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Trayvon Martin-inspired group Million Hoodies makes call to action under Trump (Exclusive)

  • The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, a black human rights organization inspired by the Trayvon Martin case, has issued a call for increased vigilance and resistance under Donald Trump’s administration.
  • In a video campaign released exclusively to Mic, Million Hoodies amplifies the voices of members concerned about what their lives will be like under Trump, who they say is anti-black, anti-LGBTQ and anti-gender equality.
  • “In this video statement, we are sending a message about what’s at stake for the next four years with an administration that has promised to harm our communities,” Million Hoodies executive director Dante Barry said in a statement. Read more

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Black Lives Matter. UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. Students dressed in black committed to a peaceful protest in the Student Union on today, September 21st, 2016. It was in response to the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott who was killed a mile away from the school as he waited for his son to get off of the school bus. He had a book in his hand and the police believed it was a gun and they shot and killed him. A little boy got off the bus to find his dad dead. Students of the Black Student Union laid in the rotunda as people walked in and out, as news cameras were on them, and they sung black hymns of freedom and justice and no oppression and silently pleaded to stop the killings of innocent people of color by law enforcement. It was incredibly profound and I’m so proud of call this my alma mater.

my mom was watching fox news last night and they were talking about baltimore. and i shit you not they actually said “no one has been killed, but a lot of the officers were hurt”


but what about the hundreds of black folks who have been hurt? especially the ones who have been hurt by law enforcement? what about the ones who have been brutally beaten by the law enforcement you cry a river over being hurt? what about those who have died? who have been murdered? what about vonderrit? elearnor bumpers? kathryn johnson? what about eric garner? what about aiyana jones? what about mike brown? tyisha miller? what about trayvon martin? what about their families? what the fuck about them, fox news? where are your reports on them?

get your heads out of your asses you pasty ass old fucks im fucking sick of this

ANOTHER PROTESTOR HAS BEEN ARRESTED. Friends and family of this young girl, known as ‘Coco’ was arrested last night at a protest on Airline and Goodwood in Baton Rouge, LA. It is unclear what her real name is or where she can be found, but her friends say the crowd was rushed and she was targeted specifically! Share this. Look for her, help find her and demand her release. She was grabbed from a crowd, and broke no laws. #freecoco

‘Coco’s’ instagram
You do not have to be THE voice of the people; just be a voice FOR the people. That is enough. That, is doing your part.
—  Gandhi

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Brown lives matter? Yes, but come up with something more original, something distinct, black people really can't have fuckin ANYTHING.

As a black person, I’m willing to share with fellow oppressed and brutalized people. You live your life, I’ll live mine. I didn’t see yall saying that shit about #translivesmatter. What the fuck is with this brown vs black shit?! First people to ride with folks in Ferguson were Palestinians. In my home state, the same folks marching for Trayvon were also protesting for Reefa. Indigenous folks have bar none the WORST relationship with the police. But you want to argue who has the right to uplift themselves, in solidarity with our work? Like damn!

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Have you ever been to an actual protest? If so what for?

My parents started taking me to protests for LGBT rights when I was about nine, so I’ve been to probably around a dozen of those from the time I was 9-13. I went to a local Trayvon protest, a DADT protest, SOPA protest, CISPA protest, and the latest was a local Ferguson protest a few weeks ago.