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i’m just going to leave this here…

and say that if anybody else was responsible for his murder they would already be locked up facing charges. not in a safe place with PAID administrative leave. 

i didn’t realize that it isn’t murder when you’re a police officer, it’s a few weeks paid vacation and you’re back on the job.

JUSTICE for michael brown, ezell ford, eric garner, tarika wilson, henry glover, amadou diallo, manuel loggins jr, todd blair, oscar grant, ronald madison, sean bell, james brissette, stephon watts, jose guerena, kenneth harding jr, patricia cook, remarley graham, byron carter jr, justin sipp, kenneth chamberlain, johnnie warren, dante price, trayvon martin, chris kissane, kendrec mcdade, rekia boyd, dixon rodriguez, john adams, keith vidal, michael nida, john crawford, darrin manning…

how long does the list have to go on? this isn’t even close to HALF of the people killed by police since 2012 alone.

police kill at least 500 people a year with those numbers rising every year.

law enforcement has killed over 6,500 unarmed/nonviolent people with excessive force or misconduct since 9/11

you’re 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

this shit’s been going on since before rodney king and it hasn’t gotten any better. what the fuck is going on here?



Solange at ‘Better Days’ in Switzerland. (6-12-13) (2)

Solange performing at “Boston Calling”.

Solange performing at the Falls Music and Arts Festival in Australia. (12-29-13)

“Senegal still in my soul……”

Solange at eBay’s Future of Shopping Event. (10-22-13)

Solange performing at Barclays Center. (9-20-13) (3)


Credit: Michael Craft for Puma

Beyoncé talking to sister, Solange, after performing at the 2013 Budweiser Made In America Fesitval - Day 2 - (8-31-13)

Vitaminwater #Uncapped At Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue. (2)

Solange performing at “Pitchfork Music Festival”. (7-20-13)

Solange attends a Rally for Trayvon Martin in Brooklyn, NY. (7-15-13) (2)

Solange Arriving at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. (9-11-12)

  • Beyoncé: *starts non-profit organization that raises money to fund education, health & justice for women + donates $7 million to a housing complex in her hometown for the homeless + uses her Grammy performance slot to raise awareness about #BlackLivesMatter*
  • Y'all: Okay but Ledisi should have sang the song
  • Beyoncé & Jay Z: *attends Trayvon Martin rally*
  • Y'all: .....
  • Rihanna: *starts non-profit organization to improve the quality of life for communities globally*
  • Y'all: .....
  • J. Cole: *gets heavily involved in the Ferguson protests*
  • Y'all: *forgets*
  • Jay Z, Beyoncé, J Cole, Rih & others: *starts a streaming service that will benefit every single artist [especially the ones that aren't popular] as a means to slow down the death of the music industry and not get paid literal cents for millions of streams on other platforms.
  • Y'all: THESE MONEY HUNGRY MOTHERFUCKERS!11! The rich man always looking for more1!! They can come together for a streaming service that I'm not being forced to use yet they can't come together to raise awareness about social issues around the world?!?!?!!? *lines up to buy new pair of Jordans and latest Apple product*

“Cause when this is over I’m gonna go in my son’s room. My black son. Who wears his pants sagging. Who wears his hat cocked to the side. Got tattoos on his arms. Because that MY BABY.” - Captain Ron Johnson, Michael Brown Rally


I walked today, 12-13-14, alongside thousands of others in New York City, protesting against institutionalized racism, police brutality, injustice under the law, misuse of taxpayer funds, and many other reasons. To the left and right of me were young people, old people, parents with their young children bundled up, silent people, loud people, everyone showing a solidarity that only those seeking true justice and reform could bring together. We marched, all chanting, “No Justice, No Peace, No Racist Police”, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, “Shut it Down” and “I can’t breathe!” for those lives that were unjustly taken that can never come back to us. In my heart and mind were the lives of those lost through oppression and injustice, everywhere.

Around the country, many others marched for the same reason. Sign upon sign said familiar words, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and 'Ferguson is Everywhere.’ When thousands upon thousands are yelling and taking to the streets, change must come. We will keep going and we will win.

Newark, New Jersey: Justice for Trayvon Martin march on the second anniversary of his murder by racist vigilante George Zimmerman, February 26, 2014. Demonstrations, marches and vigils were being held around the country in honor of Trayvon.

Photo: PressTV

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haley, you should take a look at @shaunking tweets. he's knows a lot about Beyoncé & Jay helping out in ferguson & stuff. (This is part of the last message lol)

Fans of Bey and Jay said they were helping but no one was listening to us! Now, see. 

I was literally steps away from Jay Z and Beyonce at a rally for Trayvon in New York City. When they stepped on the scene, and the entire time they were there, they were all anyone cared about. The man on the mic at the time could’ve screamed “I have Ebola” and started spitting in every direction and people would’ve ignored him.

Instances like this, and dozens and dozens of others like it, seem to have caused Jay Z to feel that it’s in everybody’s best interest if he goes behind-the-scenes-incognito on his giving and his advocacy.

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