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Three Years Ago Today, Trayvon Martin Was Killed. Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to His Family and Friends. We’re Truly Inspired By Their Courage, Perseverance and Bravery Through All This. Trayvon is Gone But Not Forgotten.

  • “Lost in all the horrible politics surrounding his death is the story of a boy. Before he became yet another flash point in America’s painful and never-ending racial drama, Trayvon Martin was just a normal teenager. Here, at last, is the story of what was lost on that February night.” Read Esquire’s interview with Trayvon’s family:
  • Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice by Journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates: via The Atlantic
  • Trayvon Martin Three Years Later: Pain, Anger and Sadness Still Haunt Family and Friends as They ‘Pray for the Truth’: via New York Daily News
  • 25 Works of Art Paying Tribute to Trayvon Martin: via Buzzfeed

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“The shattering events of 2014, beginning with Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, in August, did more than touch off a national debate about police behavior, criminal justice and widening inequality in America. They also gave a new birth of passion and energy to a civil rights movement that had almost faded into history, and which had been in the throes of a slow comeback since the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012. That the nation became riveted to the meta-story of Ferguson—and later the videotaped killing of Eric Garner in New York—was due in large part to the work of a loose but increasingly coordinated network of millennial activists who had been beating the drum for the past few years. In 2014, the new social justice movement became a force that the political mainstream had to reckon with.”
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There are so many things that were so beautiful, the constant procession of Black women and girls, mothers of #trayvonmartin & #mikebrown, Serena Williams getting her whole entire life, an ode to the alchemy of grandmothers, ‘you spun gold out of this hard life’ and the punctuation of the beautiful poetry of @wu_shire from the very beginning. #blackgirlmagic on 💯#lemonade

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We now know the DOJ won’t pursue Justice for Trayvon.

On the anniversary of his death, answer the call from Million Hoodies for Movement for Justice and take it to the streets…
Organize your friends, your classmates & your community to shut down your nearest hall of justice.

ACT NOW - Please your local action & Add Your City HERE



To honor the life of Trayvon Martin and the social movement he inspired we look forward and imagine the future we want.  We will boldly articulate our most radical and visionary hopes for our people and answer the question, “What does our community look like#WhenBlackLivesMatter. Together we will complete the statement “when black people are free..” We will elevate our vision & the future we want.

Together we raise up the names of our queer and trans folks, our disabled folks, our black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all black lives!

Artist Sean Hassett created this piece titled “I Am You”, and thought it was so powerful I had to share. Deep. Support local artists, especially those who have something important to say. #blacklivesmatter #TrayvonMartin