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Jay Z will tell Trayvon Martin’s story in new docuseries and feature film

  • Feb. 26, 2017 marked five years since Trayvon Martin was shot dead in Sanford, Florida. 
  • The 17-year-old’s killing sparked the Black Lives Matter movement and conversations about racial profiling targeting black people in America.
  • Jay Z and Weinstein Company have signed on to tell Martin’s story and honor his legacy through a six-part docuseries and a narrative feature film, Variety reports.
  • The partners solidified the deal after winning the rights to two books that take an in-depth look into Martin’s life and the impact of his case. Read more (3/24/17)

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Our Lives Matter

surrounded by white chalk,
yellow caution tape,
and three officers with black boots

I hear chants of pain,
the cries of outrage,
then I began to feel the warm tears pour from my mom’s face.

A local broadcast tells a story to boost its views
as the officers will plead its procedure
the community will see another life taken too soon,

another black life under twenty-five
but to say my life mattered would make me a racist too,

so tell me how does it feel,
knowing the victim’s description is similar to you ?
if I move the wrong way I give the man every reason to shoot ?
how would you feel to see your child plastered on the news ?

I just want peace and justice
for all my brothers and sisters wrongly accused
all of the families that suffered loses,
and each fist still fighting for the truth.


#wethepeople  …because I don’t want you to forget

                                       …because their lives mattered

                                                …because enough is enough!!!!

Can I say how proud I am of this production. Pay attention to the details when you watch. No straight hair, nappy hair of all colors/textures, black women of all shades. Black relationships of all kinds. Black actresses/dancers. Most importantly, the statement that Black women are the most attacked and under appreciated people in the world. Can I say Black feminism or what?

Works Of Art Paying Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Art by Shepard Fairey for Ebony Magazine.

Graffiti artists Carmelo “Snow” Sigona, “Mr. Mustart,” and Ray “Demer” Llopez of Fly Dragon Studio.

“A Tale Of Two Hoodies”. Art by Michael D’Antuono.

“Reasonable Doubt”. Art by Pocketeers.

RIP Trayvon by BDawg9.

“Stand Your Ground”. Art by Lady Red Darkness.

“Justice For Trayvon Martin”. Art by Autumn Hayes.

“Trayvon”. Art by Darriel Jenkins.

“Never Forget Emmett Till, Always Remember Trayvon Martin”. Art by Dáreece Jordan Walker.

“Stand Our Ground”. Art by Tes One.