Today is what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 22nd birthday if he had not been shot down in the street. His legacy lives powerfully on

On February 5, 2017, Trayvon Martin would’ve turned 22. Instead, he was shot and killed just a few weeks after celebrating his 17th birthday. People are using the occasion to reflect on his life and the issues to which his death brought attention. Here is how the internet commemorated him.

“It’s a nod to Trayvon, no question, Trayvon Martin and people like him. People like Jordan Davis, a kid who was shot because of the perception that he was a danger. When you’re a black man in a hoodie, all of a sudden you’re a criminal. That’s something we shouldn’t have to deal with, but we do. It’s a double standard. We can’t cover our head when it’s cold and raining because God forbid someone sees us and puts our life in danger. We wanted to pay homage to that—it’s not something we were shying away from.” ~ Colter

Luke Cage was filmed in 2014, at the same time Eric Garner was killed, and Colter spoke about the lack of justice that was served.

“When we were filming this, there were different things going on, Eric Garner, the policemen were acquitted. No one was brought to justice. There was no handing out of any sentence. There are a couple of other things that happened during the time we were filming. We were watching the news, and it was always someone being shot who was unarmed, and there is no justification for it. It’s mind-boggling.”

Holy shit Netflix originals. Jessica Jones approaches mental illness and rape culture. Luke cage going for black lives matter. This is awesome.


Trayvon Martin-inspired group Million Hoodies makes call to action under Trump (Exclusive)

  • The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, a black human rights organization inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, has issued a call for increased vigilance and resistance under Donald Trump’s administration.
  • In a video campaign released exclusively to Mic, Million Hoodies amplifies the voices of members concerned about what their lives will be like under Trump, who they say is anti-black, anti-LGBTQ and anti-gender equality.
  • “In this video statement, we are sending a message about what’s at stake for the next four years with an administration that has promised to harm our communities,” Million Hoodies executive director Dante Barry said in a statement. Read more

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Happy 22nd Birthday, Trayvon Martin. You were murdered for standing up for yourself. White Amerikkka tried to portray you as a “thug” and a “villian” but in my eyes, you were a hero. Fuck a judge, fuck a jury, and fuck G*orge Z*mmerman. Fuck what anyone else says.
You’re apart of black history and you will never be forgotten. Rest in power and in peace. ✊

“Moving forward, I will not be advocating calm. None of us should be calm. Calm in response to terror, particularly when that terror is not being dutifully addressed, is irrational. In fact, I am patently suspicious when a country that consistently deals with its threats with an iron fist then asks one particular community to continue taking police brutality and racial terror on the chin.

Stop asking us to be calm. Stop asking us to wear the mask. Stop asking us to take whips, nooses and now police bullets without emotion.

We are human beings and we have had enough.” - Shaun King

My body and heart aches everyday because I know that my voice alone stands as a whisper, but even with that sound alone I recognize that my white - passing privilege speaks in VOLUMES. Alton Sterling is more than just a hashtag. He was a father of 5 children and a man of dignity. He deserves just as much respect as any cis white male with a badge and a gun. Say his name. Say it for Sandra, Natasha, Trayvon, Tamir, Rekia, John & Eric, and millions of other innocent black lives who don’t get the justice that they deserve every single day. Please take care of yourselves tonight, you’re all so valid and beautiful. #blacklivesmatter , always have and always will.