IT BEGINS… Trayvon Supporters Leave Nasty Notes Instead Of Tips At FL Restaurants

I bet more than half of the decrepit wastes of space leaving these notes don’t really care very much about Trayvon Martin. They just want an excuse to justify being cheap and still feel good in their twisted heads despite stiffing their server of a tip.  It’s just like how most rioters just want an excuse to riot for any reason whatsoever. BECAUSE JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON, F-YEAH!!!

Dr. Martin Luther King,

We have been witnessing with great concern the vicious attacks of the white races against our poor defenseless people there in St. Augustine. If the Federal Government will not send troops to your aid, just say the word and we will immediately dispatch some our brothers there to organize self defense units among our people and the Ku Klux Klan will then receive a taste of its own medicine. The day of turning the other cheek to those brute beasts is over.

- June 30, 1964

How it should have gone
  • Trayvon Martin:Hey, are you following me?
  • George Zimmerman:Ummmm yes.
  • Trayvon Martin:May I ask why?
  • George Zimmerman:Well, we've had a number of robberies in this neighborhood lately , and I don't recognize you.
  • Trayvon Martin:Oh, Well, I'm Trayvon Martin, my dad is visiting his fiancee who lives here. I expect you'll see a lot of me this summer.
  • George Zimmerman:OK, thank you, good to know. I'm George Zimmerman by the way.
  • Trayvon Martin:No, thank you for keeping an eye out for your neighbors!

If you still haven’t seen it, here are Obama’s remarks on Zimmerman, Trayvon and racial context earlier. Check out the transcript and more here.