + TRB in LA! ♡ Thanks to all the ARMYs that made this possible!




Jimin’s ‘Hold Me Tight’ high note!! Everything is Jimin and nothing hurts ;_;